Monetizing League of Legends mobile games, the money opportunities you see but don’t care about


League of Legends can be said to be the most popular moba game in China at present, while mobile games have been something that many heavy League of Legends players have been looking forward to for a long time, basically since the release of King of Glory has begun to look forward to.

In the overseas server, the League of Legends mobile game once opened the service, immediately caused a sensation, Japanese service 8

0% of the players are from China and the servers are full. There is even a joke about the fact that there are 200 million game accounts in Japan with 100 million people.

This hot spot can be seen to be very high, and a profitable thing. And this is also a money making use of the information gap to the extreme

The way.

What was the first thing we learned about the daily service for players? Of course, it is the download address and account registration method of Japanese server apk. Is such a thing, in fact, many people do not know when opening the service.

What if I can’t find the installation package? The first time is Google ah

Google does not come out how to do? Find Amazon, find B station, find Quora, always can find the person who provides information.

The people who provide the information may know about these resources and methods two hours before you do, and then they use them to funnel and make money.

How do they make money and how do they make money

Make money, after knowing this hot spot is how to operate.

The first way is naturally to sell the account, we can check on Amazon, we can see that the above is 3 dollars has been sold 20,000 orders, this is because the heat down, many people know how to register the price to reduce.

In the earliest times

Is more than ten dollars, tens of dollars each, and League of Legends mobile games for them is just one of so many hot in a year.

The second is to rub the flow, I believe that a lot of friends played LOL mobile games should be to Google and B station to understand these things, registration process and installation

Bags and so on bubble net earn. Then should have seen someone drainage to the public number inside.

Are these things difficult? Is it difficult to make? In fact, it is very simple, as long as you walk through once, then you can immediately record the video, and then put the installation package in the public number inside, you can take what you want.

In your gong

After many fans, then you can have a variety of ways to monetize, you can sell the game tutorial, you can update the game information to earn advertising fees, the worst can also sell the account to the bubble net to earn money. And all you have to do is record and upload a video and go to Google to answer this question,

It’s as simple as that.

If you have a friend to search the LOL mobile game public number, you will find that these public number has been registered several years ago, with the League of Legends mobile game name public number, do not know is still looking forward to the arrival of the game, know a year ago has begun to layout waiting for a year later to make money

Here’s your chance.

The third is the small program

Small program has always been a good flow entrance of wechat, so it can do more services, at the beginning with wechat account registration to drainage, follow-up can be based on advertising and do peripheral goods cash, of course, can also pick up to play with what.

If you can’t do anything

What small program, check the Internet, check after Amazon, hundreds of dollars can give you a dragon service whole down.

And finally:

Every year there are a lot of hot spots, any hot spot has his way of making money, want to find the way is actually very simple, you do not understand the things, someone can provide you, then provide you that

People are making money off this hot spot, you just follow him.

Monetizing League of Legends mobile games, the money opportunities you see but don’t care about


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