Share a very practical and practical side project to earn money on the side — social networking orders


I have shared a lot of business related to ordering before, and this type of business is really favored by me, for no other reason, the threshold is low, relatively idle, and easy to generate compound interest, and the profit is good, so it is very suitable for doing side business and entrepreneurship. In the past, I’ve shared a writer’s assignment,


Small game school

Single, public number dispatch order, today, today again to share a very practical good operation of the sideline part-time money project –

Social networking Sites

The pie list.

I. Underlying logic of the project:

1. Requirements:

Social networking Sites

Because of the nature of grass planting, it has the property of receiving orders. Whether it’s a business or not,

Social networking Sites

Bloggers are also

All right, there’s a need to receive and release orders.

2. Solution:

Become a middleman, on the business order, down to

Social networking Sites

Blogger, complete the KPI of the business.

3. Revenue Composition:

The difference between the price of upstream and downstream

Ii. Specific implementation

Find upstream merchants

Find downstream bloggers

Send a single

Special Notes

1. Find upstream merchants

Class I e-commerce platform merchants: When I was talking about COD of Class II e-commerce, I specifically mentioned the difference between Class I and Class II e-commerce. Merchants on these e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon and Jingdong, are Class I e-commerce merchants. When I was talking about cybersquatting, I specifically talked about finding Tmall merchants, principles and

This is the same. Try to find the person in charge of the e-commerce store of this brand and ask him if there is any need

Social networking Sites

On the promotion of their products (generally there will be this need), and then into the in-depth communication can!

Industrial and commercial information: general e-commerce platform stores, there will be their business license information,

Through the business license, can be in the business inquiry website (such as eye check), check when they left on the business license mobile phone number (this is why so many business owners, will receive a variety of accounting, fapiao and other marketing calls), generally can directly find the enterprise

The person in charge. You can also add wechat communication.

Official account: Now every brand, will have their own official public account, official


Number such as we media account, direct private letter consultation, one did not reply, just use a few more accounts to send (others fans, sometimes did not see is normal, send more than a few times will see

Here we are)

Third party announcement platform: In the wechat mini program, there are three in

Social networking Sites

Notice on the better platform (in fact, it is a single platform to receive orders), red notice, mass notice, crab notice. These 3 platforms, there are many businesses in advertising, you can sign up, and then add to the business wechat.

2. Find

Downstream talent

Personal message:

Social networking Sites

In fact, it is quite repellent to the station drainage, that is, you in

Social networking Sites

Inside, here you go

Social networking Sites

Bloggers send private messages, seeking to add wechat cooperation. Therefore, the way to ask for private letters, is also to be secret. In addition to using the usual circumvention words, such as the fudge word, you can also use the form collection method to advance

Line communication. This form collection is to send a form link to the blogger and ask the blogger to submit his contact information on the form. After you collect it, you can add the blogger actively. (The downside here is that using a form is equivalent to one more conversion and will lose some conversion rate. The form can use a mic

Customer or gold data)

Third party announcement platform: When looking for businesses above, we also said that the third party announcement platform, you can find businesses on it, and naturally you can play the role of businesses on it to find the talent you want. You can authenticate the business above, and then release the soliciting talent information, left in the information from

Your wechat is OK. It’s just a matter of time before the exact fans find you.

Switch groups:

Social networking Sites

In fact, there are quite a lot of groups, you can enter each group from the third party announcement platform, one is you can mix with the people inside, send a red envelope to pull the group. Second, you can start switching groups with people who specialize in switching groups, so you can produce 2

Two is going to give us four. Before you know it, you can get into N

Social networking Sites

The quotient is a single group. Then in these business groups, pull in some trumpet to hold firmly, then you can start to do people, advertising and other things.

3. Special Attention:

Form: Can be sorted out by various merchants, their contact information

, business scope, need the blogger tidy up well. Then organize the bloggers into a table, with their contact information, content attributes, and business needs. In this way, when the needs of a business come out, you can quickly match the blogger who can fulfill the corresponding needs.

Business process: Find merchants — receive

Set to the needs of merchants — look for matching bloggers — contact bloggers to determine cooperation — review, revise, release (two-way communication) — complete settlement

Criteria for selecting a good blogger: fit the tonality of the brand and product, preferably in a vertical category (8 out of 10 notes in this area); Base number of an account

According to good (the number of likes > the number of fans, the best is 1.5:1); Note cover should be beautiful, it looks like you are seriously doing the content; Note style is stable, the main page looks tonally consistent for a long time; Pay attention to the content data (only likes and favorites, no comments, there may be a problem. Or comment too

False, or possibly problematic); The update frequency should be diligent (at least 2-3 days to have a new note, only such a blogger, it is possible to meet our needs for a long time); Whether the content looks good (e.g. whether the picture is bright in color, whether the picture has cute stickers, whether the overall layout is clean and neat, pictures

Whether there are filters or not); Whether the notes are labeled (

Social networking Sites

The notes with labels are weighted. If the labels are messy, do not attach horoscopes, numerology, etc., and find something that is perpendicular to the field.)

Notice to the blogger: need in the notice applet and notice group to receive orders

The blogger, generally less list, just need to go outside their own pick up (if the account quality, advertising list is already full), so this kind of blogger will need to carefully some to screen, can also find some can also blogger.

Payment period: Generally speaking, after the blogger post content, need to pay him immediately, this

The settlement is the same as that for writers and small game masters. People pay more attention to whether the settlement is fast and reliable. And advertisers, often have the account period, especially for some MCN institutions, they ask MCN institutions had better help them cushion the capital, their monthly settlement and so on. At this time you need to find some settlement faster

To extend the settlement period for some bloggers who cooperate well, so as to reduce the pressure of their own funds as much as possible.

Iii. Project Evaluation

1. Suitable for people:

This project is more suitable for some small partners who want to engage in the business of sending orders

2. Cost:

This project is going to cost something. No


Social networking Sites

The list is generally not large, a single dozens of hundreds of this, so the cost of thousands of millions of basic can play.

3. Risk and Control:

The risk of this project is mainly the risk of capital return (of course, there is also the risk of public opinion caused by content problems), so we need to find some reliable merchants.

And reliable bloggers, in the case of familiar cooperation, send the single this thing can be more secure to make money.

4. Revenue:

The profit of this project can be large or small. It is OK to do it in a small way. It is OK to run 10 orders a day or about three thousand or five thousand a month. to

If you want to make it big, you can also make thirty thousand a month for starting a business.

5. Project Extension:

Small game pie list: In


Kuaishou have small game blogger, you can follow this method, do small game pie.

Mobile games: Mobile games are more expensive than small games, but they are also more profitable and play the same way

In the video and broadcast room. I’ve shared the pinwheel before


Broadcast room sent single project.

Writer assignment: Some of the writers who write manuscripts can also be converted to

Social networking Sites

All the items in the pie list belong to the content supply.

Order of Fiction:

Social networking Sites

, micro blog,


All of these content platforms

Bloggers need content supply and advertising cash, and the novel order is also a relatively old cash project.

Iv. Conclusion:

Social networking Sites

Grass properties, so the value is relatively large. This can be studied well, as a side business or entrepreneurial project, is still OK.

The above items are shared only

The reference train of thought, the project changes, the train of thought remains the same

Share a very practical and practical side project to earn money on the side — social networking orders

Share a very practical and practical side project to earn money on the side — social networking orders


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