A legal and profiteering online dating project, no problem to achieve a monthly income of 100,000 +



I have a brother, in the iron rice bowl unit to work, looks good, is the recruitment unit female colleagues like.

The Skins grew up well, the family bought a house downtown, he has a Lexus steel gun.

You always send me pictures when you’re free, and you know who you just met, and what little girl is good, and I

Said you boy is not right, it’s time to get married and have children.

The boy loves skiing and goes north for a few days every year.

Skiing is very physical exertion, no wonder the boy is full of hormones, this is not, a few days ago and sent me a photo, in the ski resort, there is a shy and beautiful girl.

Beast! Don’t take

I play! I texted him back.

He replied to me: ha ha ha ha…

Yesterday I asked him, where do you come from, this little girl who changes every day? After all, you’re only free on weekends, so you don’t have time to go clubbing every day.

The time management guru told me that he recently developed a new “Huke”

He signed up for several dating platforms, casting his net in batches and focusing on catching…

What the hell! Aquaman! .

I said how much do you spend a month on membership on these platforms?

He said it was like three grand a month on average…

I knew instantly that your $5,000 salary was

It’s your allowance to go fishing, you crazy bastard!

Beast! Let me know next time you have a girl!

He sent me another string hahaha…


Hearing Aquaman say so, I thought about it at night, [making friends] this thing is feasible.

I mean, it’s a good business. It makes money.

I spend

Some time, signed up for a few dating platforms.

I found that the main revenue model of the platform is membership fees, and value-added services.

For example, if you are not a member, many girls can choose to “only look at members”. Damn, this is too harsh, directly filter out the diaosi.

There’s an APP called Momo that does the same thing, how many times a year

A billion dollars in revenue.

What are the value-added services on the dating platform?

You set the keywords and recommend hundreds of thousands of girls with profile pictures to you (the same is true for boys). After clicking the personal information, if you are interested in some of them and want to check their contact information, you will be sorry and need to recharge


This kind of member a month at a rate of several hundred dollars, recharge the diamond is more expensive, check a message will be several dollars.

A lot of people don’t need to be permanent members, or just want to get the contact information of a few members individually. What should I do?

Get someone with a membership, someone with a diamond.

Here comes the business.


First sign up for a dating platform membership, then go to the Xianyu and dating forums to send a “check member’s phone number”.

10 bucks a check. We can negotiate prices if we get more.

Spread a little more information, there is a steady flow of traffic to add your wechat.

Membership costs a few hundred bucks a month, and through the diversion, we check hundreds of people a month

It’s easy to get a thousand pieces of information, and you can get over ten thousand a month here.

If the end here, even if it is a project, then in the eyes of the bubble net to earn this and a lot of people on the network to earn the difference in the handling project no difference.

I like businesses that have deposits, repurchases, and long-term value.


When you drain how many a month

Hundreds of thousands of need to check contact information of the boys to their wechat, your wechat value is highlighted.

How many matchmaking companies have their eyes on you “with thousands of single men who have the ability to pay and the desire to make friends.”

Help matchmaker company promotion, advertising received soft;

For the dating platform

Pull the strings, make the business commission.

Any company that has a need for a “resource for paying bachelors” will beg to work with you.

Master the traffic, you master the wealth.

You don’t want to work with them. It’s easy to do it yourself.

Start from the side, find a few active single girls, the best appearance level OK

Yes. Talk to them. We’re setting up a friend group, and all you have to do is join it.

Give some benefits, such as some lipstick, contract milk tea and so on.

Girls pull girls into the group, quality meets the requirements, and then appropriate to give them a little red envelope.

A friend wants to ask, what is the motivation for girls to join the group?


It’s more than a little lipstick and milk tea, but tell them that in the future we’re going to have a steady stream of high-quality, paid-for single men.

Take advantage of the chance that your most eligible man may be in there.

Remember Aquaman in Thirty? The girls couldn’t resist being in the crowd!

It’s like a

Some of the girls in the bar, the head of the bar will negotiate with them, you come to drink for free, only a few times a month can be, even extra money.

What are the core resources of the bar?

A pretty girl, of course!


Fifty years later, I’m over eighty.

I’m gonna go play next door.

Get up and fight.

Mahjong. I’ll get him out of bed.

The dog egg dying, eyes glazed over: can’t, can’t move, the rest of his life so…

When people have no desire, age is just an excuse.

As Lu Xun said, some people live as if they were dead.

I think we’re young, and I think we can still save one


I said, get up, let’s go to the bar at the end of the village, there are some beautiful girls just arrived!

Dog eggs just on the verge of dying, suddenly like the Buddha’s light, forcefully grabbed my hand:

Help me up and try…


With our first batch of good female torrents, we can write a beautiful recruiting post


Hangzhou local quality single exchange group, mainly girls aged 20-26, a large number of air hostesses and nurses. Only for the purpose of marriage single little brother to join, sincere friends, if you are the one.

And then there’s a little bit of an introductory threshold, like the boy admission fee 298



It’s a meal you can get into for less than a penny

It’s an island of peach blossoms, a magnet for thousands of our friends who have been searching for information about female members of dating sites for generations.

5000 friends and a 10% + payment conversion rate is absolutely phenomenal.

298*500= 150,000, no problem to achieve monthly income of 100,000 +.

There are resources for boys and resources for girls

The membership fee income is also available, and some game mechanisms, online and offline activities can be added later.

More members, we have confidence, entry price directly mentioned 520


/ A person.

Add a little threshold behind, can provide property license, motor vehicle license or local account of boys, can be 29 preferential prices



Enter the group.

Guys get a discount and face.

We earn the membership fee and select a number of high-quality resources, so we can set up a separate “Diamond membership friends” group for them.

Diamond membership dating groups are also very attractive to women who want to marry a rich man.

Real-name authentication of hundreds of more

Gold male member, the entry fee is 1980. Is it expensive?

Believe it or not, the offline stores of some matchmaking platforms “introduce rich people until they get married” for female members, and the membership fee is often tens of thousands of thousands.

Where do you think all the great bachelors come from, driving supercars and sitting on public company boards

The handsome, rich guys on dating sites, and you bump into them?

If you ask me, the girls are too young.

Sex, in some people’s eyes, is a rush of hormones.

In the eyes of businessmen, that is real money.

A legal and profiteering online dating project, no problem to achieve a monthly income of 100,000 +

A legal and profiteering online dating project, no problem to achieve a monthly income of 100,000 +


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