Script kill profiteering project, relying on writing can earn 10000 a month


Online business projects for many novices is a certain threshold, and often those by moving bricks, writing can make money on the project has no threshold, has always been on the Internet to make money by writing there are a lot of, including script kill.

If you have been exposed before, this is a very nice game if not picked up

Touch, may not understand anything, although in the same Internet, but this is poor information, and is a minority of the unpopular project.

Generally, there is no blue ocean for many people to do the project, and it is more passive, because the competition is larger, but if you do this kind of minority blue ocean project, it is easier to make money

Especially if there is no threshold, you can make money if you can write.

According to the division of the industry, the script commission is very high. The average sales volume of the industry script is between 200 and 500 copies, as long as there is a script written out on the line.

In fact, a few years ago, the play

This kill has been gradually known to the public in China, this is a game entertainment, several players can team up together, according to the content of the script clues, in the next few hours to restore the story, do a series of reasoning, as long as the task can be completed.

In previous years, it would have been more profitable to open a script-killing shop

Because there are few things on the market, things are rare and expensive, you have to go to the store to play, and recently due to the increasing demand of the market, the demand for scripts gradually increased.

So what we are going to do today is the author of the script kill, or specifically write the script for the script kill to make money, this script also has a certain distinction, divided into online and offline

These two concepts.

If it is further refined, it is divided into store scripts and player scripts, store scripts are divided into exclusive, large boxes and so on, and player scripts are divided into small boxes or apps.

Here to give you a few concepts, what is the city limit, a city can only sell 5 or 3, the price is generally

Not low, from 888 to 3888, exclusive, is one city, exclusive general price is higher, 4888 or 5888.

In this way, we can still make a lot of profit by writing scripts, but we have to consider the cost. For example, a script involves advertising, packaging, art and so on

And so on, these are all amortized to some extent.

If the book can sell 888, subtract about 80 art costs, and then subtract the platform sales expenses, the remaining minus about 50 miscellaneous expenses, basically only the profit.

The most important thing about screenkill projects is that in addition to writing screenplays,

The rest is to find the distribution, some in the industry reputation of better distribution, sales will be guaranteed, generally a screenplay sales can almost have a hundred copies of the guarantee.

So here’s the important thing: how do we become a screenwriter?

It is not a difficult thing to make money by writing

Love, many people say that writing is difficult, most of the reason is because they do not really realize the fun of writing, at the beginning full of confidence, the last writing is not motivated.

Most of the people I know started writing by accident, mostly doing something else at first

Work, did not intend to see on the Internet about the script to kill the call for papers, finally into the script to kill this industry.

One of the most important things about writing this kind of drama is the crossover of the characters, which is to call for everyone’s participation, otherwise it can only be read as a novel.

In the beginning, we could buy some other people’s plays

Or look up someone else’s script on the Internet to kill the template, try to write and then contribute, in front of the possible release of our work for review, after familiar with the manuscript can be commissioned.

About how to write a script kill, mainly from several perspectives to consider, here I give you a list of some common

Playways, emotions, mechanics, camps, horror, reduction, hardcore, and more.

Now I will analyze the characteristics of these scripts with you. Once we find some of these characteristics, the script is already one third of the success. In addition, there is a big trick to writing a script

The background of the story and the ending, in the middle of a variety of small details, small foreshadowing interspersed.

Emotional script: this focus is on the portrayal of the characters, more suitable for female users, if using Qiongyao style writing, there is a certain attraction, such as love triangle, love but not wait, this kind of plot can be the most deeply rooted in people’s hearts, the focus is on

Is to cry.

Mechanic script: The emphasis is not on the story, but on the mechanics of the game. This kind of script emphasizes the rules. In front of the rules, we don’t need to read the script too much, just like playing a game that obeys the rules.

Camp script: Mention camp, can think of side, here camp

The class mainly refers to spy wars, black and white, World War II and so on, and even the love and hate in the Wuxia world, which can satisfy the player’s sense of direction.

Horror script: This one, obviously, is a horror thriller, such as zombies, abandoned hospitals, fear of the deep sea, or all kinds of unpredictable things, humans face all the unknown things

Afraid, because do not understand.

Reductive script: this is easier to understand, a car accident caused memory loss, immersed in the present life, the emotional line is rich.

So there’s a lot we can do with the playwriting style, with context, with motivation, with trickery

, timeline, clues, and so many other perspectives to learn it from a process template writing.

Script kill profiteering project, relying on writing can earn 10000  a month


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