Simple flow cash small project, novice practical operation monthly 5000


Do the Internet for so many years, hear the most sentence is can fully automatic money, everyone’s attitude towards money is also slowly changing, there is a saying “human nature is lazy”, almost all people prefer to continue to automatically gain income project, this simple traffic cash small project is worth a try.

Can go on and on

To automatically obtain income, most of it is to rely on some specific software to achieve, such as automatic card issuing platform, do not need to be stared at, there is a natural income code.

Then, if we have a purpose to make profits for some platforms with welfare, we need to build corresponding scripts to replace manual labor, just like the news in the last two years

APP, as long as you hang up the phone to read money, and can withdraw money, but also like walking to earn money, script to simulate the number of steps, can also earn some money.

But these are basically a lot of machines that need to be deployed synchronously, and one or two phones operating continuously there won’t bring much profit if dozens of phones are attached to the script

If it’s a group control, it’s even better.

Like this script itself is not worth much, but sell more money, value of the previous article wrote that bubble net to earn my friend, on the Internet to sell the script, a about 900, a year sold more than 2000 copies, calculate, a year almost earned a little two million.

Looks like he sold his feet.

Ben makes more money than doing things directly with scripts, because most people focus on a fixed project and ignore the importance of marketing. If we can find the right script for a specific project, will we be able to make money?

For example, years ago, there was a popular project, every single profit

In the three digits, you should know that it is to snatch Moutai, I also snatch Moutai, but it is not smooth, can not snatch at all.

So such a script was born, grab Moutai script, there are detailed use of the tutorial, and hand by hand graphic teaching, which is a little interesting, and a key to grab Moutai actually someone grabbed.


Do not speak of this script software is not good, so a few stunt advertising copywriting, must attract a lot of users, because in these mainstream APP above snatch Moutai people is very much.

Once there are more gold miners, the shovels will make a lot of money. That’s contrarian thinking.

Scripts like this are bound to follow the project

If we can’t find the project, what’s the use of knowing some scripts in the later stage? So knowing this money point, the next step is to find the hot project and continue to sell scripts.

Excavation projects need to be integrated into this circle, doing a project is like a part-time job, there is a circle, look at them often talk

In terms of what projects, generally from this can be screened out a lot of valuable projects.

Here we are still focusing on the wool party, not the real users who do Internet projects. What the wool party likes most is a few pennies, and as long as a script can make them a lot of money, they will be very likely to pay the bill


First, user demand mining

This project is mainly marketing, so first we need to find the relevant audience users, according to the current view, our users are the C end of the wool party, like to masturbation or commission, preferably hanging up users.

This kind of people mainly to the student party, treasure mother, or a variety of part-time

Group Amoy customer group and so on, the requirements are not high, as long as you can increase a little bit of income is very satisfied.

Two, to guide the transaction

This is not for us to customize his project script, but for him to find us to buy the script, which is very simple, as long as the operation, the daily income is still very considerable.

We just analyzed it

So many users are positioned, have enough time every day, have the consciousness of earning some pocket money, but just don’t know what to do, we have to design a marketing plan for such a group of people.

The simplest way to do this is to take the corresponding set of wool projects of our script and send them to the group for precipitation for two days

In a hurry.

Many platforms support new users more, so it is easier to earn a little money in the early stage. At this time, we publish our own scripts every day to earn money, and the profits amplified by our scripts are still very attractive to users.

3. Script sales plan

The most common scripts we sell fall into three categories

I’m only going to talk about the most common ones.

1. Sell scripts separately. No matter which channel we get scripts from, we can sell them at a higher price and simply sell the software to earn the difference.

2, bundled sales script, I think we should be familiar with this, you can crack the mobile phone, installed on the mobile phone

, and then together with the second-hand mobile phone sale, the bubble net earn I think a lot of people should have seen what to do what project, need to buy their mobile phone, in fact, is to sell script software, just like a few years ago to do Amazon no supply, no supply is a sign word, in fact, is to sell you to screen upload a key software use


3, agent selling script, now all walks of life are recruiting agents, why, because the shipment is fast, want to maximize, basically is the agent model, only less profit, but also can find from the quantity.

Simple flow cash small project, novice practical operation monthly 5000


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