A blue Ocean market to make money project, personal sideline new play


Internet marketing, which industry has the market, I think it goes without saying that we must know “men healthy, women beautiful, children smart, old people longevity” these four directions, as long as you seize one, you can make a lot of money.

So the program that we’re going to talk about today has to do with children, specifically profiling

Before the whole mother-and-baby market, teach you how to find the entry point to the market.

I always think that the maternal and child market is a blue ocean until now. Looking at the luxury maternal and child stores opened one after another in real life, the maternal and child industry is bound to become popular under the influence of the two-child policy, and as an online operation, it may be more asset-light.


I’m going to talk about this project in two parts. The first part is the most basic cash product in the maternal and child industry, which is what babies eat, wear and use, and the second part is the direction of education. As the saying goes, no parent is too expensive for education

What should we do about the industry.

First, food, clothing, housing and transportation

When it comes to food and clothing, let’s start with clothes. If you have children at home, you must know that the price of children’s clothes is basically comparable to that of adults, and the brand is more expensive.

Last winter, a colleague bought clothes for his children, a down jacket more than 700 dollars, and

His child is only a little more than 3 years old. I think the price is a little high, and now even the third and fourth tier counties may buy clothes more picky than the cities.

So if we do the Internet and want to monetize baby clothes, the most important thing is to find the source of traffic, then what should we do


Our side of the line of a baby clothing store, online business is very good, every day will send a lot of single, that is, the online sales are good, in fact, one of his drainage scheme is very simple.

Is to go to some maternal and child forum drainage, we can search the maternal and child forum, or search hao123 navigation, 3

60 navigation and so on, there are a lot of women in the middle of the forum bubble net earn, this forum is the source of traffic.

Here I tell you a few points, the first baby clothing, fabric is generally very concerned about, will not be allergic, will not be very hard and so on, there is no smell, heavy and so on.

It would be

Every day to the forum to post, from the forum to find the relevant articles, casually cut, repair directly to the forum, the article with keywords plus wechat lost in the forum, so it is very easy to drainage.

We can sell clothes on wechat, or we can customize baby clothes, which

Not only can be given to retail investors, but also can be customized to baby clothing stores, although this channel is very simple, but most people do not think that only know live with goods.

Ii. Preschool education

Because we are all doing Internet projects, related knowledge and development, or based on the big data online, so I

Do a search on this keyword, preschool education or fetal education, and learn about the industry.

The first thing to understand here is that all children are gifted. You may want your child to go into politics, but he may have a special feeling for music, so that’s where we started this project

The development of talent.

This has a selling point, we need to come up with a pain point to solve another problem, the pain point of this project is that our generation or our parents’ generation wanted to do, because of various reasons can not get it, so we don’t delay the next generation, this is the selling point.

A little bit here

Require a little writing, will know how to render articles, write articles can arouse the resonance of peers, how how before, now the child through some activities, find that he is particularly good at painting, dancing and so on.

In fact, it is the theory of talent, which is not only the theory of talent, but also the later cultivation, its realization

In this society, parents have been very well educated by the society, because the children of relatives and friends around them are almost all in interest classes.

The first realization of this piece is the online course, through the online class to achieve the conversion of traffic, there is another way, is the local forum or local post bar enrollment, here

Remedial class enrollment commission, these two ways are able to continue to do.

Here I have been talking about the success of children and the success of women. We must remember that the entry point is not the children, but the parents. When we develop or implement such projects, we must think from the parents’ perspective and remind them of the past

Regret, to make up for their own children.

In fact, this is to use the fear of parents, for the use of fear, if appropriate, we can develop more project content.

So from the child’s point of view, growth value is very important.

I’ve talked a lot about traffic in previous projects

But you’ll notice that in today’s program, I almost didn’t put traffic on the front burner, because today we’re talking about the human mind.

All the things about human nature can be summed up in three words, pretend, lazy, greedy. In fact, a lot of projects when I say these three words, already very

It’s obvious, isn’t it?

A blue Ocean market to make money project, personal sideline new play


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