Low key project to help optimize the resume monthly income of 100,000, data available


I have a classmate who works in HR. His salary is not high, but he has more rest time and it is easy to work. I am curious, his consumption is not low every time. Many exchanges under the accident to know a cold project: help to modify and optimize the resume. The classmate said he opened a resume optimization studio on Amazon,

Helping people to revise their resumes, the annual sales of about 100,000 dollars, I was skeptical, so I went to do a survey, and later found that this is indeed a very amazing hidden silent money project.

Let’s first analyze the market demand of this project. The most important demand for resume optimization is graduation

Season of college students. According to statistics, there will be 9.09 million college graduates in 2021, so this is a very large market. Of course, in addition to fresh graduates, there are also professional managers of listed companies, Ali p9 experts, overseas doctor, and even university teachers. Why

Will there be such a big market demand?

My classmate told me that every year the school recruitment resumes can almost pile up into a mountain, but any resume is not outstanding enough will be directly passed off, he joked that I remember when Ma said in a speech that I never look at the resume, because my resume was rejected, but things

The truth is that a perfect resume is the first brick to open the door of an enterprise, so I don’t know how many people like Jack Ma are rejected by the HR department every year.

At present, our employment pressure is still very large, so many people pay more and more attention to resume in order to compete for a good position.

So the next thing

I will talk about the specific operation method, we open Amazon first, you will find Amazon to sell a lot of resume production and design, the price from one


To 50


No, look at a month sales are thousands, tens of thousands of months to earn tens of thousands.

According to the unit price of 50, the monthly sales of 10,000 , monthly profit of at least 400,000, which surprised me

Bar. Students say he makes more than $100,000 a year and I guess I’m being conservative. Of course will open a treasure directly to do, that will not open how to do? Do it the other way.

Through QQ group, post bar and other platforms to promote and drainage. QQ group, post bar these platform crowd attributes are very accurate, but also college students

Where the set is.

We need to study the rules of these platforms and then use them to promote our business. Of course, at the moment when the flow is very tight, the premise of drainage in any third-party platform is to first understand and master their clear provisions, and then use some skills for their drainage, or be blocked

It’s a normal thing to do, because it’s somebody else’s place.

Finally, what if the business won’t optimize the resume? If you have the ability to do this, you can do it by yourself. If you feel that your ability is not good, you can cooperate with others. For example, there are people around you who have the ability to do this

People can also cooperate with those who set up shop on Amazon. As long as your business volume is enough, I believe that there are many people willing to cooperate with you.

Low key project to help optimize the resume monthly income of 100,000, data available


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