A simple profiteering project, zero base can also earn 3000 a month


I think it’s the end of the year. A lot of people come to me and ask me about low-cost side projects to make enough money for the New Year. Personally, I think short-term projects are more suitable for them.

But there will be a problem, the stability of the short-term project, money or second, if similar funds in front of the earn is not enough behind one

Wave deficit, then mute eat coptis, there is bitter can not say.

If what you are looking for is a project, I advise you to do something long-term and stable, at least there is room for advancement. I often say that doing a project is like digging a well. I would rather dig a well in ten years than ten holes in a year.

And if you

The pursuit of particularly fast earnings, to do part-time tasks, money and stability, after all, this kind of task is not like the capital plate so that you directly lose to the liberation, but also not rich, simple pocket money.

Several of our members have lost money on the capital plate before, and one has lost more than 10 W at most.

This kind of thing has been on and on in recent years, what imitation disk, foreign projects, and environmental policies and so on, these are the first fission from a large company, the previous team as a whole what disk, the circle of wave money ran away, and then the following technology and marketing team again, formed a new team

, and then according to the existing experience to develop a similar copy disk, and the marketing model is basically the same.

So right now we’re watching bitcoin go up, but it’s not advisable to get in, especially

A novice

In addition to those who pull the head of what XX world, XX short video and so on, like these pull the head of our side of the pedestrian street a lot

Sweep the code to take a small gift, in fact, to push a circle found that it can not earn much, not to push is not to earn, but the eyes have been staring at the head of the several team leaders.

Any fool knows how they’re gonna make money without you guys?

There is no need to participate in the project when cannon fodder, the whole circle of their own friends

If empty hand set white Wolf, this is not an empty talk, today I tell you about this project bubble net income, is an old project, but after countless baptism and rectification, still not fail, that is to do virtual goods business.

Because before most are individuals in the online shop to do virtual business, the most

Early on, I came into contact with a team that was doing it, which was probably the Second hand goods trading platform. But now the Second hand goods trading platform is virtual as long as it is reported, it is not bad, so the living space is obviously much smaller.

But we should not simply limit our vision to one point, such as film and television resources, picture package pictures, snack training, design templates, exam tutorials

And so on are virtual resources, and we all know how profitable these resources are.

Random on a treasure to see, a dozen dollars to a few hundred dollars of snack recipe tutorial, sales are very good, a single baby monthly sales are more than 100, according to the average price of 10


Let’s see, a baby makes $1,000 a month


There are hundreds of babies in the shop, which is absolutely zero cost profiteering.

But now do Amazon is absolutely not recommended, now most of the market can see the novice Amazon store, more than 95% to find are on behalf of the operation, to earn baby sales commission or one-time labor costs, going it alone is out of date.


If you want to operate virtual goods, you must put the traffic into the platform or channel can be realized, wechat is also the best choice at present.

I’m not going to show you how to sell snacks, but how to sell virtual goods at zero cost using the latest diversion methods.

Of course, the most important thing about selling virtual goods is

Is promotion, now the wine flavor is also afraid of the alley, must tell others to know, then we use the spread and influence of short video propaganda materials, will be much better than the previous traditional text copy effect.

Below I have summarized some steps, from how to get started, all the way to the order, you can learn

Here, I take the snack technology training as a demonstration, if you have other good resources in hand, the method can be directly applied.

Obtain videos related to resources

You are going to sell snack training, that is to find some food videos, this range is relatively wide bubble net income, such as cooking videos, picnic

Frequency, food sample, food shop and so on a series of local famous snacks video.

This kind of video should not be found on some large short video platforms, such as


, Kuaishou, B station, and so on, because this kind of direct copy to carry the video, almost will not be pushed by the platform, want to hit or original one


It is not original to come, I suggest that you go to QQ group search “foodie” this kind of keywords, you can get a lot of this foodie group, there will be a variety of food videos to share, the same channel, is used directly.

Add hooks to video content

That’s easy to understand. If our video is plain, don’t

People read it, there is no influence, if you can’t attract fans, then such content can’t be called quality.

Here’s a way for you to successfully attract users with a little kindness.

Simple point, above we get in a variety of channels in the video, the middle can be truncated and then hit

A wave of ads with hooks like “Add XXX to learn more about local food” or “Add XXX to learn more about food technology.”

Interspersed directly in the video clip software a special gamon version is done, it will not clip, in the public number reply “clip” I also prepared a set of all for you

Set clip video use tutorial.

Details and deals

Early fans less, video upload no one to see, the best brush point play, create a very hot look, generally play a high volume of video will be in the front, of course, the more play will be easier to be recommended by the platform.

Do a good job of customer service reception, the back end can do automatic transfer

Here you can refer to my set of flow realization universal formula.

Sell any resources, first of all to promote themselves out, the heat of short video continues to heat up, especially the rise of the YouTube, to some have not caught up


Quick dividend to hope, then make good use of, expand the flow.

A simple profiteering project, zero base can also earn 3000  a month


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