Item dismantling: $666 Pinduoduo Purchase item


I want to talk to you about a project, I think the friends of the class of masturbation have been on the screen

First of all, this project is real and profitable in the long run, but the core technology is out there cutting the leeks.

First of all, the principle of this project: buy more goods, to the merchants praise cash back

As we all know, pdd is cheap

There are a lot of goods, less than 50 cents of goods everywhere. What we do is to buy these goods, and then to the business to praise the cash back, praise the cash back is generally 1-2


. Since there is no limit to the number of orders, the theory is that the amount of money you make each day depends on how much you buy.

Project Detail 1: Some vendors do not

So in order to efficiency, first edit the template, ask the merchant before placing the order is cashback, if there is a direct order, do not delete the chat record. About 20% offer cash back.

Detail 2, collect low price goods, pay attention to the shop, the homepage will push you low price goods.

Details 3, mailing address,

The wool party talks about express warehouse. All express goods are sent to the same warehouse, and the warehouse manager recyles parcels, 0.65 for each parcel. So order bubble net earn try to choose 0.5-0.7 goods. This product has a higher cashback rate than 0.1-0.4 for good reviews, and there is no such thing as a low price

Cash back. You can directly ask the merchant of 0.5-0.7 goods whether there is cash rebate

Detail 4: Because the goods are not sent to us by post, we cannot receive the goods in real form. For the goods with good comments, we can save 3-5 pictures taken by others in the goods and upload comments.

Detail 5, in theory

Place unlimited orders.

However, it is suggested that one order should not exceed 200, after all, it is a long-term project, too many, not good.

The above is a complete analysis of the project content.

Talk about the core point!

The first is the automatic ordering software, which automatically collects low-price goods, automatically orders, and automatically uploads the express tracking number to obtain the return of express warehouse.

Number two is a lot

One express warehouse, because of automatic order, the number of orders is too large, each person has 5 accounts every day, there are also 1000 orders, the team has hundreds of people, that is, dozens of w parcels, all sent to the same place, so we need to talk about warehouse placement. We have this channel.

Item dismantling: $666 Pinduoduo Purchase item


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