Play to earn Internet virtual resource projects, easily create their own side business


Virtual products have always been a project of net earning practitioners with relish, why? Because of its natural advantages, one serving can be repeated and sold indefinitely. Drainage is also relatively easy, a little bit of fission flow will naturally come, conversion is particularly high, almost a few questions will pay to buy.

But the Internet

Making money projects are mostly easy to get, play hard, even if the virtual resources so simple project, there are still a lot of people can’t play, can’t make money at all, today for everyone to operate the virtual project a basic idea of a complete comb out, as long as you follow this idea to operate, it is very easy to earn several hundred a day


Product Positioning

What is a virtual resource? As long as it is not the entity can be said to be virtual resources, such as software tutorials, singing skills video, barbecue formula, milk tea formula, and do training of those online courses and so on, are virtual products.

As a net earner

A novice

The first thing to do is to do a good job of product positioning, from their own

Fa, from the needs of the crowd.

Know what you are interested in and what you are good at, because only interest can make you stick to it and make the success rate higher. When you have a specialty in a certain area, you will have a much higher start in this area than your peers, which will increase your chances of making money. For example, there is

Friends interested in ps, so he can play ps this virtual resource project, operation not only improve their ps technology, but also can use this specialty to make money.

Starting from the crowd means that your product must be in demand, and the more people in demand, the easier it is to sell. Virtual Resource Project

The higher the value, the higher the official platform price, and the easier it is to sell.

Find Resources

When we choose the product we want to make, then we can find similar resources. The simplest way is to search on Google, there will always be some free resources for you to refer to, or you go to pay attention to a variety of public number, there will be attention

Send resources, these resources are not high value, information is not big, thankless.

The fastest way is on Amazon, Second hand goods trading platform search you want resources, spend some money, save a lot of trouble. There are also such resources as post bar, it’s not hard to find good resources.

Converted into cash

Do web projects, whether it’s virtual or

Other products are dependent on traffic.

How to handle traffic?

1, find a Amazon, Xianyu and other platforms allow sales of products, this way of making money is a novice

A novice

The best choice to enter the line, but the choice of explosive opportunity is not many, and should pay attention to a lot of violations can not operate, otherwise it will lead to a seal

I will explain in detail in the next article how to sell virtual goods to avoid violations.

2. Use Google Post bar or various forums to get traffic. The method is very simple, as long as the keyword search, there will be many peers, peers is the best teacher, research peer operation method, copy imitation

Just make it.

Precautions for drainage:

1, according to the rules of the platform to do things, otherwise it is very likely that the traffic has not attracted, the number was sealed, more than worth the loss.

2, be sure to benefit his way of thinking, if you want to attract people to add your friend, that must give him enough benefits.

Do the above points, the realization of nature is water to

The canal is finished. You can first add 100 peers, and then copy various activated systems from their circle of friends, and send 20 messages every day. After a period of time, you can see the results.

Recently, due to the tight time, I can only write a general idea. Later I will write an article.

With the whole process of operation, directly subdivided to a virtual product! A real hands-on demonstration!

Play to earn Internet virtual resource projects, easily create their own side business


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