A single profit of 2000-3000 money-making projects, on behalf of Amazon live to understand!


Since the birth of Amazon live, has achieved a lot of businesses and talent, under the encouragement of a variety of wealth stories, countless ordinary people are also flocking to Amazon live. At present, live selling goods has become a new way to make money. Especially small and medium-sized sellers, relying on the Amazon live streaming platform can quickly do the flow up.

But at the same time, in the Amazon live environment, there are many small and medium-sized sellers because of their various conditions can not reach, so they have to find a third party to replace the live.

Bubble net recently found that we have a wholesale mall, which many businesses have begun to Amazon live to sell goods. In the national broadcast tide

Under attack, give it to someone

Instead of live streaming

It’s a business opportunity.

Instead of Amazon live streaming,

It’s $2,000 a pop


On Amazon platform, live streaming can be divided into three categories:

Shop number, individual number, organization number

. In other words, it can be an individual, a business, or an organization.

Store live broadcast number:


It is mainly used for livestreaming domestic products to sell to domestic people. Most Amazon sellers have such livestreaming accounts.

Institutional Talent Live broadcast number:

Cooperative broadcasting agencies shall manage the anchors. Anchors help merchants broadcast products, generate commission, the organization and anchor share.

Individual Talent live broadcast number:

The requirement of expression ability is relatively high, pass

Live broadcast other people’s products, sold out commission, to obtain profits.

However, to enter Amazon live, no matter the shop number, organization number and individual number are all in Amazon official

Free of charge

“, but there are restrictions, and if you don’t meet them, you can’t get access to live streaming.

So there’s something out there

A lot of services on behalf of, in fact

Help you brush to Amazon official requirements

In this way, you can open the right to broadcast, there is a demand will naturally generate business opportunities. Because now the live broadcast is too hot, when everyone wants to live to sell goods to make money, you do the opposite, to better open the live service for these people, to make money

People’s money.

What are the main selling points of these agents?

In fact, their biggest selling point is that

Amazon emergence right

On top of that, since 18 years, Amazon has had the right to emerge this function, for some opened live streaming stores, to assess. If you pass the test, it takes a week to two weeks to get the right to appear.


Is it the right to emerge?

For example, you want to do business live, or Amazon live, but you have no fans to come in, for the sale of goods is not helpful. So Amazon has the right to emerge the assessment.

The right to emerge, in plain English, is

Rate of presentation


So many open live, why do you want to show you in the class project home page

? The reason is that you have good interaction effect, more fans, high conversion rate, long fans stay, high frequency of live streaming, high content and so on.

As long as you do a good job in the industry field, you can get the right to appear.

So that’s the biggest advantage of them being able to do paid live streaming,

Because they already have

Be familiar with how to obtain the right to emerge.

Can they really help businesses get access to live streaming? Of course it can.

And it’s not just them. It’s you.

The right to broadcast, the right to appear, they earn “bad information.” All the rules are clearly written by Amazon officials, and there has never been a requirement for charging, but

If someone can’t do it themselves, or is too lazy to do it, they have to pay someone else to do it. Professional things to a professional, you focus on the live sale of goods on this matter.

The Internet above “poor information” is always there, there is no way to do zero elimination. Some businesses may have reached the opening

Live conditions, but a lot of people do not know, some of them are manufacturers or brands, deep pockets, on the first to find professional people. The agent, the operation, these people will make money opportunity.

The essence of live agent is actually equivalent to real estate agents, are “middlemen earn the difference”.

Just like

It’s the same with real estate agents using their own inventory to quickly find you the right house. These third-party agents, who have been doing this professionally for a long time, can not only save you time, but also give you guidance on the rules of live streaming.

Therefore, the real payment point of charge agent live broadcast is not in the entry of live broadcast, but in

Provide for

Information and services.

At present, the prices of live-streaming service for shops in the industry vary, generally around 2000-3000.

The price of the service will be slightly different. For example, there are:

Entry service, primary service, advanced service

Three, you can choose according to your needs.

Some do more mature teams

In general, 5-6 people can create a revenue of 70w a year. Some individual operation, can also earn more than a hundred thousand. If you know what you’re doing, if you know some of them.

After opening, an average popularity of 300 broadcast room, at least every day can produce 40-50 single sales. For the very

For many small and medium-sized sellers, the problem of ordering can be solved quickly through live streaming. As a result, many people will initially choose to serve on behalf of others. As a result, there is no shortage of projects, and the profits are considerable.

How to do a live project?

On behalf of the live project suitable for ordinary

A novice

There are two ways to do it,

One is to open your own

People got talent live number, you can take the initiative to attract investment, bring goods to merchants to earn commission; One is to help people open a live broadcast or sell a number.

The following bubble net earn to open

Personal number and store number live permissions

In two ways.

