Unfashionable industry muffled sound to make money, wechat public number automatic cashing out of the real case


Recently in the in-depth study of the public account cash, especially on the small program automation lying to earn system, found that many subdivisions are in the quiet voice to make money.

Like this one. I was searching for something and I came across it

Is it complicated? A lot of it was carried up by Bibles and stuff

And so many people giving tips! Didn’t see

I can’t believe it.

I didn’t know there were so many people who believed in Christianity before. After all, the goddess of wealth, we have never heard of anyone in this minority area of Xiangxi who believed in Christianity and Islam.

We will burn incense on the New Year worship temple, usually what people worship these, always thought amen these only exist abroad, domestic top

More and more people who worship foreign things follow the trend.

Oh, we should call this Taoism, people died with a coffin directly buried in the mountain. If you say what go to heaven these ~ still think you mental illness!

To digress, analyze this public number.

And look at this number! That’s how much reading he does every day

Recommended another prayer of the public number, casually open an article, read tens of thousands!

It is estimated that the fans of this public account will be at least 100,000. Finally, even if it does not want to operate, this public account can be sold directly for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Running such a number is like owning a house! No, it’s supposed to be a building bubbling

Net earn, the more the operation of the more valuable, a public number and then recommend another public number, is a suite, and so on, is not equivalent to a building.

Look at the contents! Guide personal micro signal, and lead to the service number, and have a small program to punch the card ~ even APP!

How much will it cost?

Money spent, money earned

I don’t know why people develop apps.

And personal micro signals, small programs, apps can also receive advertising, equivalent to a building inside the gym, restaurant can also be rented.

You can imagine how much money they make. They don’t even know how to sell numbers!

If you look at this tip, you can see how sticky these fans are. After all, today

In the year of the epidemic many people can not go out to pray, have switched to online prayer.

And because the believers are very pious, but also particularly love forwarding, not to achieve the automatic rise of the powder function

Is it complicated? Are online to find, than those every day code words to write original articles do not know how much simpler

So, if you’re gay

The apprentice these, can also imitate to do such a public number, do a good matrix, a number of public numbers, small procedures, to do a good job in an industry is quite profitable!

You are not a Christian, think about your New Year’s customs? Spring Festival flow is too big, just to determine a small field, you can make money



Unfashionable industry muffled sound to make money, wechat public number automatic cashing out of the real case


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