One hundred times profit making project: selling virtual learning materials, how to earn more than one hundred dollars a day?


Today I want to share with you a Blue Ocean project,

It’s a bad information project that anyone can operate, and it’s very profitable,

You only need to invest 1 dollars, and you can earn 100 per day.

What is it? Read on below:

We brush


It is common to find such a video: the video content is the students exaggerated endorsement field

Scenes, students giving speeches, students getting up at 5 am to run, students holding a pledge meeting and so on.

Each video has a very high number of likes. This is understandable, because education is always the most concerned thing for parents of students, every parent hopes that their children can be admitted to a famous university


How are these short videos monetized? In fact, it is very simple to sell some outstanding student notes and score raising materials. The audience group of such videos is the parents of students, and the project will never be out of date.

There is a huge market demand for these outstanding students’ notes, even for novices

A novice

You can also get started with simple learning


Let’s review the whole project process:

1. Collect such short videos from the whole network, including major we-media platforms, video platforms, etc. Download such videos for mixed cutting, production and dubbing.

When adding background music, be sure to add positive energy and shock

The purpose of sex music is to create an atmosphere of striving to get into a prestigious university.

2. Distribute the finished videos to major we-media platforms, and the videos must be accompanied by positive copy.

3, remember to leave your contact information on the home page, such as wechat, words: “XX junior high school score information”, “X

X Notes from a high-achieving Student “…

The most important thing is to leave their own contact information, as long as you have a video on the hot, someone will add your wechat.

4, prepare the supply, drainage video is done, the next is to sell outstanding student notes, but where to find the supply, we can directly in the universal “fight knife knife”

On Quick Search.

Find similar notes on Pinduoduo, the price of electronic data is very beautiful. Below: The study materials priced 0.6 have been sold, 24,000 copies.

Let’s say 0.6


For example, when you start with 0.6


I bought learning materials on “Panyu Dao Dao” and then listed them on moments.



Sell, such a price bubble net income is definitely very attractive, the conversion rate will be very high, you invest 0.6


You can press 9.9 for an infinite number of times


Sell, this is the information gap to make money.

Someone is bound to ask, why don’t customers just spend 0.6 on the “spell knife” themselves



What about the data? It doesn’t have to cost 9.9


Buy it from you?

The reason is simple, because it involves not only the charm of poor information, but also marketing methods and so on.

5, circle of friends to create and project income, circle of friends to create is very simple, is to send some business introduction chart every day, the details of the “spell knife knife”

It’s all on the page, so you can just use it.

If the profit is at least 10 people a day to buy, one order 9.9


10 people is 99, the final price 9.9 or 19.9, it is completely up to the individual decision.

Of course, if you sell a single subject is 9.9, six general subject by 19.9, then the customer will

I’m sure I’ll buy 6 units at 19.9. These pricing tricks can be designed by myself.

In this way, the monthly revenue of 3000 is completely no problem, and the whole phone can operate.


This is a very mature project, from the drainage to the sale of goods has a complete operation process, practical is very strong

, the project income is also very stable, but also can enlarge the operation, if you understand it, act quickly!!

That’s all for this article

One hundred times profit making project: selling virtual learning materials, how to earn more than one hundred dollars a day?


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