Audio hook – up money making project, novice can do zero threshold side business


In today’s life, many people have the habit of listening to audio novels, sometimes in the Himalayas, some in some other platforms, such as cross talk, emotional intelligence classes and so on are good material.

So there’s a nice little business opportunity hidden here. Everybody know what’s the hottest media platform right now, short video

Increasingly enriched everyone’s life, a lot of people almost every day to watch video, that in such an environment, if you can provide some services, is bound to get everyone’s love.

For example, I often follow an anchor who is a sleep aid anchor. As we all know, our work on the Internet is still very complicated

With such a sleep aid anchor, every night to do some sleep aid audio, or very effective, sleep quality is very good.

At present, there is another popular way to make money, which is to make money automatically by relying on audio hang-up. How to play this, I will focus on the following online and talk to you, because this is a

A project that makes money off of live streaming.

Recently in


In the studio, you can often see some live audio of Lao Liang, or Zhao Benshan’s sketch audio, or Guo Degang’s crosstalk audio, in fact, these are not their own accounts.

As everyone knows, these are the accounts impersonating them, such as Lao Liang telling stories,

There are many people with similar names, such as Lao Liang said things, Lao Liang said the world and so on, this fake account to open a live broadcast, broadcast is still the audio of Lao Liang.

In fact, the live broadcast of audio segments like this means that one set of audio is played directly and then the next set of audio is continued. Where can we find such audio, Don

However, it is the same platform, such as Himalaya, QQ music, cool dog music there are a lot of, search Lao Liang, and then we can find a lot of audio clips about Lao Liang, these can not only play online, but also download out.

At this point, the whole process of the project is pretty obvious

, find the audio you want to play on an audio platform, and then go


Turn on the live stream, choose the audio playback, it’s as simple as that.

Of course, if it is to live face to face, or need a quiet environment, and listen to music, as long as the audio play, and then open the live can be

In general, there is a quiet environment when the live broadcast, otherwise who talk, will be broadcast out.

Of course, there is also the use of Live Assistant, which allows you to go directly from the audio platform to the live broadcast room, without some of the noise in the middle. This way as long as you are straight

When the mobile phone is charged, it can be streamed 24 hours a day without interruption at almost no cost.

That a lot of people may have questions at this time, do such a broadcast room hanging audio project, how much cash ability, or what is his way of a cash.

Of course, as we all know in the studio, the first change

The current way must be tipping, relying on the audience in the broadcast room to brush gifts to make money, almost lying to make money, get the audience’s recognition, can be tipped.

Of course, the most important way is the diversion, we can put these listeners or broadcast fans back into our own private domain traffic, which is the most

A common way, then in the next step to cash out.

The realization of private domain traffic is generally accompanied by the corresponding properties of the product, such as you have been doing music DJ class short video, then your corresponding product is the music U disk, if you have been talking about some books in the bubble philosophy of earning short jokes, then your product

It must be a book or a book club card, which is called the realization of the corresponding attributes. Of course, you can also sell accounts, do training, live with goods and so on.

It is easier to understand to do training. As long as there are some excellent accounts, there will be the demand for receiving students, such as film and television clips, and book list number

Our this kind of audio live with goods or circle private domain traffic can also be accepted, just take people to do this kind of live audio, does not affect your own traffic.

There is the live with goods, which is also almost all the anchors will do one thing, if you want, come to my live room, I believe this sentence everyone listen to

There are still more, so we can use the way of the window of the broadcast room, casually bring some products, not necessarily audio related content.

In fact, we like to listen to audio is also a trend, because brush short video is very easy to appear visual fatigue, especially at night, that relative to listen to some content, but also alleviate

Part of the entertainment above the anxiety.

If you open any audio platform, you will find that there are a lot of content that can be used for live broadcasting, not only Lao Liang’s stories, but also some children’s bedtime stories, emotional intelligence and financial intelligence speeches, wonderful adventures and so on. These are all very good materials.

There’s always an audience on the air.

As long as we follow the above method, to do such a no one live, still can earn money, if the effect is good, even can open more, batch open live account, it will earn more.

Audio hook – up money making project, novice can do zero threshold side business


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