And we talk about a long-term and compound interest to make money – commemorative coins new


I have shared new projects of Hong Kong stocks, and many fans have sent private letters saying that there are also new projects of US stocks and commemorative coins. Today, I’m going to talk to you about one of the subdivided side businesses that make money on the side

Commemorative coins are made new

. This project is a very long-term, and compound interest project, and while

Wool, scalpers pour goods gameplay extremely close to a new project, now entering this market is quite OK. Interested friends reference reference!

I. Underlying logic of the project:

1. Requirements:

A commemorative coin is a commemorative currency issued by a state. It has a specific theme and is issued in limited quantity


. They are usually ordinary commemorative coins

And precious metal commemorative coins. Commemorative coins in circulation have legal face value and are national legal tender.
Therefore, commemorative coins have strong collectibility, but different from paper money, they are easy to save, easier for ordinary people to collect than paper money and stamps, and because of their own existence of gold and silver attribute value, they are very rare

A good investment to make money.
From this, a series of industrial chains are extended. Some people specialize in robbing coins, some specialize in trading coins, and some specialize in collecting commemorative coins.
Because of a limited number lottery (similar to a car lottery), some people who don’t have commemorative coins,

Will think of buying commemorative coins to collect (many belong to the hobby, but also many are waiting for appreciation).

2. Solution:

The role of our project is mainly in coin grabbing and trading. The principle is to buy low and sell high, for the purpose of profit, information arbitrage project, to become a coin snatcher and a coin trading middleman.

The logic of the project is: lottery — win — sell, and: buy from the last one — sell to the next one.

3. Revenue Composition:

Profit the difference (the premium from the time a coin is sold to the time it is sold, and the difference between buying and selling the coin from the user)

Ii. Specific implementation

1. Account Opening:

Generally obtained

There are three ways for precious metal commemorative coins. One is to get information from the gold coin network, then go to the gold coin cloud website to draw lots, and then go to the major banks to draw lots regionally. The second is for banks to draw lots directly to their wealth-management customers (some of whom are relationship customers). The third is to act as an agent directly

Dealers, find a bank agent to distribute commemorative coins. But the average person to obtain precious metal commemorative coins, basically from the first two kinds of access, the third kind has a large threshold.
To open an account here, you need to register with websites like gold coin network and gold coin cloud merchants, so that when it is available for subscription,

You don’t have to re-register.

2. Subscription:

Subscribe through three channels: official website of Gold coin Cloud Business — public account of gold coin Cloud business — APP of major banks
Generally, you can find the publicity page of this issue of commemorative coins in the APP of major banks or the public account of gold coin cloud merchants. After clicking on it,

Generally it is an information registration page, fill in a variety of information after submission can be.
In order to improve their probability of winning the contract (this and Hong Kong stocks to play new, grab Maotai), there are two methods of operation: one is to prepare a batch of accounts and information to subscribe. One is to find friends and

Part-time jobs or the fleece party subscribe, and when they win the contract, they will guarantee the recovery at a certain price (this is the same as the fleece party snatching the mobile phone, the guarantee recovery, to attract them to pull the wool to make money, and the scalpers will earn the difference).
Some better commemorative coins, the threshold will be relatively high, such as the banks

What level of customer will be required. If you don’t have that level, you’re just staring. Therefore, this is the same as the airline and hotel rights to play credit cards, which need to have basic conditions, that is, a relatively OK account of each platform (credit card is a certain type of credit card of each bank).

3. Sell:

In rob

Among the commemorative coins, quite a few people are not for long-term collection and holding, most of them are thinking of buying low and selling high to make a small fortune. So in this project, the most important thing is how to sell.
Generally selling commemorative coins, there are several channels below the line: NewYork is gold


The collection trading center,

Los Angeles is the Yunzhou collectibles market, the background is the Washington Madian stamp and currency card market. But these offline channels should be very careful, the water is very deep!
If you happen to be not near these offline channels and want to buy and sell online, the general e-commerce channels are not for ordinary people to trade, there is a high threshold

. Therefore, if ordinary people want to buy and sell commemorative coins freely, they will generally go to online second-hand goods trading markets, such as Second hand goods trading platform and sightseeing places.
In the postal coin circle, there is a special online transaction channel, such as, Youbao APP and so on. Of course, if you have any commemorative coin enthusiasts in your circle of friends

It is also quite OK to sell in the circle of friends. Trading based on acquaintances is also relatively safe.

4, about the middleman operation:

To buy:

In fact, the purchase of commemorative coins is relatively simple, which is similar to the purchase mentioned above. And the principle of organizing the wool party to pull the mobile phones and the maotou is the same, namely, bubbling net

To sell:

It is still prudent to sell commemorative coins. Generally speaking, if you specialize in this line, do not sell them freely outside.

Because it’s easy to meet scammers, and the water is very deep. General long-term do this line of people, will have their own stable channels to receive goods. For example, you are familiar with a certain offline consignee. When a commemorative coin comes out, you ask the consignee how much it costs. For example, if it is 100 dollars per coin, then you organize a group of people to grab it, and the price is 9 dollars

0 or 95 a coin to collect, after the collection can be sold to the merchant. Make the difference in the middle. The principle is the same as that of Moutai and mobile phones.

