Share an information arbitrage project – second-hand book arbitrage, someone has already entered more than ten thousand a month!


I have shared a lot of information arbitrage with you before, such as Amazon virtual goods, card coupon recycling, snatch Moutai and so on, the essence is information arbitrage. Today, I will share with you an information arbitrage project —

Used book arbitrage.

We can not underestimate this project, some practical partners, has been real

Now there are as few as thousands


More than ten thousand


That’s a month’s income. Fasten your seat belts and go!!

I. Underlying logic of the project:

1. Requirements:

Second-hand books are a minority demand, but due to the large number of Chinese people, this market is not to be underestimated. There are a lot of used book trading websites and used book streams

Through the channels.

2. Solution:

Find a second-hand bookseller with a reliable low price, collect the second-hand books at a low price, and then resell them to users through circulation channels.

3. Revenue Composition:

Profit = selling price – Buying price

Ii. Specific implementation

1. Source of goods:

Confucius Old Books Website:

The largest second-hand book trading website in China, not Confucius

Old book network is the best. There are a lot of booksellers above, you can find all kinds of out-of-print books on the website, hardcover books, new second-hand books, there are enough categories, everything, the price is very low, a few cents can buy a book. But the above pirated books are also very much mixed. So you need some discernment

That will do.


Pinduoduo is a channel for many merchants to dispose of their products at a low price. The price is naturally very low, and there will be a lot of brand new books. But because it is dealing with books, so it is also mixed up, a lot of pirated books.

Second-hand booksellers:

Through Confucius old book network, Pin-duo, Q group and other places, you can contact

To a lot of second-hand booksellers, slowly trading, you can identify some reliable booksellers. We can communicate well with them, and when they receive new goods, they can give priority to us for selection. This has several advantages, one is the quality of the books will be more guaranteed, two is the best-selling books will be easier to get, three is the price will be easier than ordinary purchase

A little better. (Buying in bulk naturally has advantages over buying piecemeal.)

2. Platform recovery:

Platform recycling refers to:

When we receive the books from the source, we submit them directly to the platform, which reviews them and pays us. (General postage is borne by the platform)


Turn around is relatively early to do second-hand book recycling platform

There is no web terminal, only mobile phone terminal. But one of the great things about the tour is that it gives us a guide to what books are going to be popular and what books aren’t going to sell so well. All kinds of books, roughly where the price is. Around the audit is not so strict, but the corresponding, can sell the price

It’s not that tall, but it’s big. Newbie first!!

Catch more fish:

Multi – catch fish is Tencent investment platform, estimated to be used against Ali Second hand goods trading platform. This platform audit is more strict, not so complete categories, but the price of recycling will be higher than the cycle. Possibly positioning is the difference between Amazon and Jingdong.

The Roaming whale:

This platform is mainly on the small program login platform, this platform is relatively special, their recovery is in accordance with the cash + book fee (equivalent to points) to settle, the book fee can be used to deduct the purchase of books. For example, if you sell a batch of books, the receivable is 100 dollars, but the platform may cash it at 50 dollars

Gold +50 book fee to settle with you. Many people do this platform, will deal with some bad books to them, and then through the book fee, buy some better books from the above, and then pour to other platforms to earn the difference.

3. Platform Transactions:

Platform trading means:

The books we receive from the source, pass through the platform, and hang on it

Out of the commodity, there is a user demand, through the platform for trading.

Free fish:

In recent years, Xianyu developed very well under the promotion of Alibaba. I also shared many projects related to Xianyu before, such as Xianyu Blue Sea, Xianyu drainage and so on. Used book play, in fact, the application of Second hand goods trading platform is the same, hanging business

Product, sales. The specific Second hand goods trading platform routine, you can go to the bubble net earn I share before Second hand goods trading platform blue sea, Second hand goods trading platform drainage project. Some people may also play before the bubble net earn I share the second type of e-commerce play, send books for free, earn Courier fees. This we go to see my previous article, a lot of gameplay can be passed



Like Second hand goods trading platform, it can also be sold to C users directly through the platform. The gameplay is similar to that of Second hand goods trading platform.

Old Book Street:

Books can be sold on the used Book street, but the volume of the platform will be relatively modest (depending on the size of the platform).

