Monthly into 1 million projects, fanatical wechat group traffic! Never underestimate the power of a wechat group!


Never underestimate something you see on a regular basis, like a wechat group.

The more common sense simple things, the more awesome.

The more miraculous it is, the more pits it makes.

Really powerful things, most of them are very simple and simple.

In the ecology of wechat flow, wechat group is a very common thing.

Not all of them

Letter groups are private, and some public wechat groups are actually public traffic pools in the wechat traffic system.

You are not my wechat friend, but I can reach you, because you and I are in the same wechat group.

I have a chance to reach you, I have a chance to market you, you have a chance to follow me, to join me, to become mine

The customer.

The traffic acquisition method of this project shared today is based on the following traffic method:

Wechat group is the public domain traffic pool in wechat traffic ecology.

That is, you can use wechat groups to get traffic.

Public wechat group –> public account/personal wechat account.

Suppose you have 20 wechat signals, each wechat

The number enters 100 wechat groups, each wechat group has an average of 100 people, there is a 20*100*100= 200,000 wechat public domain traffic pool.

The advantages of obtaining traffic from wechat group are as follows:

The most direct reach, the shortest path, can be copied and amplified.

A lot of people underestimate the wechat group, feel that those who play advertising wechat

Group is rubbish, did not think about it in turn, why they assiduously every day in wechat mass advertising?

Too much to do?

If people do this every day, they must eat meat in this way.

OK, let’s go into actual combat to disassemble. How do people use wechat group to get traffic? The unit price for receiving customers is 3000



Back-end projects.

This disassembly, upside down disassembly, first disassembly selling point, then disassembly transformation, and then disassembly flow.

1. Selling Points


The selling point: design-related courses.

Five in one course, 3900


The price is high enough.

Other course packages are more expensive.

Sell design related courses, in fact, there are many on the market.


The agency created a:

The most lethal, the most attractive, the most can inspire users to pay to sign up for weapons: part-time money.

That is, you pay to register as a formal student, you can receive the platform to provide part-time tasks to earn money.

You sign up, and you learn not just a skill that you can apply on the job, but also

Make money on the part-time platform they provide, earn back the tuition, and create a side business with a monthly income.

This is the big one. The temptation is amplified right away.

Finish the design course and still have a part-time job to earn money?

Yes. They have created a part-time platform where regular students can take on assignments and earn money.

In the face of such thorns

Excitement and temptation, ordinary people do not want to sign up?

Especially college students, treasure mothers, office workers.

This selling point = several thousand courses per customer + part-time earning opportunities.

Don’t think the course is expensive? Don’t worry, work part-time for 1-2 months and you’ll earn it back.

2. Transformation

Flow over, add wechat, then how to let the user pay

What about the fee?

Such a few tricks down, can greatly stimulate the user to pay for the course.

Learning anytime, anywhere makes it easier for you to learn,

There are tests and assessments that push you to improve your learning,

Accompanying education, with teachers and groups answering questions for you.

That’s not enough. Here’s another trick. If you learn it, you can also make money by doing part-time jobs.

Don’t believe me?

When you talk privately, wechat circle of friends, send screenshots of income, really let students earn money.

This transformation of the fight, the power is quite big.

Let the user feel that you do not have to worry about learning courses, our service is in place, can learn.

After learning the course, you can also make money, earn back the tuition fees, and have a sideline income every month.

Use moments to activate potential users and stimulate them to pay for courses.

There is also a point, is to do the transformation of people, are not in a hurry, speak.

First I’ll tell you about the course service, then I’ll tell you about the part-time job to make money.

The whole process has a clear selling point and a good release of trust.

3. Flow Rate

They drive traffic through wechat very aggressively.

Let’s do the matrix,

It is estimated that there are dozens or hundreds of wechat signals, plus various wechat groups.

This is actually a blast, with a hard square.

2 copywriting sentences + a picture + a wechat business card or QR code.

The path is very short.

Also does not lead to the public number, all wechat group traffic, directly to receive wechat personal number private domain.

They get in more

Is the YouTube, short video, part-time, Bao Ma, college students and so on related wechat group.

It’s a round the clock bombing, anyway.

I guess I used some kind of group messaging tool, like wetool, Text Messaging Assistant, or something.

Where is this public domain wechat group to find?

1) Google Post bar

2) Bean paste


) wechat public account

4) Add group software

Group search, group entry, automatic group sending (set the interval).

Here’s a detail: they don’t bombard groups with personal wechat accounts that receive traffic.

With wechat A to the group bombing, you add A, wechat A and then guide you to work overtime director’s wechat B. Flow precipitates in the head teacher

On wechat.

Because to blast group micro signal, easy to be sealed.

Don’t look down on the flow of this way, if there are 100 micro signals, each micro signal has 100 micro letter group, so every day to blast the group. It’s not hard to get 100 accurate traffic a day.

100 accurate traffic per day, 10% conversion, 10

* 3900


= 39000


Monthly income of 1 million +.

When a traffic model works, you just copy it and scale it up, and the revenue immediately changes.

This kind of project is very easy to replicate and scale up once the value of the back-end selling point is unlocked and translated into place.

The back end is stable and the front segment can be scaled up to 1

500 micro signals, 500 micro signals.

What is a fool’s game?

This is the next stupid effort, every day into a variety of wechat group, into the group with copy, pictures bombardment, guide to add personal wechat.

Out of quantity comes power.

Many problems cannot be solved because there are not enough of them.

Quantity in place, quality will naturally go up.


The project behind is an education training institution, the specific bubble net income I won’t say, but very awesome.

General education and training institutions to Google put customers, customers cost at least 100


+. With wechat group, the cost of customers is greatly reduced.

Do you need strong ability to find and add groups?

Not at all. Yeah

A normal person could do it. $3,000 a month


The salary is very good.

OK, this project is basically dismantled.

Let’s recap:


Never underestimate the power of a wechat group

It’s not that you can’t get traffic, it’s

Unwilling to make stupid efforts, unwilling to copy and enlarge

Get 10-20 micro signals

Fanatical wechat group, can’t get the flow?

2) The building of selling points, to

Learn to differentiate, hit the user just need

. For example, if you buy my stuff, you will not only learn something, but also make money.

3) Don’t rush the conversion, do

Dispel user concerns, let users rest assured

I think it’s a good deal.

Come on, I wish you more rich

Stronger is more free.

Monthly into 1 million projects, fanatical wechat group traffic! Never underestimate the power of a wechat group!

Monthly into 1 million projects, fanatical wechat group traffic! Never underestimate the power of a wechat group!


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