Film and television program to make money guideline, to create the flow of the main automatic income


From last year to do wechat small program traffic main popularity, a lot of people rely on small program to earn the first bucket of gold, this and the public number of traffic main has a certain similarity, as long as there are users to your small program, click on the income, and monthly settlement.

So a lot of mini app players came in, and we saw all kinds of

Small program, more popular is some fun test, horoscope, signature these, that today I will talk to you about how to rely on wechat small program to make money.

First of all, the flow of small program to bring us benefits is long-term, as long as you do, like the public number, the most simple to open the flow of the main

After that, we can still earn revenue from clicking ads.

Some people use the small program to intercept traffic, but also can make a profit in a short time, some people rely on the “local place name fight landlord” such words, a long time to dominate the local search market, the name of this small program alone is worth tens of thousands of dollars.

So the mini program is worth it

We do, and it’s not too late, for beginners to make money on it, it’s best to start with the easy categories.

Recently, I have been playing a small program to get up early by punching the clock. There are still a lot of people who participate in punching the clock every day. The market is there


The following to introduce you to a small program category, very suitable for beginners to start operation, is the film and television small program.

Why recommend this movie small program, the following bubble net earn I will list the reasons with you.

First, the movie program investment is small, and the demand for resources is very rich, we watch movies every day

I can get the job done with the applet.

Second, this kind of small program is highly loved by users, because there are a lot of movie fans and boring fans. There are also a lot of people who rely on movies to get by every day, and there are more people who watch dramas.

Third, the movie small program cash channel is relatively wide, the general small program may add a pair

Standard product shopping cart to sell goods to cash in, if the operation of the movie program, you can promote special movie tickets, you can pick up some new film advertising, you can also rely on the movie surrounding, star surrounding cash, the last is the flow of the main income.

So today we mainly around the flow main to explain the movie small program how fast real

Cash flow, I have seen the profit is relatively fast, only rely on the flow of the main can earn hundreds of dollars a day.

Set up

If you have a friend of the site technology, you can directly buy a server, the use of Linux system, here configuration, bubble net to earn I give you a scheme: centos7, php7.0,

mysql5.5 is fine.

It is recommended that you use overseas servers, no need to record, directly start to build.

After the space environment is built, open the small program developer window, import wechat developer tools, edit, here need some professional knowledge, if you do not know how to operate,

You can find a generation of construction, the generation of small program business can go to a treasure to see, the price is usually in a few hundred or so, and then the whole set of small program source code can be.

At present, the market generation to build, have their own source code, can be used directly, will not infringe.

To promote

After the small program set up, access to Tencent advertising

As long as people come in, we can make money. The next step is how to promote this small program.

Here we divide into several main steps to promote:

1. Use the name of the small program to intercept the stream. This is just like the name of “local place name fighting landlord” I mentioned above, which relies on keywords to intercept the stream

, you can give the small program name “XXX movie” or “XXX film”, so that the name is both related to the industry and contains keywords.

2. Add a geographical location to your small program. At the beginning of the small program, there will be a certain local exposure, which is because the nearby small program comes with it

Hit, there will be a number of small procedures nearby, for the local powder friends are still very necessary a free way to promote.

3, can be associated with the public number, YouTube, in the YouTube below the entry link to the small program, or in the public number of the article to add small program business card, are beneficial


4, some relatively good new media platforms to push each other, this kind of you pay attention to other people’s small procedures, others will be back to close you, rely on this way to quickly make new small procedures weight up.

5, the last is to push the way, in some cities around the large shopping malls of the cinema line, do this

The promotion of small programs for film and television, this promotion is generally to cooperate with the businesses around the theaters, so that the businesses can help us promote.

If there is a good team can also do their own to push, posters, leaflets and so on, as long as there is a small gift scan code attention is still a lot of people.

Once promoted, maintenance users need a

Some good copy, so promotion is only the first step, there is more important is the quality of the content, the user will eventually come back to the content.

At present, small program is still in the dividend period, because there is a certain threshold to build small program, massive users or only tend to use small program,

Not willing to develop it.

Friends who want to engage in this industry can try it, the early stage of a few simple channels to promote it, after the user is exposed and click on the lie to earn.

Film and television program to make money guideline, to create the flow of the main automatic income


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