A blue ocean picture website money project, can do a day to earn 1000!


It doesn’t matter whether you make money or not, you still need to learn more.

There are countless ways to make money on the Internet

There are all kinds of ways to make money

Today’s share is to make money through a photo website

Speaking of the website as early as more than ten years ago, it is very profitable, the Internet is basically rely on the website to operate, unlike development

Up until now, I’ve been on my phone, watching short videos.

There may be a lot of people ignore the existence of the website, when you need to, or ultimately through the website access to information resources.

If we plan how to make money from the Internet, the website in the era of search engine is the 1.0 era, and the we-media era is 2.0, which is the most popular at present

At each stage, a group of people get rich by seizing the product dividends!

Now everyone is concerned about the flow of short video, but forget the most simple website traffic, before we an internal group of brothers said, now the website is too good to do, all to do bubble network to earn short video, the competition is smaller

! Recently, he set up a photo station, docking with the payment interface, every day in addition to updating the content of the website, is lying to make money, every day can earn hundreds of easy.

It is not unreasonable to say so. Many people like to jump on the bandwagon.

Let’s look at the numbers:

This is a picture

Revenue from the website.

What picture site does he make? Making so much money,

In fact, it is now very popular JK Lolita this beauty picture resource network!

In recent years, with the trend of Chinese homebody culture leading, more and more young people like jk clothes! Like the house, especially in the street to see wearing jk Luo

Li, guys can’t help but look twice!

Interested in this aspect should be very familiar with ha!

Don’t tell me it’s a seductive picture.

By looking at the data, we know what kind of users this is:

When you see these keywords, you know.

In fact, there are many other types of photo stations, here are just examples.

So many of them

I want to tell you that the website can still make money, if you are interested, you can look down.

How to build such a website?

Building a website is actually very simple, it depends on your self-learning execution ability is not strong.

I built websites in 10 years, mostly self-taught,

We don’t have the ability or the energy to learn the code

Simple fool type build, buy a set of source code modification, upload operation done

Source code is only a template, no content, we find their own (here will not say more, if find a few pictures can not find, also don’t do this), update some every day.

Search the source Code home for all kinds of source code.

The template is just like us

Before playing QQ space, get a template to install, and then you can freely edit the content, the basic operation is a little similar to QQ space. [All with tutorials]

You really can’t go to a treasure, spend some money, can help you do well.

Money, that’s enough for you. It’s the easiest and quickest way.

When the website is built, it needs to be operated

How to gain revenue, is nothing more than to open a member, you can download the whole site material, or a single purchase.

After the flow up can also go to advertising or other cash.

Picture station is better, will not SEO one

A month can also have a few thousand revenue, if it is will increase the revenue of SEO several times more than ten times or even higher.

There are people who specialize in selling stations, also very profiteering.

Some resale second-hand website than webmaster all earn more, which I will not say more.

Another is to do the website payment interface

The website is ready. The user needs it

To pay, you usually pay directly on the website.

Payment interface can be made into an automated form of purchase, through the interface payment, so that stationmaster off hand, without manual delivery, sleep can make a deal on the list! Here I don’t recommend, someone do it, you will be better of course.

Website operation is good, behind the basic lie to earn.

The early operation of the website will be a little hard, fill the content, is bound to be boring, as long as the traffic of the website is more and more, making money will be more and more easy.

After all, it’s natural for men to be lecherous! A lot of early apps are based on the se stream started, no one should say whose history is not honorable, a person near an app

A blind date X!

About the picture website to share here!

The website can make money is sustainable, if you think you can try, don’t fit you ignore, for

A novice

You can learn more and learn more about the Internet. Maybe you don’t know what I’m sharing? So I just got you another one


Efforts are never in vain. Today the seeds sown are quietly taking root and germinating somewhere you can’t see or think of. To understand that red light can not illuminate your future, illuminate your future, is your talent.

Finally, about the gameplay of the picture station, we have shared some tutorials before, if you are interested, please click below

Link to learn

Kirsch Team Money Shake 14: An entry-level picture station that earns over 10,000 dollars a month

Qianmeng net 108 meter 80 meter: new MM picture station, accurate S powder cash gameplay (with automatic collection rules)

Monthly earn 20,000 picture station gameplay, hand by hand teach you to operate the website to make money

A blue ocean picture website money project, can do a day to earn 1000!


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