5. Precautions:

Private domain traffic:

Whether you rob coins to sell coins, or you collect coins to sell coins, it is best to build your own private domain flow, only this private domain

Traffic is the most valuable to you. If your circle of friends has thousands or even tens of thousands of precision coin enthusiasts. Then you can organize them to collect the coins while collecting the wool, or you can sell the commemorative coins to them. In this way, you can buy and sell the most ideal small circle that you realize in wechat. This is more than you opening a Amazon store

The value is much higher.

How to tell which commemorative coins make money:

Generally speaking, our purpose is to make money, so we choose commemorative coins with a high premium. How to determine which commemorative coin will command a higher premium? For example, this year’s issue of the Year of the Ox commemorative coin, due to the special theme, publicity and done quite well, so

There will be no fewer people willing to collect, and naturally there will be more people. If more people want it, the price will go up. For example, the commemorative coins for Resisting the United States and aiding North Korea and the 600th anniversary of the Forbidden City are all very collectible commemorative coins with a high premium at first sight.

About online Trading:

The collectibles market has always been very deep

Generally speaking, many people will choose to communicate in the circle’s forums and moments, and then trade through Xianyu (lack of a guaranteed trading platform with sufficient credibility like Amazon). But when trading online, pay attention to the platform trading price as far as possible, do not believe those high prices online, no

Someone is a fool, high price nine times out of ten is a liar!

Making Money and Collecting:

If it is for the hobby of collecting commemorative coins, it is recommended not to care too much about the rise and fall of the market price. But if you do this project in order to make money, it is recommended not to hold the commemorative coins in your hands for a long time, because there is a great risk of ups and downs. We all are

Drawing money, looking at the difference, fast buy and fast sell is the right way, stay in the hand is the risk!

About rating coins:

There is a kind of commemorative coin, which is a “rating coin” after the professional authority institution carries out the fidelity identification and scores the quality of the commemorative coin. This kind of commemorative coin needs to find a professional institution for additional collection

Fee, so the cost of buying rating coins will be relatively high, but for beginners, to buy rating coins will be more reliable, not easy to appear goods are not on the board (fake goods and the like).

About the price:

Buy and sell, are linked with the price of the line at that time, there are many online forums, apps, QQ groups will hang on the day

The reference price of each commemorative coin. As well as in the circle of friends of various merchants and scalpers, there will be the receipt price of the commemorative coin of this period. Basically, the price of several aspects can be integrated to determine the price of this commemorative coin at that time. Buy low, sell high, sell fast, that’s the way to go.

Now whether commemorative coins can still enter:

Now it’s

In peacetime, the country tries its best to cultivate national confidence and publicize traditional culture. Commemorative coins are very much in line with this concept. Therefore, the country is the strongest information in the field of commemorative coin collection and has the trust and endorsement of the country. Nowadays it is still a good time. It is possible to combine pulling the Maotai and mobile phones together and operate them together.

3. Items

Item Evaluation:

1. Suitable for people:

This project is more suitable for the wool party and scalpers to participate in, belongs to the same gameplay of the project.

2. Cost:

This project still needs some funds. The cost of buying coins depends on which coins you buy. There are hundreds to tens of thousands of commemorative coins.

3. Risk and Control:

This project

There are two risks: one is that this coin may have the problem of authenticity, the other is that this coin has the problem of rise and fall, so on how to identify gold coins, and master the gold coin market, are required lessons. For players who are familiar with commemorative coin collection, the problem is generally not large, and the threshold is not very high.

4. Revenue:

The project or

Relatively good, there are two ways to make money, one is by the premium of commemorative coins, for example, a set of commemorative coins, you buy is 1000


And then the market price is 1500


So the premium is 500


. The other is the difference between a scalper’s purchase and sale. For example, you receive a set of commemorative coins of 1000


You stand

Engraved with 1100


Sell it, and you make $100 in the middle.
If you buy and sell commemorative coins, you get 100 for a set of commemorative coins


If there are 10,000 commemorative coin lovers in your circle of friends, 10% of the conversion will result in 1000 orders collected from your circle of friends a year, and the profit will be 10

Ten thousand. There’s a premium in the middle, not to mention your own grab. So this project is done, a year to earn hundreds of thousands of people, or quite a lot.

5. Project extension

Collecting the wool:

Pulling up the mobile phone, pulling up the Maotai and pulling up the gift cards are all very direct projects of the same type of gameplay.


Pour mobile phones, pour Maotai, pour gifts

Card, similar user groups, similar project logic, very easy to operate.

Selling fans:

However, all those who buy commemorative coins for collection have a certain amount of spare money, and they belong to the part of investment and wealth management. Many banks, wealth management companies, financial companies and insurance companies are very fond of them. You know.

Selling collectibles:

Commemorative coins are a kind of collection

Products, as well as a variety of literary games, antiques. Sometimes, a player not only likes to collect a commemorative coin, but also may like to play a string of hands, play Jian Jian, etc., which are highly matched by the user group.

Iv. Conclusion:

This project is also a very good subdivision, and it overlaps with the woolen project. For those of you who are interested, but

With reference to mutual play together, maybe one day can also make a profit? If you operate this project, it is recommended to accumulate private domain traffic, which is very, very valuable!
People can’t make money outside of their own knowledge, more information about other projects, it is also good for yourself. wan

And the next day?

The above items are shared for reference only, the project is changing, the idea remains the same

And we talk about a long-term and compound interest to make money – commemorative coins new

And we talk about a long-term and compound interest to make money – commemorative coins new


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