Simple and rough, offline gameplay to create a monthly income of 30,000 projects!


Yesterday, I went to visit a friend when I passed a residential area.

When I was waiting for the elevator downstairs, I saw a small advertisement.

Unlike other product promotion ads, this diversion consciousness is very clear.

So follow the advertising message, walk a wave.


Before I get to this project,

Let’s talk about the environment of domestic second-hand market first.

Checked public industry reports:

From 2013 to 2020, a market size data trend of nearly 7 years found that,

The domestic second-hand market is on the rise.

On the one hand, with the improvement of people’s material level, the frequency of replacing old things with new ones increases.

On the other hand, the Internet has smoothed out the information gap,

Many products are quickly updated and inexpensive.

A large number of new purchases also produce a large number of depreciated goods.

Many people will consider second-hand trading if the old goods with good function are lost.

Taking second-hand e-commerce as a reference, the current top 10 active rankings are as follows.

Relying on the resources of the Ali Department, Second hand goods trading platform to 7500

10,000 + monthly live is the first.

The cumulative monthly lives of these 10 people also crossed the 100 million mark.

This set of data is sufficient to illustrate the rigid demand of the second-hand market.

Above, is the analysis of the environment.

Let’s get a little more personal about trading.

【 Two 】

Hearing is true, seeing is believing.

Second-hand platform, I also come into contact with a lot.

I bought it on it

Desk, laptop, monitor, spare cell phone, etc.

Some cheap things will consider online trading, because even if the pit loss is acceptable.

And electronic products, or large furniture with a price of thousands, are more likely to be traded offline in the same city.

On the one hand, seeing the real thing offline makes trust a little stronger.

The other side

It is also more convenient for prices and goods to be transported offline.

Asked a lot of people, in fact, and bubble net earn my mentality is similar.

So here’s the need:

Second-hand trade in the city.

Currently in the platform is also a lot, 58, Second hand goods trading platform, around all support the same city.

But not everyone

Have access to the Internet, so the blank market is still a lot.

For example, bubble net profit in friends in this community found the same AD.

Content is very simple, mainly to help you trade idle supplies, as well as the group main two-dimensional code.

After adding a group of main friends, see its circle of friends, do well.

Typical micro business type standard wind


Fancy cars, mansions, chicken soup, growing up.

Being pulled into a group without much communication.

Now it’s clear what they’re doing as a community.

The red mark circles three sections, revealing several things:

Who am I?

I am XXX, Bao Ma, and I work on XX project (here is skin care products and health management).

What’s on offer?

Family idle trade, treasure mother experience exchange.

What would you like to provide?

Invite more people in. More people make more deals.

When added, the three groups had only eight people, and by the end of the day, the group had grown to 51.

At this rate, it will take no more than three months to fill a wechat.

The three

Where the flow is, the money will follow.

From the user’s point of view, the more people in the group, the more likely the transaction.

From the point of view of the group master, the more people join the group, the more people are added to wechat.

What is the most need to do wechat business?

It’s the customer.

The more people in wechat, the greater the chance of advertising exposure in the circle of friends

The better chance you have of making an offer.

This is complete closed-loop logic.

Can such a project be replicated?

That’s totally okay.

【 Four 】

How do you do it?

Four steps:

Find products, drainage, conversion cash, money delivery.

1. Find products

What are the best-selling and most profitable products?

A man’s secret.

The elixir of women


The child’s grades are off the charts.

The good health of an old man.

You can choose one of the four angles.

Take the above project for example, she is doing skincare related agent.

Similarly, you can also do health care products related industries.

For example, nowadays people have stomachache, backache, triple height, prostate and so on.

The body is a complicated thing

There are a lot of people can only treat the symptoms of the disease.

If you have relevant professionals around you, make a partnership.

You promote, they sell.

Medical beauty industry, myopic surgery, old Chinese medicine all need to promote.

2: Search for traffic

You choose what kind of products, to attract what kind of people.

Mother Treasure?

Well, let’s do it second hand.

A man?

Then talk about the money RV.


Then learn about material sharing.

Copy the above method, copy the flyer and paste it in each neighborhood.

Elevator, car handle, outside the concierge, property notice bar…

In a public interest Angle to attract interested people to join, scan the code to add friends into the group.

Refer to the observation above

Data, covering a community, can attract 50-100 people a day.

Within 1 month, it can fill several wechat groups and attract thousands of vertical fans.

3: transformation cash

You have the people, you have the group, and then you build the people.

Daily moments to send a few content:

Problems that the product can solve

The process of making a product
Screenshot of user payment
User praise
Daily chicken Soup
Knowledge of pathology

There is a user consultation, the content will be connected to the back-end service provider.

You answer what the service provider says.

Each of them

Questions and answers are written into a script.

The more questions the client asks, the better you can collect them.

Later communication, is paste copy assembly line.

Generally speaking, clients will ask no more than 30 questions.

So this job, it’s not as hard as it looks.

4: Collect the money to deliver

The user confirms the order, the

The chat logs are sent to the service provider.

On the one hand, ensure that information is obtained correctly and related products can be correctly configured.

On the other hand, users’ right to communicate is reserved and customers are not allowed to contact service providers directly.

As long as the mode through, a stable single every day.

Have time to operate alone, want to make more money to build a team.

Refresh the flyers regularly, can

It can be cleaned up
The online community splintered, allowing users to invite new users
Constantly optimize the system, improve the conversion rate to achieve the industry advanced level

All of the above steps are automatic circulation operations.

No matter when, the ground push project is the fastest way to get customers.



Some traditional projects have been repackaged by the Internet

Can also be revitalized.

The world always seems to change. It always seems the same.

All business opportunities are similar in nature.

The above is today’s share, I hope to enlighten you.

If you get it, give it a thumbs up and a look.

Best wishes.

Simple and rough, offline gameplay to create a monthly income of 30,000 projects!

Simple and rough, offline gameplay to create a monthly income of 30,000 projects!


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