Share 3 intermediary money making projects, grasp the industry information is poor, empty hand set white Wolf!


There are too many ways to make money in the world, but the most comfortable way to make money is when the intermediary, grasp the industry information is poor, empty hand.

Today, how comfortable is it to be an agent?

1. Labor agency

About 5 years ago, when I was just out of the society, in the beginning of 2016, I woke up at school and quit school

Don’t read it.

After the New Year, I followed my cousin to Shenzhen. I just left the campus. Although I was ignorant, I was full of morale and ready to fight.

Despite my high morale, I was unable to find a job. Later, I found a labor agency and arranged for me to work in a factory at 9 dollars per hour.

Nine dollars, put it in

Now, I don’t even bother to pick it up, because I’m an employee of the agency. The factory only pays salaries to the agency, and the agency pays them to us.

The agency can at least take us one or two dollars, an hour, and we these workers, or the intermediary passive diversion.

The agency is,

Published a job advertisement, about to meet, ran in the past to know that someone is an intermediary. and 58 city, it is estimated that half of the intermediary recruitment advertisements, so that the intermediary to achieve passive drainage.

Labor Agency:

Left hand: Attract a large number of job-seekers

Right hand: A factory with a large number of cooperative employees

Many labor agencies in Guangdong,

This is how it works. This is how it makes money.

And all the labor service companies united to form the chamber of commerce, forming a monopoly over the local labor service industry.

Two, Quora intermediary

A good friend of mine.”

Small A

“Two years ago, when he was still in college, majoring in electrician, conscious of no previous


He often told me angrily that I was a talented man, how could he be inferior to working as an electrician? At that time, he was in his third year and graduation was not far away.

He is not willing to give up himself, his life, his destiny, his own decisions.

If you graduate, either find the right job to work, or just work

Other jobs.

At that time, he was optimistic about the new media industry. After thinking about it once, he finally signed up for a new media training that charged thousands of dollars.

This was also the beginning of Xiao A’s counterattack. He worked in the new media industry for one year. After his graduation, he had a thorough understanding of this industry and gave himself a job

I have saved tens of thousands of dollars.

Then check in with me regularly, ask and motivate each other:

How much money have you made today?

How much money have you made this month?

How much money have you made this year?

Sometimes they encourage each other, sometimes they detest each other, and they detest each other very hard. It was a very interesting time, wasn’t it?

He laughs at my paranoia. I laugh

He’s too pompous!

Interesting little A. His new media is Quora. He has tens of thousands of fans on Quora.

The most core is that he has mastered the resources of this industry and made the most money as an intermediary. He has made a lot of progress in the communication group of Quora on wechat and also added a lot of Quora account owners.

Also know and add a lot of people who buy Quora, so

Often someone needs to buy a number, he will immediately go to the circle of friends, mass Quora group.

Release the demand for the acquisition of the account, the demand clearly, the type of account industry, and the number of fans.

Left hand master Quora number master;

Hold the number collector in your right hand.

If you’re quick, you’ll get the number in a few minutes, and you’ll earn two or three per minute

For a thousand bucks, you can occasionally make five or six.

One side to lower the price of the number;

And they’re pushing up the price.

How do I know that? Because when he made money, he was so proud that he always showed off to me.

Xiao A is very clever. After graduating from university, she did not go to work as an electrician, because she was the best student in the university

In the following year, I engaged in the new media industry and earned tens of thousands of dollars.

Although he got his diploma, he did not need to find this kind of job. He directly found a job in the new media industry. He was familiar with the road and had some working experience.

Two days ago, he told me that he was promoted by his work in Los Angeles. Now his annual salary is 10

W+, I expect to get a promotion and a raise this year. It’s much more comfortable than working with an electrician. He’s only been in the job for a few months.

Two days ago with me to set a goal, this year’s salary plus sideline, stable into hundreds of thousands of years, happy, I wish him a fortune!

Three, public number advertising media

My public number often picks up some advertisements, send a few thousand

dollars is a relatively easy way to make money.

Recently about a commercial, he left a release time schedule, after the time, there is no agreement.

Because I read the title, too much headlines, hurt fans also suffer, want him to change the title.

After the discussion failed, he found another public account to take this advertisement

Yes, and that’s when I realized the importance of a spare tire.

Public number advertising industry:

Upstream are advertising companies;

Downstream is the main public number.

Upstream and downstream, to grasp in their own hands, such as the advertising, once the discussion does not agree, you can first go to other media, see if there is no replacement, to avoid a loss


We do one thing, one business, one project.

Upstream, firmly in hand,

Downstream, firmly in hand.

This is the core competitiveness of the industry, master, have confidence and leverage.

Then in the united a group of peers, create an industry exchange community, you can realize the monopoly of the industry!

If it is

Doing business:

Upstream to grasp the channel business;

Downstream to master the distributor.

How to improve the competitiveness of the public number industry and grasp the core resources of the industry?

What can be done specifically?

Very simple, specially take a micro signal out to add people, into dozens of public number industry group.

Every sign that you add

Lord, all remarks are good, add to one thousand public number master, you are a media!

This wechat, only add two kinds of people, one is the number master, one is the advertiser (media).

This is going to be a very core resource that’s going to be extremely valuable to monetize.

The left hand can give the number master to do the service, make information poor;

The right hand can integrate widely

Tell the media, earn the price difference!

Last time I saw a big V, directly recruiting employees in the public account, to start a business in the new media industry.

He only hires people who can produce content (articles or videos) and people with industry resources (business resources are preferred).

To put it bluntly, there are two kinds of recruits, one kind

Have industry experience, one is have industry resources.

These two kinds of jobs have core competitiveness, but the education is not mentioned, but the education is not important.

The last

The above three stories are based on my personal experience, what I have seen, heard and felt.

Empty hand white Wolf is comfortable, any industry has the existence of intermediary, existence is

Reasonable. They can address some people’s needs and get paid accordingly.

Share 3 intermediary money making projects, grasp the industry information is poor, empty hand set white Wolf!

Share 3 intermediary money making projects, grasp the industry information is poor, empty hand set white Wolf!


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