Social networking sites to sell accounts to cash out of the project, the operation is simple, one hour a day, easily earn thousands of dollars a month


Traffic = money is a phrase I’m sure you’ve seen a hundred times on the Internet.

However, the flow needs to be realized, after the realization is the money, the amount of realization is related to the realization way and ability.

There is no realized flow, it is just flow, is at any time may depreciate the “fixed assets”.

So today I bring you a usage traffic

Quick cash out side project, easy to operate, one hour a day, easily earn thousands more per month.

This side business is all about using

Social networking Sites

Rise powder to sell numbers to cash out, a lot of similar gameplay, such as the public number rise powder cash I played a few years ago, now can also play.

Now replaced by

Social networking Sites

That’s all, and

Social networking Sites

Compared with the



Fast hands are easier to use and more likely to increase powder, which is what I’ve been playing recently

Social networking Sites

A conclusion reached after discovery and practice.

The following into the topic, practical operation, the end of the article will also give my gameplay thinking.

First, account positioning

As a result of the way to quickly rise powder, and then out of cash.

There are two questions to consider:

In what field?

Notes are more popular and gain followers faster?

From the user’s point of view, all kinds of data are superficial

Social networking Sites

Mostly young women, who make up about 70 percent of the population, are also the best earners, but today’s topic is not directly to earn their money, but to gain their attention.

Give him what he wants

What do these people like? What do girls like?


Buy, buy, buy?

NO, it costs the user money, and this kind of content wants to get their attention, right

A novice

It’s hard to say, and today’s topic is traffic, a lot of traffic.

Here’s my answer:

Movies, anime, music, wallpaper, emotions, horoscopes

It may not be comprehensive, but these areas are diverse enough

To make money, and do it all the time

Handling + simple editing


Ii. Account preparation

1. One machine and one card,

A novice

It is recommended to perform this way, do not log in to multiple accounts on a mobile phone, and do not connect to wifi, if you only operate a number is free.

2. Don’t use a virtual phone number to register.

3, raise number, this

Do it or it won’t work.

Keep a number method is very simple, like normal users, every day to go on to see the same field of work, remember the same field, that is, you want to release the work of the field, in the front I have given the answer, pick one, and then this operation can be about a week.

4. Avatar, biased towards female aesthetic,

Or directly find a good-looking girl head, animation head also line.

5, signature, if you are not thinking about drainage, you can write casually, such as “pay attention to me, share XX every day”.

If you want to earn more, there is a certain thinking, such as wallpaper number, can be used in the signature homophonic diversion to the public number, or with other drainage

In this way, you can have an extra income.

6. Nickname, also can take a female name, can also be similar to “movie recommendation, anime sauce”.

3. Types of notes

Social networking Sites

There are two kinds of notes: video notes and graphic notes. Choose the one you like. The recommended amount of video notes is more.

Here you are

You can also make the text into a video type, if too troublesome, or choose the text note bar, the operation is simpler, that is, the powder is slower.

Four, note making practical operation

1. Source of material

As previously said, the practice is mainly to handle + simple editing, so the material is the focus.

Film, animation, music video material Source:



For short video platforms like Kuaishou, the only thing to do is to remove watermarking. I have said the method of removing watermarking several times, no nonsense. In addition, note that some videos have author watermarking, and this kind of video will be given up directly, because this kind of video will not be recommended.


Social networking Sites

On the general, do not need to do film and television commentary, only need highlights.

Wallpaper material source:

Public account, wechat small program, Quora, Weibo and other platforms search, many, all kinds of types, to do is to save, do not watermark, and then classification can be sorted.

Advice on emotional style

A novice

Give up, constellation class can do video, also can do graphic, material source is the same


, Kuaishou, Weibo these platforms.

2. Video and graphic production

The video can be cut and displayed by the APP on the mobile phone.

Movie, animation recommended category, refer to


Film and television recommendation (the previous article also talked about film and television clips), a minute to recommend a few, just need to mix these materials cut, not copy.

