Assist Meituan business delete bad reviews project, novice brainless money


Bad reviews are an unavoidable problem for all online merchants and Meituan merchants, as well as a relative headache. For Meituan merchants, it is impossible to check the bad reviews received in time, which is the hidden pain in the heart of every merchant. Customers do not know that they will send a bad review to the merchant

What kind of an impact

All right, no more explanation. This is a simple project. Why don’t we start with what we need for the project

1. Things to prepare:

1. A computer

2. A cell phone

3. The cost of a piece of software (you can find this yourself)

2. Project principle and method

Meituan Takeout’s system, only

If the order is finished, the merchant will not see the information of the customer. The merchant can deal with or delete the bad comment within 48 hours, but the merchant cannot see the bad comment given by anyone, and the bad comment data can only be seen after the next day’s update, and the merchant will be very headache if the bad comment occurs during this period. So this project was born


1. Find out real-time bad review data through software first (or find good customers first, I prefer to find good customers first).

2. Contact the business to show the purpose, and explain the charge of a few points, and mutual wechat!

3. If the merchant only needs to help with the search, the search information (of course, only the next person

Mobile phone number and name) provided to the business, the business how to do that is the business

4. Assist merchants to deal with bad reviews, processing a charge of dozens


The specific price will be determined according to the local situation. I will use the software to find the mobile phone number of XYZ who has given a bad review and take the initiative to contact the customer. There are two ways to deal with it:


Take the initiative to contact the other party, apologize (be sure to sincere attitude), and explain that it is a return visit. Then I asked what made the customer dissatisfied and gave us a bad review, and explained the impact of the bad review on us. Then I hope the customer can modify it for us and give us some compensation (the following order is placed

Deliver drinks or something.)

Finally, thank the customer regardless of the outcome, okay

b. What if the customer is not willing to delete, and the experience is very poor? The price you negotiated with the merchant is 80. You actively added the customer’s wechat account to refund the amount of the customer’s order in Meituan to the customer

Under normal circumstances will go to delete bad comments (for bubble net earn I gave the business a bad comment, the other side gave me a free order I also deleted.)

5. After processing, ask whether the merchant has the intention of monthly payment

3. Cash method:

1. Help check (help merchants check bad reviews and charge for each item)

2. Help merchants deal with bad reviews

Picture is a friend

Friends circle dug over, just want to let everyone more clearly see the profit

3. Monthly payment (a combination of the previous two liquidation methods or a single combination of sales)

4. Selling software directly (I found a few people on the fly and asked for a price)

It’s not the market price or anything like that. mo

Take it at face value

Finally, two things that have been said but never mentioned

1. Where does the software come from?

There are many ways to do this. A treasure and other e-commerce search.

2. Where are the businesses from?

Manually switch the location address, and then find the cities of Meituan business, the premise is to contact the business before their own wechat package

Install, the first contact I suggest to provide one to three free inquiry service, after all, the sense of trust is needed to establish, and this free one to three inquiry is to do the service of mutual trust!

Assist Meituan business delete bad reviews project, novice brainless money


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