Foreign net earn: zero threshold platform to make money project, novice a day can get 180


In your opinion, you may think it is difficult to do a project, but the difficulty lies in that you do not know it well. Sometimes, there are several platforms, and even if you have some thinking, you do not seem to be able to use it. I suggest you to choose one or two suitable for your own first.

I have mentored some of my friends with good fundamentals these days, basically one

Two days can earn pocket money through the project, the measured effect is still very good, behind insist on the line.

In addition, some English version of the platform is added, which leads to some friends with weak foundation. They want to make money, but the more they do it, the more they don’t know what to do

I want to start with something easier.

So the project I’m going to introduce to you today is completely a part-time task platform. As long as you do a good job on this platform, you can earn money, and there is no threshold for withdrawal.

Today’s project is picoworkers, as long as you sometimes

Between, zero masturbating is OK, the platform has a variety of likes, subscriptions, follow to make money, there are also a variety of tasks, we first come to the official website to see.

After coming to the official website, we click sign up and register an account first. We can fill in our real information below.

Then we go to the mailbox to make sure

Check it out, you’ll get a link in your email from the platform, we click on it,

Click and you will come directly to this page, is to remind you not to use VPN, do not open more and so on, in fact, we are all in use, right, we point green agree on the line, just borrow this point, to tell you a

Under, if your account is restricted by the platform, it must be because your node background jumped IP.

We don’t think it didn’t jump, look at this area ah, in fact, every node service providers will be deployed in a region a lot, if unstable, will switch, switch back and forth, the platform will be given

You oversee it, so if there’s a sudden problem with the account, it’s probably the node.

After we click “agree”, we come to this interface. When you see this interface, there are many tasks for us to choose from, such as registration, KYC verification, questionnaire survey, download and installation, etc., very

One more task is followed by one of our commissions. After completing this task, how much commission can we get? How much is the amount


To a few tenths of a cent


No, we can do all these KYC registration tasks. For example, if the registered country of my account is China, I can answer it

To a task like this.

If we click on a task, it will pop up the first submission task. The platform asks you to fill in a date of birth and city of your own, and set a security question of your own. Please note that the date is written backwards.

And then, we

So I’m going to jump to this screen, and I’m going to drop down and I’m going to do this task, and when we’re done, we’re going to go back up here, in green, and we’re going to do a commit. One thing to note here is that not all registered countries will be able to do all tasks. There will be restrictions on the country where you register. Some tasks will be in the country where you register

Home is not allowed to do, we just need to pay attention to this before the task.

Click on the second “My Tasks” in the upper menu bar, and you can see my tasks, such as how many orders I have made in total, how many satisfactory payments have been made to me, and how many orders are being reviewed.

We’re done with the job,

If you are looking for a task, just go to the first one in the column above to Find Jobs and refresh. There will be many tasks for us, which can not be finished. The last Wallet is the meaning of wallet, of course, the withdrawal of the platform is also here.

We open this Wallet, and we see support here

A variety of withdrawal methods, such as credit card, PayPal and so on, also like bitcoin, I recommend you to use PayPal, you can withdraw any amount directly, if you use overseas credit card, you need to withdraw the corresponding limit, such as $10, $25 and so on.

Of course this platform can

To do the task, we can also POST the task, the green POST JOB on the right is to post the task, and then you can set which parts of the world can do it, or which countries can’t do it.

This release task is more used in an overseas promotion, such as you want to do TK, can let a lot of people give you close

Note, or click “like”, then you can go to the United States only can do the task on it, or you want to do Southeast Asia sales independent station, then go to the Southeast Asia part-time staff to do our task.

Of course, for the task here, you can follow the step by step instructions, because our registered country is Ch

ina, so we can do all the tasks here. Of course, if you want to do more tasks, you can register US, because there are a lot of overseas projects.

We can’t do some tasks like YouTube, Facebook and so on. The platform will only recommend suitable tasks according to the registered countries

We, if we want to expand a part-time job, we have to register outside.

Foreign net earn: zero threshold platform to make money project, novice a day can get 180


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