Example: vegetarian

Material 1 recommends a, b, c three, material 2 recommends d, e, f three, then you can recommend a, c, e, and then change a piece of music, also change the beginning, this will increase the originality.

The other is very short highlights, a few seconds, a movie or anime can be found at random

“With a catchy title.

Music is the easiest and most stable category

Extract music material, and then change a video to go up, in the title to add words, such as “I guess you have not heard this song, the ranking of ancient songs”, and so on, is another high originality of the video.

The above videos have been simplified

If that’s hard enough, check out the following.

Wallpaper class, directly send text type, operation is simpler, the ready wallpaper can be uploaded directly, a upload of 9, even if there are a few and others repeat all right!

This is my operation, take 10 minutes, publish 4 wallpaper class notes, wallpaper is all

Public number download, now every day some people like the collection, but also some people ask how to get wallpaper.

3. Essentials of note making

Video, capture the best frame of the video as the cover; Graphic wallpaper class, the best wallpaper as the first picture can be.

The title, normally with a keyword, such as 2020

The most popular

Animation Recommendation

, daily

Wallpaper Sharing

; Bring a few more keywords.

Content, this piece for this kind of note is not high requirements, write casually, or add some keywords also line, and can let users pay attention to it.


This is the point, a note can only add one topic, topic influence

Recommended, so it is best to add a topic related to their own field, and follow a large number of people.

4. Note release notes

Release time, noon and evening.

Release frequency, it is recommended to send three or five notes a day, after all, note production cost is very low, it will not take much time, send much, it is easier to rise powder, but also

Don’t post too often, post every hour.

Do not advertise in the notes for drainage, will be detected and limited flow, if you want to divert to multiple platforms, suggest to see me

Social networking Sites

The diversion.

Do not think of painting praise, will be detected, and dead paint is useless, to see is a variety of data.

Five, cash

As I said at the beginning, the way of realization is to sell the number, which can be sold on new media account trading platforms such as A5, Fishclaw, and New Media Tiger.

At the current market price, these fields sell for over a thousand dollars.

As for ten thousand powder is a matter of one or two months, at the same time to operate several numbers, monthly income thousands of no problem?

If you don’t believe me

You can go

Social networking Sites

On the search to see, a lot of fans of the account, the earliest release of notes is the latest one or two months.

As for other ways to monetize, if you have the ability, you can also consider, after others buy the account, either drainage, or delete or hide the previous works, rebuild the account, and then

Make the delivery.

Six, my suggestions

1. Increase originality and release on multiple platforms

Handling is simple, but not original enough,

Social networking Sites

Because of the user attribute problem, carrying other platforms, and then simple modification again is also easy to hit.

But for


These platforms are different. Simple handling will not be recommended

We must think about it, increase the originality, and make efforts on multiple platforms at the same time. Only in this way can we earn more revenue.

2, diversion to the public number

Many of the above types can guide the flow to the public number, the film can do film commentary, or resources, in the film recommendation category of works will always be asked where to see.

Wallpaper number more

Some simple, a lot of wallpaper public number a year to rise hundreds of thousands of powder, in addition to the way I wrote before the public number to rise powder, multiple platforms together, and then together to the public number diversion is. As for revenue, traffic main + advertising + out, a year to earn a hundred thousand problems.

3. Convert pan powder into precise powder

Although the drainage has to be

Precision fans, but who needs only one thing?

Do these areas are mostly female powder, plus, as long as the operation is proper, there will always be a lot of people pay for your products.

The rest of the gameplay is left to you to figure out.

And finally,

I didn’t make money for two main reasons:

One is the execution, do not do is always zero!

The second is thinking and execution

→ Think → do → think, and so on.

Just like work, work is execution, but lack of thinking, no growth, it will always be a bottom of the dead wage.

Social networking sites to sell accounts to cash out of the project, the operation is simple, one hour a day, easily earn thousands of dollars a month

Social networking sites to sell accounts to cash out of the project, the operation is simple, one hour a day, easily earn thousands of dollars a month


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