Only by receiving advertisements can be at least 5000+ monthly local we media projects, come to understand


There are always people who are busy working on projects every day,

But I can’t make any money,

Why is that?

I am too anxious to do a project today and want to earn 300 tomorrow


I want to make 500 the day after tomorrow



This is not a project, this is trying to rob a bank, daydreaming!!

Why should you be here when you have such a lucrative project?


Students know this:

Planting in spring and harvesting in autumn,

Everything needs a process to grow, and it’s the same with projects.

When I envy others standing in the wind and making a lot of money,

But you know in order to catch up,

How long have they been working on it? How long have they been preparing for it?

Steadfast to do a good job within the job, and strive to improve their ability

Usually accumulate more, wide grain,

Only in this way can you be the final winner!

Today, I will introduce a project for you. As long as you can settle down and do it steadily, you can earn at least 5000+ a month by advertising alone. Interested friends, go on!

Doing local we-media projects is a sustainable service

Class project, can be stable long-term operation,

When the user base to a certain extent to make money is a natural thing, just need simple single advertising can be thousands of a month



There are 4 conventional ways to play, and the effect of gathering powder is very good:

1. Local information public account

Do this kind of public number, the first name has a certain model

Board: City + news, such as Wuhan News, etc.

Every day on the public number to share some of the local residents are more concerned about the news content, general people will be very interested in things around, so the open rate of the public number will be very high.

You can regularly send small gifts at the door of the supermarket fission mode for powder absorption, as long as it is to receive small

Gift friends, let them send a group of wechat friends, at the same time in the circle of friends publicity.

Just two or three


The cost of one hundred or two hundred people at a time, the cost is very low.

The source of the content of the public number is also very simple, on the one hand is their own excavation of people and things around, on the other hand is directly from the peer public number search

Information, or gather information from local news platforms, organize and publish.

As long as the early fans rise, the operation behind is actually very simple.

Back-end realization: the first is the traffic master, income every day; The second is to receive advertisements, when you have read thousands of advertisements, one thousand, a month to receive 4 or 5

Advertisement, easy monthly income 5000+, than the average office workers are better.

2. Local public account of eating, drinking and playing

Food is the priority, do a local eat, drink and play public number, make money is no problem, relative to the information number, love eat, drink and play fans consumption power will be stronger.

Name: City + Eat, drink and be merry, e.g

Wuhan, eating, drinking and having fun.

The content of the public account is to share what local delicious places to drink fun, or food shops every day.

Content materials can go to Meituan and other group purchase software search, which store score is high, you can also explore the site, and write the recommendation copy.

Also can pay more attention to peer content, local new

If they’ve opened a store, they can combine what they’re sharing about eating, drinking and playing with each other and make it their own daily tweet.

The way to attract powder can send gifts fission, can also find business cooperation, now almost every business has its own business group, group at least one hundred or two hundred people, you help businesses bubble network to earn free publicity, business

Home to help you in the circle of friends free forwarding, mutual benefit.

Later, when the number of fans is high, there will be a certain influence. There will be a lot of local businesses take the initiative to find you and cooperate with you. Please help to publicize, especially the opening of the new store.

The most important thing is that the fans of the public number are for consumption, very active, bring economic effects

The benefits are beyond your imagination.

3. Local real estate information public account

Housing prices can be said to be the most concerned about a topic, so do a local real estate information class public number, the user group concerned is very large.

First of all, we need to know whose circle of friends pay the most attention to buy a house information, of course

Real estate agent or property consultant.

Therefore, in the early stage without fans, first go to Lianjia and other real estate consulting websites, and leave their own house selling or buying information.

Soon, a steady stream of real estate agents will contact you. As long as they add you, you will send them a red envelope, directly explain to them the purpose of coming, and ask them to help

Busy forwarding friends circle, to help you promote.

After a little fans, you can open the mutual push mode, find the same real estate agent, you use the public number and circle of friends, to help them promote, they use circle of friends to help you promote.

Set your own goals and go to at least three real estate agents a day to push each other, and you’ll get more followers

It’s growing fast.

Of course, you can also find other local information numbers to push each other, such as eat, drink and play numbers, and so on, through the mutual push to quickly borrow the momentum of marketing.

Do real estate information public number back-end cash is very flexible:

(1) To receive advertisements,

If you do a reading amount of local number, then real estate developers will take the initiative to find you to vote

Put advertorial advertising, an advertisement charges tens of thousands of dollars, a month after a few advertisements, can also make tens of thousands of dollars a month.

(2) Cooperate with developers,

When their own intermediary, recommend a successful suite commission can also earn tens of thousands of dollars.

(3) Cooperate with real estate agents directly,

The local buyers to the intermediary recommended, and then according to the results of the deal

Easy to split.

(4) Create personal IP,

Specialized to buy a house to provide consulting services for customers, sell novice to buy a house investment class, build a house investment community, the user value will be amplified 10 times.

4. Short video of local store exploration

Like to brush


Friends, know to play local shop accounts in the class


It’s very popular.


It is best to play in the first and second tier cities, the more people and the more prosperous the city, the more market the local shop number.

This project is suitable for team operation. If there are no fans in the early stage of the account, you can first find local high-quality businesses to cooperate and do video publicity of eating, drinking and playing games for free.

When you have a certain level of fans, you have them locally

With influence, there will be a lot of businesses take the initiative to come to you, hoping to put ads on your account.

At this point, advertising alone is already very profitable. If you want to further tap into the local market, then you can combine training and proxy operations to play, which is the Gawker order business.


The biggest advantage of doing local we-media projects

It can be extended to the surrounding cities and counties, so as to form a peripheral traffic monopoly. When the traffic in hand is enough, even if we do other money-making projects, we can direct the flow and get twice the result with half the effort.

That’s all for this article

Only by receiving advertisements can be at least 5000+ monthly local we media projects, come to understand

Only by receiving advertisements can be at least 5000+ monthly local we media projects, come to understand


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