Everyone can do the peripheral products of the Star-chasing project with an annual income of 300,000 dollars (1)


This star-chasing project is a practical project executed by the webmaster in 2018. The annual income of 30 is the least to say, and the brothers all earn 10 a month. Every time I go to ask them, the posture is very low, and the brothers are very easy to talk to.

Does that mean I can’t do it now? No, it’s a big mistake.

Projects related to stars are never out of date, and the timeliness is always there, because there are many stars born every year, this can not be replaced by the next star to do. Don’t talk nonsense.

Let me say the general outline, space is limited to say one article can not finish, today to say the general outline, after the specific next chapter.

If you eat celebrity powder, you will stand

People set up, do several major elements:

Relevance — It’s about the star

Interactivity – Being able to communicate together shows that you understand

Ornamental – pleasing to the eye

Shareability – Sharing value, sharing you and your work, appearing tasteful and satisfying

Profiteering – The profit model is simple and crude

For example, bubble net earn me new

The painting manual design is complete with all the features:

Draw stars — something to do with stars

Interactivity – praise, suggest, reinforce people

Ornamental – the beauty of an idol in his heyday

Shareability — inducing fans to share found treasures with their friends

Profiteering — wechat do single, Amazon OEM, a single person set a single net profit of more than 100

Three single a day, easily into the month broke ten thousand……

I used to be a tuner, and then I changed to a painter. I set up several blocks away from the previous tuner, and gave the advantages of sharing sex:

The DIY headphones sold by the tuner are hard to hear and touch, and their core values cannot be reflected. The painting of the hand is clear,

A watermark can be issued to occupy all the traffic entrance, and in the name of lovers, will never be deleted — the comment area with a trumpet to ask yourself to answer, leaving the hand of the little sister’s wechat.

Of course, the combination of the two is the icing on the cake. Both are expert IP — tuners with college degrees designed to show you know music and headphones

Have culture, star fans default you are the music industry bigwig; The artist shows that you know art, have aesthetic appreciation and content output ability. Celebrity fans assume that you are a super veteran fan. Deal with potential endorsements.

Roughly understand the above points, you can start to play:

First, go it alone and make a small profit

Two, hire people to make money


Three, the studio earning model

That’s all for today. The next article will give you an example of how to play a particular star.

Everyone can do the peripheral products of the Star-chasing project with an annual income of 300,000 dollars (1)


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