A zero cost to make money project, simple brick later pure lay to earn


New people do Internet projects, zero threshold is the easiest to start, because the project itself is relatively simple, access to traffic can make money, just like a treasure or a fish above do virtual goods, the platform basically own traffic, cash is very fast.

Since this year increased the control of Internet e-commerce platforms, many virtual goods have been

Forced off the shelves, especially like a fish, basically hanging up the baby as long as it is reported, will be taken off the shelves in seconds, in this environment, everyone’s eyes on Pinduoduo.

Pinduoduo mode here can be summarized in two words, that is, low price. Then this platform with our virtual resource goods is more intentional

Think, at least its current control of virtual goods is relatively loose, a lot of virtual resource merchants are turning to fight more.

Then the underlying logic of Pinduoduo is low price. How to control the cost to the lowest level? If we sell the products at the most favorable price, bubble net can earn a few dollars of resources

After postage, you can find a lot of these items, so sourcing is not our main concern.

But if we simply keep playing the price game with our competitors, so that no one can maximize the benefits, we should find a new way to do what our competitors do not have or do not do well.

So today

Just to talk about how this project should be done, in other words, whether a novice can do it now.

Project mining

First of all, let me tell you about the mining of these projects. In fact, it is very simple. There are still many virtual resources for sale on a certain fish, but many merchants are forbidden or their products cannot be photographed.

So these things that are being sold are our targets.

When we turned to Pinduoduo, we also targeted virtual goods that had been spiced thousands of times. At least we knew those goods were easier to sell and more acceptable to the public.

The other one is to look at peers, if you want to do one alone

Peer is the best teacher to observe the category of peer. If possible, recharge a VIP in the store, which is about 19.9 or 29.9, and then carry it out and sell it by yourself.

In this way, we save the time to organize the materials ourselves, but download from other stores

We also need to sort out the data and replace other people’s advertising information with our own.

Project Preparation

Here are some basic preparations, such as a Pinduoduo shop, related and deposit.

In addition, we are selling virtual products. We also need to prepare some data in the early stage. For example, we are going to sell one

Some examination materials or test questions study and so on, you need to have a business license, if there is no business license these materials are prohibited to upload.

In addition, the deposit of Pinduoduo stores is generally between 1W and 5W, which mainly depends on the products sold in your store. If you consult the official for details, the deposit can be refunded, so

No need to worry.

Actual operation process

If we sell virtual goods in a single store, the profit will be negligible. We need to make money by matrix operation of Pinduoduo store group on the basis of a mature operating store.

The actual sales of each store can be different, such as movies and TV, certificate information, account rental,

Picture package and so on can be, the specific category of this we have to choose, if you are forced to do what kind of field, everyone crowded in the same track is easy to do.

Then we log in the background of Pinduoduo business version, directly to register a shop, here are guided, will not also have no relationship

, follow the registration shop process can start to upload the baby.

Here we can connect with automatic delivery software. Generally, virtual goods can be sent to download links after we buy them. In this way, online business can be realized 24 hours a day without manual management.

The thing to note here is that the new store

Shop on the shelf baby, there is a certain platform traffic support, that is to say, in the early stage, we should seize such a wave of traffic, make good use of the flow given by this wave of platform to do good reviews, at this time, we can praise cashback or direct gifts, auction gifts to the whole store members, unlimited free orders, etc., appropriate to do some such promotion

Marketing activities.

As for the details page and main picture, try to imitate peers, but do not copy directly, because the platform will detect, in addition, peers will find a report to us, here we to design some, can imitate peers, if you really can’t get, with a treasure picture upload Pinduoduo is also

Yes, the drawings of the two platforms are separated.

In addition, the platform is also very strict on the assessment of stores, such as the response rate, response speed and so on, which can directly lead to the inspection of our stores, so we need to set up a good background reply technique.

There are also some things to pay attention to in the gameplay of virtual products

For example, illegal products can not be above the rack, will lead to a decrease in store traffic, etc., after all, virtual goods are basically equal to zero cost, selling is equal to net profit, some illegal problems, we still have to avoid.

Project Expansion

When it comes to virtual goods, it’s best to have timeliness, such as the recently hyped female Sea

Wang, 65 PPT, this project has been sold by a large number of people on the Internet, and even thousands of pieces have been sold on Pinduoduo, which shows the degree of popularity.

Such a simple small project, a day of net profit, you can calculate it, if do Pinduoduo shop group mode, more money.

A zero cost to make money project, simple brick later pure lay to earn


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