Money making project: Reveal the gameplay of a $20,000 project


A project charges $20,000. Are you all curious about what this project looks like? Anyway, I was very curious, in order to satisfy my curiosity and everyone else’s curiosity, so, I went to get this is said to charge 20,000 dollars


Let’s take a look at what it really is. See the friends, you can also go to take photos

Execution, I think the idea of selling the project is still very good!

A few months ago, I was chatting with a strange online friend. I felt that I could chat well. He wondered why I could earn $10 million a month when I just started paying for knowledge. I wondered why he could answer so many local ads every day. Meet great people

“, inevitably want to find out.

He is a local fan business, his fans are in a small county, the source of income from these local fans. It’s a steady return of about $2W a month. In a small county with an average monthly salary of two or three thousand dollars, it is quite impressive to make a monthly income of 2 million dollars.

So he is

How do you do that? Through some details of the chat process pieced together, I probably understood the whole game of his project, I listened to bubble net earn slowly. You may have heard of this in other places, but you can’t do it yourself, because of the subtle design of individual details. This guy here

It really takes this kind of project to a textbook level.

First, he rented a facade in his county’s popular market. Then I went to 1688 and bought a lot of 1’s wholesale


Small items of money, what toothbrushes, toilet paper, nail clippers, cotton swabs, toothpicks, razors, garbage bags, etc.,

They are common things used by ordinary people at home. Gave the shop a name: two


Shop, do you have a familiar, ever similar feeling? This kind of shop in our town and county have, I believe your county has also appeared. This is not new. Then came his focus.

He set one up in front of his shop

The brand, above his wechat QR code, and wrote on the sign; Scan the code into the store to receive any product free of charge.

If you go into his shop, you will find that every item is marked with a price, between 2 and 10


No, if you continue to buy other goods, you will have to pay the full price. There is only one business

You can get it for free. Small local people, are more love greedy small cheap, many will choose to scan the code for free goods. Some also buy other things for the family. And each item costs only one or two


No matter what he does, he won’t lose money. Besides, he didn’t sell the product to get it

Leon. His goal is to get them to scan the code and add it to wechat.

In just four months, his wechat account was filled with 5,000 people. Following this pattern, he made other wechat signals and continued to add. He had three numbers, adding about 13,000 people in all. And it’s all local fans.

Do you feel that

He has a pattern like a push, right? But it’s not quite a ground push.

We usually see the ground push, generally there is no facade, not enough to give people a sense of trust, and then scan the code can get things for free, but those things are not a clear price, let you feel that those things are worthless, cheap, or certified free

There must be a big hole waiting for you behind the free gift, so when you see the free gift, you take a detour, no desire to want.

But he put a price on every item, making it seem as if it were worth something. If he got it at a low price, it would seem like he was getting a great deal. So there’s an urge to get it and

Desire. In fact, this is human nature, we subconsciously think that free things are not good, charge is good, can make people rest assured. This guy really does the human marketing to the extreme. Admire it!

So how did he cash it out?

He looked for jewelry stores, hotpot restaurants, beauty salons and even some merchants in the county

Chao, to talk about cooperation, directly show his three wechat more than 13,000 friends, this is the capital, resources, many bosses will also hold a try attitude, after all, due to the impact of the epidemic, now offline entity business is not very good. Most people are willing to give the opportunity to advertise it online.

And at the beginning of his charge is not expensive, when a customer does a real experience to the effect, will continue to find him cooperation, he then appropriate to increase the price. And as long as someone cooperation has the effect, he has publicity material, can show the effect to other bosses, other bosses choose to cooperate with several

The rate is much higher.

It’s like a snowball, the further down the line, the more clients you work with.

He charged his boss 1,000 dollars on average each time, and then helped the boss to post three ads in moments. Each number is operated once, a total of 9 advertisements. Because all are local fans, the boss’s activities are really relatively large

Several times the circle of friends advertisement sent down, the boss’s business is indeed better than before. Tasted the sweet boss will choose to re-advertise.

Basically, clothing stores, decoration shops, optical shops, restaurants and real estate agencies in their county have become more or less his customers. The monthly income is also relatively stable. when

However, there are also rejections. If the east is not bright and the west is bright, the family cannot continue to find the next one. He always has a good attitude.

Later, I saw that he sent a message in his circle of friends, meaning that he would start to recruit apprentices, and output his whole set of practical experience to apprentices, to accept offline investigation and learning. The tuition fee is 2W. I asked him

Why do you want to expose this game to the public now that you have made so much money from such a good idea?

He said that his game in their county has been unable to play, because there are only so many local fans, the more to the back of the more slowly added, a lot of people also gradually lost the freshness of his shop, the more people into the store


This is easy to understand, after all, the county is so big, your shop covers the surrounding population is only so many, the speed of powder is definitely a gradual decay process. So, he’s going to close the store and move to the next county. Wait for the next county, then move on to the next one. It’s just copy, copy, copy. but

There were so many counties in the country, he could not walk all the way alone, so he came to recruit apprentices. In this way, you can get some extra revenue without making your business more difficult due to competition. After all, each in a place, there is no snatch traffic grab customer said.

Besides, even if this gameplay is really public

Among the public, how many people are willing to be as diligent as him to execute and operate? How many people are willing to bear hardships? And that’s exactly the case. Just like the bubble net earning website, analysis of more than a hundred projects of specific gameplay, but the actual operation of few people, most people just want to see a happy ah.


Eye is roughly such a game, he slightly packaged under, can be sold to 20,000


As to whether this project is worth the price, we will not comment, I want to say: can play the human nature marketing so brilliant, bubble net earn I still admire this man, his ideas and strategies, as well as hard work

The spirit is worth learning from all of us.

The question is, with the gameplay revealed, will anyone seriously implement and operate the project? Probably not much, just because I shared it for free, if he charges you 20 grand


I will tell you how to play the project. No matter how difficult it is, I think everyone will take it

Ok, what do you say? To put it bluntly, it’s still human nature!

Money making project: Reveal the gameplay of a $20,000 project

Money making project: Reveal the gameplay of a $20,000 project


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