Through Wu Yifan beauty bamboo event, found that the monthly entry of 30,000 just need project!


Share articles every day. Where can you write such articles?

Before I wrote an article, I wondered where there was so much material for me to write.

Most of them copy their peers, learn from them, and have an idea at any time.

There is the use of hot write, traffic?

Let’s see: the hot spot is 100,000 +

Like the latest melon

, “Wu Yifan are beautiful bamboo” this hot spot is a little big!

Can play a little bit, right?! Someone gave us a chance to write!

What are you talking about?

There are many laws about success. The famous ones are the Law of Lotus, the law of bamboo and the Law of Golden Cicada.

Whether it’s the law of lotus, the law of bamboo, or the law of Golden Cicada, they all

Have a common meaning:

Success, need to accumulate, to endure suffering, to endure loneliness, insist, insist, and then insist, until the final success of the moment.

Let’s introduce what the lotus law is:

A pond of lotus, every day will be twice the number of the previous day in the opening.

If we go to 30

One day, the lotus blossoms all over the pond.

Excuse me: In which day the pond in the lotus blossom half?

Day 15? Wrong! It’s day 29.

This is the lotus law.

The first day only a fraction of them open, the next day they open twice as fast as the day before.

By the 29th day the lotus was only half full,

They don’t fill up the other half until the last day.

In other words: the last day was the fastest, equal to the previous 29 days combined.

This is the famous lotus law.

There is a profound truth that success requires accumulation and accumulation of precipitation.

This law was first heard Ma Yun a public speech, and through

Live this law to think of life, you will happen, many people’s life is like the lotus in the pond, at the beginning of hard to open, to open……

But gradually, people start to get bored and even bored, and you may give up on the 9th, 19th or even 29th day.

At this time, at this time

Abandon, often only one step away from success.

Most of the time, even most of the time, people can achieve success, the key is perseverance.

It is said that people can encounter about seven opportunities in their life, which are life-changing opportunities, and such opportunities are usually only met with the day-to-day investment and persistence in the early stage

To an opportunity like this.

Therefore, if you have a dream, you must first move, and then unswervingly carry it out.

Let’s talk about the latest hot melon.


These two days “gun king” Kris Wu work too hot.

Whether it is Weibo or Quora, it is still


, the public number.

The air, the sea and the land are commenting on this actor, and

There were a lot of memes.

The funniest of them all:

“My needle is very big. Bear with me.”

And the informant also gave Mr. W a new name “Wu Zhu”.

That’s killing you and killing you. Ha ha

The Internet is full of information about this

I have nothing to say except that it’s none of my business, okay

I heard about this

In a twist, I’m not going to tell you anything here.

Let’s use this to analyze what’s relevant to us

Look lively, pick up some traffic!

Through this event, for eating melon masses can only look lively. For people who are good at analyzing and looking for opportunities, they might find something, let’s just say!

What can you find out

The question? Except for the fact that most people like to ride traffic?

What else is there to think about analytically?

What did his incident reveal about the needed item?

Let’s continue our analysis.


People are afraid of famous pigs are afraid of strong, men are afraid to say not.

For men, unsightly in behavior, greasy in appearance, coarse in speech

These things can be adjusted with a little effort.

But the girls who have been in contact with him say that his penis is like a “toothpick”, and that someone has poked the physical “handle”, that feeling is really hurt ego, face to nothing.

It is said that behind the successful man, there is often an unknown

The woman who stood by him. That a failure behind the man, is not often there is a clearly smell of the disturbance of the woman?

In fact, this kind of problem has always been the emphasis of men.

Google search keywords, the average daily index is more than 5000+.

As usual we do data monitoring, more than 1000+ counts

Is high heat, this 5000 must be considered as a super hot, so the hidden items in the meantime can be imagined naturally.

Do a project, but whatever is needed, the profit will not be low.

Like this kind of just need to compare profiteering, normal is not to talk about!

What can you find out? Maybe someone’s doing it


Earn by a man

Hundreds of thousands.

We call him “Ah Chou”, knowing that he is in the previous year.

Thinking of a side business, he suggested that he start with his own resources to discover projects.

I had a girlfriend at that time, and I really minded in that respect.

So I quietly found some training methods. After persisting for a period of time, I found that the effect was good.

There has been a remarkable improvement in all aspects of the body.

Simply put his experience to write an article to share out, soon the post on fire.

Then let him quickly register the public number to accept the bubble net to earn traffic, relying on that content, brought him at least 8K accurate fans.

When a process runs through, after

Edge’s job is much simpler.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Post daily and write about men.

Regular update of the public number, write members through the dispatch of cases.

Develop related paid courses and create 1 on 1 deep service training camp.

Although it only needs 8,000 + followers, the number of views on the public account often exceeds 10,000



Because of the high set rate.

This kind of valuable paste, can always be quietly stored, shared.

With more value shared, more customer response and more people signing up.

Now he’s resigned to focus on the project.

He said $3 a month is guaranteed.

I don’t think so.

In fact, a lot of industries

There are examples of this

It’s just that other people give more than you can imagine

Or deep ploughing makes fine work

Then what are you doing?

Earning men’s money, women’s money, children’s money, old people’s money, pets

You can only do one, do too many will eventually capsize!


Rumor has it, Mr. W is having a hard time. He’s on his meds.

What medicine did you take?

Don’t think about it, Ken

It must be “power pill”.

Open an e-commerce channel, search search see.

Price 100+, monthly sales of 100,000 orders.

Good guy.

Then go to 1688 to find factory resources.

The average price is another 5-30


Profits are multiplied several times.

Really good guy.

And basically all the stores support OEM labeling.

How exactly should I do that

Trust that many people already have an idea.


Peers are the best teachers.

Let’s say you find a profession, profitable.

How to perform the landing, good running process?

The simplest way is to copy your peers.

On the question of “needle”, search the key words of “needle” in various channels.

Find the channel to do it

The best, update the most frequent several peers, duplicate.

What he writes, you write.

What he cashes in, you cashed in.

For a project like this, the bar is not high.

No skills, no resources, no connections.

As long as you insist on sharing, protect the user privacy, it is not difficult to order.

Don’t believe me?

You go to Quora

Look at the amount of attention given to these kinds of topics.

A topic that 16 people attach importance to can reach 60,000 readers.

Whether this is a good problem set, is still a humanitarian need.

Speaking of which,

I can’t help but want to pick up the web disk that a few books “treasure” to try.


I don’t know if you had a bad day!

Through Wu Yifan beauty bamboo event, found that the monthly entry of 30,000 just need project!

Through Wu Yifan beauty bamboo event, found that the monthly entry of 30,000 just need project!


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