Share a short video on TikTok chat and earn over 6000 per day


Only by


Can you believe the daily revenue of 6000 ? Look at the picture. They charge 98 for each


I received 67 of them

Brush a few days before


, brush a short chat video with tens of thousands of likes, like this, see the picture:

It was so funny that I checked the videos on his homepage and found that all the videos were old

Woman every day a routine husband’s little skills, praise also super many. Then bubble net earn I searched again, found this kind of chat YouTube main fans are quite a lot, see the picture:

In fact, the production method of this small video is quite simple, that is, make two micro signals like a couple chat, and then record the screen, and then use the scissors

Film clip good video upload


“, with emotional headlines, so as to increase the interaction and discussion of fans in the comment section, and then write the personal contact information in the personal profile, writing cooperation and communication wechat is XXX. As long as you keep sending videos, once a video is popular, the passive addition of wechat signal also follows the explosion

To come.

Private domain diversion

This kind of chat type short video is actually the same as the flow of emojis, copywriting number, are in the profile to leave personal micro signal, unity written cooperation and exchange into the group, datuk, students learn to make, as long as others are interested in your video, check your home page will add your micro signal.

Converted into cash


The main way to cash in is to learn short video production, and then unified the paid people into a group. Personally, I feel that his way of realization is relatively simple. If we can make this kind of short chat video into a matrix, and the fans reach more than one million, then register a public account to guide them into the public account and wechat signal

, and then training, circle of friends to sell goods, wechat group do Amazon customers with commission, public number traffic, advertising, monthly revenue of more than 200,000 no problem!

Share it here today!

Share a short video on TikTok chat and earn over 6000  per day


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