Headline number audio money project, a daily income of 150, later can be amplified operation!


The number of audio releases per day is the same as that of the text and text. The limit is 5 pieces per day. After more than 5 pieces, the system will no longer recommend them to their fans

I think it is more appropriate to share the headline number audio separately

A novice

And ordinary people, graphic message is the most basic

Need to insist on output content every day, but also require original, this step is very difficult to complete, and the early play volume is relatively poor time, it is easy to discourage enthusiasm, even doubt self, easy to fail

Audio doesn’t require you to create it. You can take Himalayan content, send it to the headlines, and output it for a month

There are still benefits in 2000, making money on the Internet, a lot of the content is open and transparent, the difference is the details and the execution, the consistent execution

The threshold of audio is not high, generally no threshold project, it is easy to be hit by dimensionality reduction, in this context, and their own resources, no capital, ability

Also not satisfactory, the rest can only spell to insist on, the audio is the most critical is not to break more, a day to update the limit of 5, keep 2-3 can every day!

First, the bottom logic of the number one audio:

1. Needs: Many people like to hear ghost stories, old stories, novels, jokes, emotional marriage guidance, bedtime encouragement,

There are also some chicken soup, you just send out, someone is sure to like to hear

2, solution: Release audio in the headline number, to maintain the perpendicality of the account, such as an account like to send bedtime stories, adhere to the bedtime story, do not send other, send time, the account in the content of the perpendicality

It’s easier to make money later

3, revenue composition: ten thousand display amount in a few dollars, every day hundreds of thousands of show can have about 200, want to have hundreds of thousands of show need to have the accumulation of the previous content, as well as continuous update, emphasis on persistence

Ii. Specific implementation

The first thing to be determined is the content, and within this

Let is you also very like, so in the production time will use the heart, and the probability of success will increase a lot, and the audio this thing, neither need real people exit, nor need original graphic content, the threshold is very low

Audio classification vertically can refer to the classification of the Himalayas, select a field

Update, here bubble net earn I give you a few simple suggestions:

Emotional story/guide

Personal Improvement

Story of History

Story of Fiction

Keep healthy

A joke

Emotional story/guide

The emotional category is a broad category that can be further subdivided, such as marital problems, romantic relationships, divorce techniques, the female self, sleep

The former emotional counseling, relief library, healing department of story copy, etc., the content is subdivided enough, until can not be divided, because our ability and time is limited, we need to break out their own advantages in the subdivided field, so that the competitors will be much less, the probability of success is relatively large

Personal Improvement

On the side of personal advancement

The demand is still good, such as self-management, success of the two areas of self-help effect is better, and career promotion, career communication, emotional improvement, psychological education/counseling, bubble net earn I suggest here to do career and self-management two areas is good, no matter what time these two areas are just need,

It is also worth long-term output

Story of History

History includes modern history, ancient history and world history, which are too broad. You can update the history of Ming and Qing dynasties and modern history. You can divide the history into fields by dynasties, but there is a threshold, that is, you yourself need to be familiar with the history of this dynasty

Eight, the full score of 100 points, at least 60 points, so that the content of the update will be in-depth and good, if you are not good at it and you like history very much, you can start from the characters, update the biography, one by one, update for a few years, no problem

Story of Fiction

Newer novels include

One key point is that when looking for books on the novel platform, it is necessary to screen the content of small and medium authors without copyright, so that there will be no trouble in finding them. Here, I would like to share with you the general situation of novel authors. Without the head authors, most of the books are plagiarized by you and me, but it is not the content that is plagiarized

Outline, is the framework of the plot, and many authors updated to write can not come out of the case to give up, and then find someone else to write, so you see some novels in front of very little, behind is not rotten tail is rotten, can not read, updated to the headlines, can screen the middle of the author, no intellectual copyright, content quality

Not bad, we update his content, generally without too much trouble, there are a lot of this kind of books, screening time is not too much trouble, provided you like reading novels

Keep healthy

Health regimen is aimed at the age group of 30-50 years old, which can be divided into female health regimen, male health regimen, and different age stages

Health, as well as mental health, health knowledge, diet health, disease prevention, prenatal and post-pregnancy body maintenance and so on, the field can also be subdivided enough to find themselves good at interested

A joke

It is not recommended to choose the jokes directly, because there are too many people to choose which field to joke about

Field try hand, others listen to the audio is at most a laugh in the past, the user’s stickiness is also general, but easy to measure, early can take jokes in the field practice

No matter what field you choose, you can not directly carry other people’s audio, this is not long, you need to identify other people’s audio into the text, in the text repair

Change the wrong words, the middle sentence, in their own ability to allow the case of modification, so as to effectively avoid trouble, the ability to wash the manuscript is not troublesome, change a few times to master

There are a lot of text to generate speech software, early can be made with software, but the software is no emotion to read, listen to

It is very awkward, after the account has the weight, you need to consider yourself to read and then change the sound processing, if you can not get it right, you can find a professional recording person, the market price of 100 words 1 dollars, an audio update 500-800 words is 5-8 dollars, in the situation of unstable income, the suggestion or machine generation,

Or record it yourself

Release of audio need to pay attention to, the title must be well written, the title determines the quality of the traffic, good title will bring a lot of traffic, if the title is not good, even if your content again good click less will eventually cause no one to ask, very embarrassing

The title, the quality of the audio, the content changes,

Avoid mistakes, not smooth sentences, these details determine the success or failure, more attentively, more insist.

Iii. Project Evaluation

1. Suitable for people: people who like audio, like to listen to stories and turn their interests into income.

2, cost: the only cost is audio recording, in the case of unstable income with soft

Piece generation is good, there are a lot of small recording procedures need to open members, these costs according to their own situation investment.

3. Risk and control: Do not change categories at will, adhere to the vertical of a field.

4. Income: A daily income of 150, 4500 a month, add up to a lot.


Extension of the project: not only the audio of the headline number, but also these methods are common on the Himalaya platform, which is free at the early stage and charged at the later stage. There are many users and the viscosity is strong enough, so the income is still very stable

Iv. Conclusion:

Audio money making multiple platforms can operate together to determine a field that can be in Toutiao, Tao, Himala

Elegant update together, account, nickname, content, can be set as one, a content multi-platform update, income can be amplified, this article from the headlines as the introduction, we can draw a parallel, more thinking, more implementation, today’s share here.

The above items are shared for reference only, the project is changing, the idea remains the same

Headline number audio money project, a daily income of 150, later can be amplified operation!

Headline number audio money project, a daily income of 150, later can be amplified operation!


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