TikTok is a small money-making project that can be run in bulk matrix


In the field of short video to do project cash, has always been a lot of people want to squeeze into the track, especially in these two years to see so many video creators in


I made money on it, and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

We also see a lot of video types and presentations on short video platforms, such as book lists

Number. Music number, film and television editing number, these are the rise of the industry in the past two years, do early, will earn dividends.

Later people want to enter this circle, they find that there are already too many peers, and everyone is tolerant to a new thing, after introducing a story, introduce a book, this is a no

Wrong way to do it, and when everybody does it, it’s a little bit more utilitarian.

And that’s what I want to share with you today


The creation of short videos is realized, but the subdivision we choose is different, especially recently, we found that some story-type videos have a large number of likes and comments, which is a good thing

The way to.

What is the content of story-type video? That is, it is a video based on folk stories and expressed in the form of storytelling. Of course, we can use pictures, words or even a stationary picture for these videos, because most of the time when users brush our videos, they listen to me

We are telling stories.

This is kind of interesting, taking the form of audio production and scraping traffic on short videos, after all


It’s still a lot more traffic than Himalaya and other audio platforms, and it’s also a good video space.

For folk stories like this, video has a lot of advantages, such as a story video,

More attractive, can let users retain in your video for a long time, and folk stories this kind of material into the sense is very strong, as long as the user listens to a paragraph, basically will listen to, so that there is a good finish rate, if you tell some stories like the Northeast of the past, more close to reality

“, with some artistic modification of the novel on it, it will cause heated discussions, and the final expression of these heated discussions is comments, which indirectly guide users to comment on our video.

So I think it’s very promising to do this kind of short folk story video content now, in the early stage of the video, you don’t need

It should be too long, five or six minutes is best, because we don’t know what the audience likes yet.

Another great advantage of folk stories is that there are no copyright disputes, which is the most important at present. Such as film and television editing, there will inevitably be those disputes, handling, low originality, stream restriction and so on, and these folk stories

The story is sorted out by ourselves, which is relatively original. The following is the operation process of Story number.

Registration starting number

Register one first


Number, and then named “XX story meeting, XX story, XX story” these titles are OK, we can refer to the peer, as long as the name has me

Of our own


Vegetarian is fine.

I just started doing one


Account I do not recommend that you take the contact information, because the new number does not show the marketing purpose is too strong, simply write a signature can be, in


In the “Creator” section, we choose the story.

Here some relevant keywords can be set

Folk tales, story-telling, story-telling, etc., are all you need to focus on when creating content.

Find something to make a video of

If we want to find folk stories on the Internet, there are so many, many material stories that we can use directly, even without modification, in Lang

Just stagger the words when you read them.

Like Weibo,

Social networking Sites

There are a lot of stories in, tie bar and Douban, and they can also be carried to each other. You may not understand the meaning of this mutual carrying. Here I give you a fastest way.

We can go


Fast hands inside the search for folk tales, according to

Our keywords to search, search out, and then we look for high praise of the video, click in to see what type of content, make a record, the front search to some of the high praise to find 50 videos, summary style and content, so that to find material will have a purpose.

And then it’s a matter of finding the correspondence

Some pictures, corresponding to the feeling of the story on the line, do not go to those copyrighted pictures, and then the audio and pictures in the editing software synthesis of a video then upload


That’s it.

A very important point to do we media is the ability to earn and export quality content continuously. What is quality

The content, first of all, the overall picture should be clear, you find a big picture Mosaic, of course, is not good, no beauty at all.

Secondly, it doesn’t matter if the video is not good, the story should be wonderful, which we can basically guarantee, because most of our material content is referred to the peer’s high praise video, inside

Yung couldn’t have been much worse.

Last but not least, we should not publish illegal content. It is better to publish normal, optimistic and positive stories. Stories that are too deviant may be removed or even restricted.

Finally, I would like to stress that the project is the same, whether it makes money or not

For individuals, there are many people working hard on every way to make money. What you have to do is to be more distinctive than others in order to stand out.

TikTok is a small money-making project that can be run in bulk matrix


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