No source store group project, no source of detailed gameplay of price difference


The project of unstocked store group, which became popular a few years ago, was originally designed to sell the right to use some software and upload babies in bulk, but now the unstocked store group is mostly operated in the direction of refinement.

There are no difficulties, just some basic store operation knowledge and some fine details

Selection skills, although this project can be played until now, but no longer rely on the era of single store profit, store group model has thus emerged.

Only stores with batch operation make money by volume. Due to the impact of live streaming e-commerce, traditional e-commerce enterprises have been reducing their profits for survival.

It’s not time to just open a store and get traffic.

If you want to go back to a few years ago, you can also try working with shrimp skin in Southeast Asia.

Ok, so bubble net income today I will talk to you about this fine gameplay of no supply in the end how to fine selection, and why this project said that the novice did not ask

Yes, it’s totally doable.

First of all, let’s compare the difference between traditional e-commerce and no supply. Traditional e-commerce has very high requirements on our personal operation ability, from product control to the entire supply chain to taking photos, putting babies on shelves, and promoting customer service.

The game of unsourcing is to sell someone else’s product

Take it and use it directly, just like the Jingxi supermarket of a treasure before, and the Jingdong supermarket of an East platform selling exactly the same products, but the price of a product is only a few cents or a few cents higher.

When someone orders from a treasure’s Jingxi supermarket, they will turn to to photograph the product and fill it with their own customer’s

Information, and then Jingdong delivery, Jingdong processing after sales, there is a refund, the customer in their refund in the west of Washington, they go to Jingdong return, forming a complete production chain of empty hand.

This is the earliest non-stock play, until now to drive down profits, forming a store group of a set of systems.

Traditionally do a treasure of no goods

Source store group, all kinds of play we basically already know what way, and not only a treasure, 1688 and Jingdong have no supply of store group play, as long as pay attention to the good selection of products, the other are not important, and from the beginning of e-commerce development to now, as long as someone has been from the platform shopping, that this item

I can go on and on.

So let’s take a treasure to talk about, how to do no stock shop group and some novice notes.

That if you have done the shop before, there is a certain operating basis, take over the supply of the store group play bubble net earn I think it should be relatively fast, because most of the time

It revolves around key points such as product selection, title and product fission.

Preliminary Preparation

The most important thing for us here is to prepare a store first, at least one. If we want to do store group operation later, we can use the identity information of relatives and friends to register more stores. It is not recommended to register with the identity information bought.

In theory

New stores on the platform will get extra traffic attention, so the more stores we have, the more initial support we will get.

As everyone in the e-commerce business knows, if we log in too many shops with one computer, the platform will find out that there is IP overlap. In this case, we can’t build a single network cable to the local

Broadband office can apply for a special line, you can consult the local operator.

In fact, in an IP segment to open 3 stores will be restricted, the risk of store closure, prohibited to send baby is still very high, open a special line, about 1000.

Store Operation

The first is the fine operation

Select, select hot and selling babies, we do not want to do promotion, like so many babies have no way to do promotion, only through the product’s own keywords to obtain the flow of the platform.

So we find a bunch of babies and upload them through refined selection strategy, but add our keywords to the title of babies

The idea is to create hundreds of titles based on one popular item.

Because the purpose of the store group is to intercept keywords, and then intercept users with purchase demand, these users will have a great probability to search our treasure through a large number of keywords

Bei, because our products cover a wide range of keywords.

The opportunity of no supply

Since the rise of mobile e-commerce, a considerable number of users browse products and place orders directly on the mobile terminal. Therefore, an advantage of the mobile terminal is that similar products are not recommended by default.

So in terms of presentation, if the product itself

If it’s compelling enough, it’ll keep users.

In fact, when many of my friends do 1688 stores with no stock, the most taboo point is the price. Because they have formed a fixed thinking mode, they will compare the price of something with that of a certain treasure, so they think the price is too high and no one will buy it.

This thinking

It is also wrong, because even if it is the same commodity, the big data of the platform will push the price suitable for you according to your usual consumption habits.

Of course, now even if we start from scratch to operate the store group without supplies, there is still a lot of preparation work to do, in addition to the early start of the store, or to carry out some suitable

When the shua order, so that the shop can be faster.

In fact, there are more profit channels to make this kind of unstocked store group with price difference. In addition to the price difference of goods, some coupons and rebates put by merchants are good income.

If we come across one of those big coupons, we can just sell it

Product move over and even directly reduce the price grab low price this part of resources.

No source store group project, no source of detailed gameplay of price difference


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