Video emoticons are a money-making project, earning 20,000 dollars a month as a sideline


After so many years of development, Internet social platforms have brought great convenience to our lives. Along with some entertainment or commercial activities on social platforms, they have also brought us great business opportunities, such as wechat business.

So like wechat business this hierarchical agency relationship is very clear business phenomenon, the head player is to earn

Very much, the following agents are a bit of a loss of money to make a shout.

If we want to find a kind of equal money making project, that is, the development based on social platforms, and can try to stay on the same starting line with others, we should not do wechat business. Today I will introduce this small project to you can try.

As far as I am concerned, the project with low threshold is more suitable for beginners to start. So today, my project is related to wechat, wechat dynamic expression, using wechat to make emojis to make money.

When we chat, as we all know, there are so many emojis on wechat that we can’t handle all kinds of emojis. Some things are hot emojis

“, for example, “young people don’t speak martial arts” and so on.

These emoticons are made by special emoticons makers and published on the public account. Of course, these published content will not be free for everyone to use. Users need to tip the author to use this package


To dozens


Don’t wait, we see the following emojis have been rewarded more than 4,000 times, then this set of wechat emojis alone, the income is at least four or five thousand.

This is just one set. Let’s take a look at the other emojis. More than 10,000 dollars were appreciated when clicked, which means that this emojis cost at least 10,000 dollars

Revenue, a lot of money, and all we have to do is put our heads down and put together this meme.

Income is very considerable, and the project is very unpopular, and wechat users are very, very many, so this is absolutely suitable for novice practical operation of a project, of course, this project is not what difficulty, no dynamic chart

It’s just some GIF making.

For the production of GIF dynamic graph, I think there is no difficulty, now is an era of media economic outbreak, often play smart phone users, basically will bubble net to make use of one or two software, these dynamic graph, as long as it is a little understand some graphic design people

It can be done.

Like PS, flash, AI, GIF animation and so on, all of these can be done, as long as it is the previous appropriate contact with some of this software, are very simple, of course, these software is not what difficulty, now learn to sell no problem.

Above I talked about the four software, if large

Home interested, you can go to the Internet to find some information to see, this kind of software is very simple, a treasure above this kind of software sold for 1 dollars, buy a set of how to learn all cost-effective.

We have made a good expression, we need to use the wechat expression open platform, this platform can let us upload their own good table

Love and can set the amount of reward, if you want to operate the emojis is required to register.

The first step is to fill in the emoji name, then upload the emoji, upload the icon, and then fill in additional information, which of course is to promote themselves.

There’s the making of emoticons

Specifications, such as quantity, format, size and even file size, have certain requirements. Only by understanding these specifications can we avoid these pitfalls and make good emojis.

When it comes to wechat emojis to make money, I suggest that you can learn from others’ creativity or thinking, but don’t go directly

Handling other people’s expression, this is a copyright problem, similar to this kind of design, are copyrighted.

In the past, emojis relied on text drainage, or picture drainage, if you do this project now, the relatively fast start is the short video field, such as


Platform drainage realization, belongs to the early stage

Insist to do, later can achieve completely passive drainage.

Here I provide you with two ideas to do wechat emojis in the field of short video, if you can use it well, the drainage effect is very good, because this project is the focus of the drainage, do a good job of emojis can not sell out.

First, as we all know, a lot of flat

They’re all over the station right now




Of our choice,


Category, it is very natural to attract a lot of people with similar needs to see, so that the flow of natural incline in our direction, do this kind of teaching automatic drainage project.

Second, directly in


Every day insist on sending some expression video, home page to stay

V or comment section language guide and V, in this way, we can attract two kinds of people, one is the users who have the need of emojis, the other is want to do it through the material of emojis


The user.

Of course, these are two completely different domain attributes of the user, we first make a batch of high-quality emojis, and then put this

The memes are mostly posted on the platform of short videos, and then you can put your own VX in the signature or top message.

On the whole, this project is not difficult. A project with low threshold requires zero investment first, and it is easy to get started. When you find a suitable project, you can do it.

A lot of students

It looks very good to do the project, but it is a little too ambitious to really do it. We can’t cut into the most important part of the project. In fact, the most important part of the emojis project is the production of emojis and the flow of customers.

Video emoticons are a money-making project, earning 20,000 dollars a month as a sideline


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