Muffled money project, novice can also make 1000 a day


There are a lot of money making projects on the Internet, and I have seen a lot of people who have made a lot of money. As long as there is a certain amount of traffic, it is equal to a strong ability to cash in. Like the distribution of novels, it is very easy to make money in the earliest time, not only the distribution of novels, but also the distribution of comics.

But fewer people are doing it now

After all, there are only a few traffic platforms, coupled with the public number, Kuaishou and other short video to join, in the first two years of this industry practitioners basically increased by nearly 70%.

It accelerated the development of the industry, but it also created some problems, because the distribution of the novel, there is a certain property of copyright, that is to say, revenue and

Risks coexist, which is a very important problem. With the improvement of our national quality, most of the Copyrights of legitimate novels are relatively expensive. If you buy the Copyrights directly, it is generally not cost-effective, so some distribution platforms will carry all kinds of.

Another is to do novel distribution, the title is very serious, you want to promote yourself

As we all know, to optimize the title can bring better exposure. Therefore, a lot of headlines have emerged, but the actual content is not very impressive, resulting in reports or restrictions on the push.

And then there are novels that touch on sensitive information, basically

There are high-voltage cables on these novels, because once you do the distribution, you may be suspected of spreading these information, but you can’t read these novels completely first, later may lead to violations.

Can the novel distribution project continue under such circumstances?

The answer, of course, is yes

Why do I say yes, you can go to the subway in each city to have a look, the most I have seen is people holding mobile phones in there to read novels.

But for us, after all, the novel project is relatively easy to start, directly a share link can get back office revenue, relatively simple, compared to those

Need to engage in massive traffic of the project, this is purely automated project, as long as the distribution, someone pay to see can get commission.

Currently popular delivery platforms, such as Toutiao, YouTube,


Fast hands are good, after all, most of the powder flow is concentrated here.

I’m doing this kind of fiction now

Sales, most of the go is a single mode, as long as you throw the link to the novel in the traffic pool, click and pay to read will be profitable.

Do this kind of pie order basically depends on the number of friends, and use QQ group, wechat group to do group marketing, in the group has been losing links are copywriting, anyway

Hailao needle, can pay a is a, pan powder is basically a certain percentage will be transformed, a wechat group of 500 people, you sent a link, may not be transformed, but if you send the link to 100 500 people, the probability is high.

If any group has a particularly high

Data, it is better to separate this group, because these are relatively high quality groups, we will choose to put some high commission links in this group.

We can check this data in the background of the distribution of the novel, and the platform and we also share the money in a certain percentage, because we do marketing,

The commission will be relatively higher.

It is relatively simple to make novel order, which is to distribute and get commission, basically there is no threshold. There is another mode of agent novel project, which is distribution, which is equivalent to the partnership between you and the original novel distribution platform, and the platform will give you a separate platform

“, you can use this platform to recruit partners or send an agent.

Distribution is generally more profitable than direct distribution. If you have traffic or we media like public accounts, a title and a small copy can be basically solved.

One more important thing is how to find the platform

Question, this Google a search platform is very much, how do we identify these platforms which is reliable?

First, we need to find platforms with more resources. Some platforms have fewer resources and are not suitable for us to scale up. The second is to find Google search ranking inside the top platform, this kind of platform is generally not bad money, bidding single page ranking

It’s very advanced, so there’s a lot less to do. The third is the platform with high commission. Before the agency, we can know the commission ratio, which is also very important. Basically, the highest commission can be up to 10% is our own.

So how do we promote, in addition to the formal way of wechat group and QQ

Outside the group, because these groups are required to do, as long as the group can enter all into, these pan powder is also the best transformation of fiction fans.

Left with the image


YouTube, Douban, Weibo and so on are relatively good platform, because each platform is different in the way of drainage, here will not be detailed, later will be according to

The platform is different, and gradually popularize the simple drainage method.

Muffled money project, novice can also make 1000 a day


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