Net earn project: an trading platform drainage, wechat transaction of absolute profiteering project!


Last year, there were a lot of training advertisements on the market. Many friends took part in some training, including myself. Because I was doing the shop group project, did these training have any effect? All they actually teach you is how to open an account. Why

The basic issue of launching a product, in my opinion, is not providing anything dry.

Low to buy high to sell this simple method for serious business do not understand the operation do not understand seo novice basic has been very difficult, did not find hard to choose a bunch of their own feel very good product release up, bitter wait half a month without a few flow


But there’s one thing about this kind of training

A novice

For, is not completely worthless, at least open the Internet to make money idea. The greatest value of training is to broaden your mind and earn money online. After I attended this training, I also began to be interested in Second hand goods trading platform. During that time, I just dug up two side door products

Product, selected one of the operations, two months to get a hundred thousand, of course, now there is no effect. These two products, one is Second hand goods trading platform directly transact, one is drainage to wechat to transact. At that time, we chose to deal with the products of Xianyu directly, because we were still operating the store group, without much

More time to maintain wechat circle of friends, so choose a relatively simple, direct Second hand goods trading platform transaction. Today, I will share it with you directly to the wechat transaction of this profiteering product!

We can now go to Xianyu and search for “dog adoption” and you will find many kind people giving away dogs for free

Dogs, huskies, Labradors, Alaskans, do you think it’s strange to see that these dogs worth hundreds of thousands of dollars are really given away for free? Of course not. It’s a routine.

Let’s check it out. The details page is very real. Here’s another way to participate: Like, favorite, comment I want

, and then consult, see below every hour or two people comment, enough to explain how much the traffic bubble net earn. After the operation, to consult, the seller should let you add wechat. That’s when the fish almost bite.

Add the seller wechat after we see his circle of friends are all kinds of dogs and cats

Cat videos, photos, and price tags. At this time we ask him whether it is free, he will definitely tell you, sorry that the delivery has been finished, now only for sale. See how this all works out? It’s just draining precision powder, pet-loving precision powder.

So how do we do this project? It’s very simple

Get an Second hand goods trading platform account, copy the copy of the peer, pictures, release can be, this product on the flow, plus details page guide like forwarding comments, traffic will rise quickly! Remember, the details page must have customers like to forward comments, only then can burst traffic! Space is limited, so I’m not going to

Teach you how to register an account, how to post.

Then prepare a micro signal, to the post bar, pet agent bar, dog agent bar, to find a special pet sales, do his agent, forwarding his circle of friends content, the price on his basis of 100-200


How to price can you go by yourself

Solve the pet market, this profit is much more comfortable than the operation of common stock.

Some friends may feel that it is difficult to cash this free, then you are wrong, although this powder, just added to the wechat is no way to cash, but as long as he did not delete your wechat, you can make all kinds of lovely small every day

Cats and dogs appear in his circle of friends, every day brainwashing, late conversion rate naturally came out.

When you have 2,000 pet-loving precision fans on wechat, you can’t get 200 people to pay the bill? 200 people each give you an average of 150


That’s $30,000! What about when you zoom in?

Increase to 20,000 people a year, no problem annual income of 300,000!

And the realization value of one powder is much more than 150


To you to buy a cat and dog, also can’t prepare some dog food? Can’t you buy a new dress for a child before Chinese New Year? This is the late can continue to realize the profit point bubble net income. So this one

The product is completely operable, simple, does not require any technology, completely copy can be done. Lack of projects on the hand of friends can operate, this routine is not only suitable for Second hand goods trading platform, now

Social networking Sites

Also appeared this kind of, can go to try, think a hundred times is better than to do him once!

Net earn project: an trading platform drainage, wechat transaction of absolute profiteering project!


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