Two kinds of bulk handling money items, without any cost


Since the


Video handling fire up, the surrounding money project is followed by a rising tide, like small programs, game promotion is a very good way to cash in, there are a lot of people earn pot full bowl full.

But recently many people are optimistic about another platform, is the YouTube, with the promotion of wechat YouTube, slowly big

Home will find the YouTube traffic has been very large, plus the community chat program, YouTube will have a good show in the future.

But most people do not like to play short videos, this is a threshold, after all, our people for many years is the habit of introverted, do not like to make public expression of themselves, this is also

It doesn’t matter. We can choose a euphemistic way to monetize the YouTube.

Want to do a good job in this platform is not difficult, the key is to choose a can have good liquidity classification, this and


. Kuaishou those are the same, the channel of cash is nothing more than to bring goods, advertising, promotion of these several categories.


Some play disc selling U disk is a typical with goods to cash out, as well as knowledge bloggers to share, later do community and personal IP cash out, these are very common cash channels.

So we do short video handling, this is to have a certain dependence on the product, in the case of cameras, only by handling video

You can also make a quick buck.

Only the videos in the field of vertical belt goods are more suitable for us. I would like to introduce two channels that are easier to cash out for your reference.

Health care products

This is a profiteering product. With the improvement of our living standards, people pay more and more attention to the problem of sub-health

And out is a variety of health tea, Qudampness tea, there is no effect do not know, but sales are very hot.

Of course, we don’t need to purchase these products by ourselves, but we can earn commission by helping to promote them. For such products, we need matrix account to operate, because it is impossible for each of us to have all kinds of diseases

One or more of these.

For example, snoring during sleep, armpit body odor, stomach bloating, dizziness, tinnitus, fire toothache and so on. In the video, we can make a special kind of video, for example, this video will make a fire video, that video will make a dampness removing problem, and then take out a video about insomnia and dreams.

So all the health

Class matrix account will all refer to a problem, that is, health problems, about these health problems, our health tea can help to improve, here is not wrong, after all, the effect of health tea is really some bubble net to earn, and many times we appear uncomfortable and moisture, fire and so on

There is a great relationship, health tea can choose some regular business cooperation to promote.

Promotion of fiction

This is more interesting, open this kind of video is generally to give you subversion of the story of three views, what “rural male was second sister and two brother-in-law look down on, Lao Yue also does not like, suddenly called to say a word, the whole family scared

Lie “, “what special forces veterans ready to go home, suddenly learned that his wife and daughter in trouble, a command, thirty thousand special forces overnight south” and so on similar dog story.

But it is such a story, there are a lot of people like to watch, after all, now the social life pressure is still very big, the pace is fast, before we rely on

The catharsis of playing games can now only be satisfied by reading novels.

Therefore, this kind of money-making novel promotion project with big plot reversal is very marketable, after all, only when there is a demand can there be a market, and this kind of novel promotion is relatively convenient, for example, we can directly hang at the bottom of the video.

The last two years have been short band

Goods items are very many, such as book list number, wallpaper number, U disk number, but also because the current YouTube environment is better, there is a large number of demand for content.

In fact, the above I share out the two kinds of gameplay are relatively simple, YouTube hanging below the share link can make this process run, short video

We still focus on handling.

Material handling and release

General handling video, how much to modify the video, here we use the Apple shortcut instruction for example, download the shortcut to the phone, and then use the small program search open bubble net to earn, you can go to the watermark, directly modify MD5.

Nothing else

What should be paid attention to, the video is organized, ready to release, must be in the title of the video keywords, such as health, healthy diet and so on, generally we are directly hanging the link of the public number, if there is no public number, can be matched with a small program, hang the extension link.

On commission

We can search for some high-commission products on the platform, including Jingdong Pinduoduo. There are a lot of health care tea products in it for us to promote. If we click on the promotion behind the products, a link will be generated, and then we can directly hang on the above to start the operation.

Two kinds of bulk handling money items, without any cost


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