Old book of Confucius, Lanhai:

I shared Amazon blue sea, leisure fish blue

Sea, public number Blue Sea and other projects, that will naturally exist Confucius old book network Blue Sea project. There are not many people playing this piece now. Interested partners can try it. After all, the volume of Confucius’s old book network is placed there.

4. Set up an offline stall:

Sold by the kilo:

In many places, you can see books sold by the catty stalls

Many people think it is very cheap to sell their books by jin, but in fact, their books are a few cents a price, how to sell it is not a loss.

Sell by the book:

You can drive a small car, go to the university town, the pedestrian street and other places to sell, a few dollars a book to sell, also a lot of people buy.

5. Precautions:

Platform recovery:

If the book

There is no problem with the appearance of the book, and it is a legitimate book, basically the platform is 100 percent recycling, so it is a relatively simple way.

Platform Transaction:

When trading on the platform, there can be many routines, such as the above shared free book delivery fee, is a routine, can also be 1


Sell books, make delivery fees

This is also a routine. You need to figure out what works, or follow up with your competitors.

Trading without supply:

We can directly sell books without supplies, take the book photos and other information from the bookseller, batch release on the trading platform, when there is a user order, and then let the bookseller on behalf of delivery

That’s it. This mode is still relatively light.
Postage when receiving books: Postage is also a big problem because of the weight of books. Although a book may cost only a few cents, the postage may cost a few dollars. So the postage is the top priority, you can communicate with the bookstore, buy

You can reduce the cost of postage or even free shipping. It’s best if you can find free shipping. When choosing books, you need to shop around, make A clear calculation, how much do you need to spend in store A and store B to buy these books, and choose the lowest cost merchants (on the premise that they are relatively reliable).

Quality problem:

Try to buy

Quality more than 8 percent of the books, if the quality is not good, not good to sell. Better communicate with the store, if the product is not satisfied, you can return it at any time.

The piracy problem:

Second-hand book market, pirated books must be rampant, so the need for more comparison observation, there is a certain vision. For example, pirated books are usually heavy

Shadow, blur, thin paper, typo, typesetting problems, etc. In addition, you can also compare the ISBN code. After the ISBN code is input to the platform, the platform will feedback the appearance of the book. If the appearance is different, it must be pirated. But ancient and foreign books do not have ISBN codes, so

So a little bit of caution is in order.

Iii. Project Evaluation

1. Suitable for people:

This project is relatively suitable for novice operation, the threshold is very low. A few more operations, can have a certain amount of experience.

2. Cost:

The cost of this project is still some, but it is not high, hundreds of thousands of dollars can basically play.

3. Risk and Control:

The main risk of this project is to buy pirated books and books with bad quality. We can select some reliable bookstores or booksellers for long-term cooperation, let them control this area, and make it clear that if the quality is bad or pirated, we will return it to them at any time (they also

Some books will be recycled, but the price is very low, if there is a problem with your book, you can also sell it to them at a low price, so as to get some copies back)

4. Revenue:

The benefit of this project is actually very OK, a number of friends, a good operation of a month, basically can enter thousands of a month, is a relatively safe small sideline.


Extension of project

Used book Wechat business:

When you have some users, you can sell these used books in the circle of friends, store the users in wechat, when you have tens of thousands or even more fans, you can establish your own public account, small program and other channels for all-round sales.

Used book recycler:

In addition to selling books, you can sell them at a low price

People recycle books. A lot of people buy a book on the spur of the moment or after they’ve read it, they want to resell it. It can be recycled cheaply and resold again. This is similar to what many bookstores do today.

Book Opening Camp:

When you have a group of private domain users, you can organize a bootcamp to learn together and pass

Open books to gather popularity, through the training camp fees, selling books, recycling books and other ways to make profits.

Iv. Conclusion:

The most important thing in this project is to identify the authenticity and appearance of books. Only by obtaining books at lower prices can they sell faster and make higher profits. In the early stage, you can consider directly receiving books and selling them to the platform

Then slowly sell it to other C users. This project is actually very good, although the unit price is not high, but the profit margin is still several hundred percent. It’s a small business you can trust.

The above items are shared for reference only, the project is changing, the idea remains the same

Share an information arbitrage project – second-hand book arbitrage, someone has already entered more than ten thousand a month!

Share an information arbitrage project – second-hand book arbitrage, someone has already entered more than ten thousand a month!


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