B station short video to do the task to make money, the whole phone is simple and easy to operate


The B station is Bilibili. The mobile app version can be downloaded in the major application centers. There is no need for me to introduce the popularity of this platform, which is different from those video websites of Youku


, Ghost animal video was first born on this platform.

B station

There are also advertising revenue sharing for video creators similar to short headline videos. If you want to make videos with advertising revenue, you must have good quality videos, but for most people, you cannot make professional videos. Now the platform has a category of “award activities”, which has a lot of activities, there are 20 or 30 task activities every month, according to any

The event requires the release of video on the line!

These activities are super simple, just to give you a few examples of how easy it is, some are directly provided with video templates, you can change the words and photos in the template, others can directly use the cartoon characters in Bing Scissors (a mobile video editing app)

Into the video, some are to photograph plants, cats and dogs and other animals, this in order to complete the task to do the video is very simple, goal-oriented, do not care about the quality of the task, as shown in the following figure, here the task is very much, and basically one or two days will update a task, can be

To operate.

To operate these tasks, you can directly download the APP of clip software on your mobile phone for the whole editing operation, which is very convenient without using a computer. After completing these so-called tasks and passing the approval of the platform, you will make payment in the form of credits. Basically, as long as you do not upload videos randomly

“, follow the task and the video will pass the review, no matter how poor the quality. The integral here is called a shell, a shell is equal to one



, can be withdrawn under the real name.

This project is all measured by me and it is really simple and easy to operate. Then how to make a video? There are two pieces here. The first one is

Simple and easy tasks can be done by yourself, such as photographing animals, photographing flowers and plants, which can be taken directly on the road. There are also some very simple tasks that have their own video template, which can be modified under the template.

There’s also a bit more difficult, like an assignment that asks you to photograph a store scout

Frequency, may be for most people this is a little threshold, really want to go to the shop some people will feel very embarrassed, in fact, do not really bubble net to earn their own shot, do this kind of task can be carried, go directly


Fast Hands to carry a not very popular shop visit video, and then in the local clip software to the head

The effect of the end point transition can be uploaded under the clip.

Therefore, the simple task of making their own video can be, slightly difficult to complete the task we will directly carry the video clip clip upload, as long as it is consistent with the requirements of the task will be approved, in addition to can also enlarge the operation, because do these any

Do not what threshold, you can also take their relatives and friends of the number operation, fast a few minutes can complete a video, with the same method of multi-number operation, and can be a more income, very suitable for novice part-time operation to earn more pocket money.

B station short video to do the task to make money, the whole phone is simple and easy to operate


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