A single product of super high profit purchasing project, novice can also make 10000 a month


In the past two days, the temperature has risen a little, but it is still around minus 5 or 6 degrees Celsius. This temperature may not be much in the north, but in the central part of China, like Hefei, which is to the south, it is really a little unbearable.

Yesterday noon went to the wetland park to visit a circle, a little breeze, the sun is still very warm, such as

If the end of the year has been this kind of weather, I like rain in summer, winter like the sun, the four seasons of the weather is very good.

These days the car has been pasted by people with various loans and invoicing advertisements, here to remind everyone that there are many places to use money at the end of the year, if you need money,

Don’t touch these loan advertisements, just a little loan interest can be high enough to doubt your life, this or don’t touch, encounter routine loan directly can give you the whole ruin, is not exaggerated at all.

This kind of loan is secretly shady, I have seen a hundred methods of collection bubble net income, reality a brother

My uncle is on the other side of the collection in Los Angeles, home and buy a car, which is very profitable, recently also in the circle of friends to see some of the so-called JR friends to test the water, if you don’t understand, I advise a, don’t touch, don’t ask why.

Now do not advocate side door, with the standardization of the Internet, side door into

The possibility is great. Now all the money has to be built on the four words of people-oriented. Without human nature, it will become extremely difficult to make money.

In the past year, some people made money by doing “we media”, some people made money by livestream, some people made more than 10,000 dollars a month by selling the manual of “flirting with girls” or “flirting with Han”

Sexual health issues are also sold through simple short videos, such as marketing teams under various banners, Daojia and so on. The reason why these marketing is good is that the group is too large, and many men have a need for improvement, which is the market.

I’ve also talked about making money in previous posts

For example, if you want to earn 1 million, I hope you can find a market with enough profit of 1 million to do it. If you go to the part-time task platform every day and get 5 cents to do the task, can you do 1 million in the year of monkey?

Find a big enough market in this line

Find out excellent peers in the industry, and then directly, copy them, in fact, is to imitate the way peers are now walking, and then add some of their own understanding and knowledge.

I don’t know if you have found recently, there are a group of women in the circle of friends, UGG, big goose pants down jacket, top AJ, Putian goods

And so on, there is nothing they do not sell, in the circle of friends made a strict selection, led the team to various places to pick up goods for the agents.

I have deleted a lot of friends in the circle of friends, not deleted, open the circle of friends is all of them, the circle of friends every day from early to late, where there is time to choose products, but I see sales are good, also be counted

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. The daigou make money and the buyer gets a good deal.

But now the epidemic causes are basically staying at home. These agents travel all over the map every day. Today they go to Henan to take some UGG photos, and tomorrow they go to Putian to negotiate with other merchants

We were selling hairy crabs a few months ago, but the marketing of crazy scrumps, the barrage of advertising, still attracted a lot of buyers. That’s the market.

If you want to make some pocket money at the end of the year, you can try this. It doesn’t need much technology, just constant introduction of powder can be done, like this

Wechat business, if you tell me there is only a wechat, it is still early to break this idea.

It’s key to this project. It’s very key.

Based on a platform to do the project should take into account the platform of fans, this wechat single-line connection without any fan base is not to do.

What I’m suggesting here is that

Fan composition attributes, the best is the local fans, because we are in a city, mutual trust may be a little higher, this needs to have a media bridge, for example, we have a local restaurant bubble net earn, the boss usually in addition to cooking is to make some wholesale, so his wechat group a bunch of fans

This is suitable for daigou.

If there is no such fans, it is necessary to choose user groups according to your products, such as Bao Ma powder to kindergarten or hospital obstetrics and gynecology to corresponding activities, and shopping powder to large-scale shopping malls to engage in activities to send welfare, you do not feel that these are useless, the conversion rate of industry fans 1% to 3

About %, as long as there is powder, there must be conversion.

Finally, find some daigou groups on the Internet. Don’t be afraid of trouble in the early stage, daigou related forums, QQ groups, post bars, wechat groups and so on. There is a plus one, not to add it, but to take the initiative to add members of the users, these are also potential customers


Positioning of packaging

This package is also what I said before. It is constantly sending advertisements on the way to daigou. Although there are already superposed advertising contents in wechat circle of friends, the possibility of comprehensive analysis is relatively large, and sending advertisements means exposure.

A little perk every now and then is a must

Otherwise, being deleted as friends is a certain bubble net income, we often see those wechat business from time to time on the whole point of their sexy photos or beauty picture is this meaning, from time to time to hook up with you, so that you don’t have the heart to delete her friends.

The rest is advertorial marketing, with a variety of retention, fight hand speed, second kill, loss, comprehensive

Pop orders to create a sense of spending.

Profit model is to bring goods agent

This we all understand, those who mix the wind water micro commercial buy most do not sell their own goods, only to the following agent shop goods is already very money, in a very common words is, you are responsible for selling goods, I am responsible for the beauty in the circle of friends.

This project

The initial profit is not much, and there may even be additional cost input due to some problems, such as the travel fee for purchasing agents, fuel money, small welfare for attracting fans, etc., but it will gradually grow with the investment of time. To do this kind of project, you do not need to pay much money to set up an agent for others, and you can work alone if you want.

A single product of super high profit purchasing project, novice can also make 10000  a month


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