This simple brainless small project, novice practical operation daily profit of 100


If there are conditions, or to do a personal IP in the short video platform, cash is relatively fast, whether it is the service consultation or take goods are more practical.

This is what I got based on the audience of short video and the realization of several channel operators. It can be regarded as a feeling, because it is developing too fast.

A lot of people

I don’t know what to do with short videos, because there is no specific way to monetize, if the backend has been laid, then monetize relatively simple things, such as music number, book list number, emotional repair number and so on.

Every content we do should have its directivity and purpose, otherwise it is very

It’s hard to find a direction and stick to it.

In fact, it is not too late to layout the short video, the platform has new and old, we just need to timely output the corresponding content can be realized, just like bringing music U disk, we will collect some nice music to make short video, like selling books, the video content is usually from a typical philosophical story

Start, then tell the user that everything you want to know is in the book, and that simple guide is enough.

We ordinary beginners want to make money on short video, stable one or two cash channels to do it is a normal thinking, to choose some quick entry, such as film and television editing, is very simple, learning is on the way, of course

There is also stability to consider.

A good example of this is the book list number, which is not specific


At present


Basically has tended to saturation, and then compared to the YouTube and other platforms, it is much more difficult to do, the content can also be sent on the whole platform, and finally the flow is concentrated.

Short video book list number, in fact, the principle is very

Simple, is to guide users to place orders to buy books through video to earn commission, the following is a typical book list number operation, the truth is relatively simple, a look will understand.

Here we want to understand a problem, short video book list number does not need us to stock, as long as you have the flow, as long as the business can sell books

If you go out, you can earn commission, which is similar to the recommendation of Quora good things. One of my buddies on Quora specializes in PC hardware. There are some links of some merchants’ products he recommends under some technical stickers, such as graphics cards and motherboards.

And the commission of the book list number is generally better than

Larger, suitable for taking goods, bubble net to earn I have talked about in the article before, don’t be afraid of your things can’t sell out, as long as your flow source is large enough, is a brick can also sell out.

So when you’re working with short video book list numbers, you don’t really care about the category or the content of the book, you just make it

An accompanying content video will do.

The scope of the book list must be set in the health and positive energy, such as workplace, chicken soup, sales, eloquence, literature, education and other fields are very good, only need to choose a few of them, it does not have a clear boundary, but there will be a large range.

Present in general

On the platform to play the book list number method is still more, as for the effect, this thing is different, the same video content, in different accounts may show will not be the same, bubble net earn I recommend to you several commonly used book list number content production techniques, you can refer to


Celebrity Philosophy Stories

This is what we can often see, first of all by a story began to explain, talk about some celebrities, the way of life, for the official way, from a story leads to a philosophy, usually followed by a sentence “XXX this book is particularly detailed for this” and so on similar copywriting

Introduce the purpose of bringing goods.

Classic drama quotes

This is relatively simple, basically editing some film and TV drama clips, and then make some subtitles or post-dubbing. Most of the dubbing content is related to the corresponding books, for example, some workplace film and television stories can be edited with the text of “Wolf”

Case and so on.

Hand drawn animation sand painting class

This kind is a little threshold, but the form of expression is exaggerated, the user’s eyes and emotions can be mobilized, with the music, you want to promote the content can be painted in the form of the show, everything is according to the customized route, a little like the feeling of monotone video, but

Better presentation.

Live action on camera

This requires a real person to appear on the screen, and he or she is actually holding the book to be introduced. This requires a specific place for his or her shooting and then editing. The effect will of course be better, which is equivalent to face-to-face recommendation, and the transformation will be higher.


The above directions for content production will solve more than 80% of your problems with presentation. The rest is execution.

To create a direct account with goods such as book list number is the vertical field under the short video dividend. No matter which field you plan to operate, you should work deeply. At the same time, you can refer to one

Some peers of quality copy, even imitation again original.

A lot of people tell me that no matter what I do, the number of plays on the platform is very low. After a few days, I have no motivation to continue. I want to tell you that no matter what time, perseverance is the first quality, and ability can only come second.

This simple brainless small project, novice practical operation daily profit of 100


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