The first is to open the personal talent live

It has been said above that I want to open the right to live on Amazon

There are three types of basic conditions as shown in the figure below. Only after these conditions are met, can you use Amazon live streaming, and can be displayed on Wetao or the home page of its own Amazon or Tmall stores.

So how do you get there? The following bubble net to earn

Personal talent live stream

For example, to the end

So you can see that.

I. Preconditions for opening live streaming:

1, must have a binding Alipay real-name authentication Amazon account;

2. The Amazon account has been registered on Alibaba Creator Platform to become a master;

3. The account has not opened a shop; The account that has opened a shop wants to apply to become a master anchor, must first release the shop;

If you do not release the store, you need to go through the process of opening the store live broadcast permission.

Number one, there’s nothing to say. Everybody knows that.

The second, which is also not complicated, is as follows:

Into ali sign up creative platform: https://talent.taobao.com

Third, the authorities have made it quite clear

, the account has shop identity, to release the shop first. But at present, there are still loopholes, some newly opened shops, can apply for the permission of live broadcasting, is through the identity of the corresponding master opened.

Ii. Opening conditions

After meeting the above three points, you can apply as long as you meet the following two conditions:

1. Amazon

The human account level matches

Level L2 or above


2. It is necessary to have good field control ability, fluent speech, clear thinking and strong interaction with fans. Therefore, it is necessary to upload a video of the anchor leaving the country to fully and comprehensively show themselves, and the video size should not exceed 3M. Currently, the system only supports about one minute.

So I suggest you think about how you can show off your ability to broadcast in one minute, not just by introducing yourself.

Number one: Very, very important, a lot of people can’t open the permission, mainly

“Talent account level not reached L2”

And the new account must be L0, because you’ve never played wechat before


Where can I see the account level?

Also in the Ali creation platform can be seen, the so-called number of levels is the level we just registered the account.

How do you get to L2?

The only way is: actively micro Amoy to upgrade the level of the account.

The so-called Amazon master account mentioned above is the micro Tao Master account,

It is divided into different grades L0-L6.

The most efficient way to achieve L2 is to:

Step 1:

Newly registered Amazon talent, go to the home page to sign up

【 Growth task 】

L0 novice, the number of days of active micro-scouring within 7 days is not less than 3 days (excluding scheduled publishing), the next day after the completion of the task

It was promoted to L1.

Step 2:

After being promoted to L1, they will get the role certification application entrance. After passing the application, there will be a V mark on their profile picture, which represents the platform’s endorsement to the talent. Simultaneous acquisition

[Role of grass master]

If you apply for entrance, you can fly directly to L3 and obtain all rights and interests of L3 expert level.


However, if you do not follow this step, micro Amoy can continue to L2 level, half a month or so time how the scores are enough, the premise of micro Amoy works can not be too garbage.

Second: One minute video

This is easy to solve. Just play it free, pay attention to the look of the mirror, and add some body language.

Anyway, you’re talking to a fan in front of the camera, and that’s it.

After opening the talent, how can there be business cooperation?

Look for it in the Ari v quest.

PS. Ali V task is the only official platform for Amazon to recommend merchants to look for high-quality talent cooperation.

The second is to open the store live broadcast rights

Suppose you were

More want to do the generation of open shop live permissions, that help businesses brush to the requirements of the rules can open live permissions.

On the market, brush enough to require the opening of the store live streaming rights, such as bubble net income mentioned above is 2, 3 thousand, or the case of net profit.

So, you want to do this

On behalf of the opening of the store live broadcast rights

If so, the door

Threshold requirements are really not high, in general, as long as Amazon shop operation is normal can achieve live conditions, if the seller’s shop is really nothing, there is only one way:



As long as you can do these basic data on the line, these to find relatives and friends are solved, there is no need to find what “scalpers”.

The key is that many businesses do not know how to make, earn this information fee and service fee.

In general, Amazon opened the live streaming industry is not as difficult as we imagine, of course, it is not so simple to get started. A pioneer in this field

Just know how to package you and get you through quickly

. Among other things

There is no such thing as an inside channel.

Write at the end

The so-called skills, is to walk more road, naturally understand more; The more you study a thing, the more you become professional. In all walks of life, you can make money if you look professional.

As Ma said,

“A lot of people lose because of the new

The first thing you can’t see, the second you can’t look down on, the third you can’t understand, and the fourth you can’t.”

For those who know how to operate the Internet, opening live broadcast was originally a very simple operation, but after packaging, it became a “money-sucking tool” in a short time.

In fact, it is also normal. As I said before, micro

Letter public number is free, and certification is to charge 300


. However, the background or someone with me, say open public number where free? (Better to try to open one yourself, just know)

Ok, that’s all for today!

A single profit of 2000-3000 money-making projects, on behalf of Amazon live to understand!

A single profit of 2000-3000 money-making projects, on behalf of Amazon live to understand!


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