Empty – handed white Wolf new project! Get two cartons and start making money


Recently, the most discussed topic around is the second-hand housing loan limit, I really have a share of balls of worry, and in the morning, a long time no contact intermediary friend called me, said that there is a new property in Hangzhou now the price is very suitable for investment, invited me to look at…

Second-hand housing limit loan, loan does not come out means trading volume

The decline in trading volume has extended the wait-and-see cycle, and we are not speculators, nor do we understand too much truth, but combined with a series of “anti-monopoly” actions, I think of a current situation in the circle in recent years:

Why is the whole circle teasing: No projects to work on?

Came up with some ideas of possibilities:


The core of no project is that there is no money, no money for research and development, no money for innovation, because the money is either in the stock virtual currency, or in real estate, because the return on investment is higher! Besides the higher returns, there is also the near-death experience of starting a business.

I was having tea with Old Song a while back. He just got back from a meeting in the district. He

Said, now it is too difficult to do business, you don’t look at my profit of 5 million a year, most of the listed companies have no net profit of 5 million a year, most of the small and micro enterprises are struggling on the line of life and death, from the tax can be seen.

What is the purpose of antitrust? Help small and micro enterprises, let the society have creativity! limit

What is the purpose of the loan? Let the capital flow into small and micro enterprises!

So my bold idea is that there will be more projects in the next few years…

So are you ready?

The accumulation of experience; The accumulation of contacts; With the accumulation of skills, opportunities can always be seized by those who are prepared, if you are not prepared, then you will only be in many years

After “digging the grass, if I had done a good job then I would have….”

Yesterday, when I was watching TikTok, I found a new project that was empty handed, so I studied the gameplay:

The essence of business is people, people’s needs are opportunities to make money, the greater the demand for business will be greater!

Falling in love and getting married is the biggest demand of this era.

Not don’t want to fall in love, but there is no place to find, to find the right, the gameplay is very simple

Step 1: Prepare two boxes. The two boxes respectively contain the contact information of the boy and the girl. If you want the contact information, pay 1


A contact information, you can also put your contact information into the box waiting for others to come

I get it, and I pay 1 again


I see a lot of street tests, usually take five or ten contact information at a time…

Step 2: The gameplay itself has a segment, some people can attract people, but not others, combined with”

How to do Tiktok live with goods to make money? Analyze two cases with daily revenue of 100,000 dollars

“, content of the era of e-commerce attributes, attract more people to watch, do what? At a glance

The key is the quantity and quality of the contact information in the box

Cold brother has done the street test of this project, the result is that more people buy contact information, less people put contact information, how to do? All kinds of dating platforms, offline

Contact information for dating clubs is always available. As for quality, maybe you can set a threshold…

How else can the project be played?

How about intelligent people who know how to draw inferences and deep thinking, combined with live broadcasting?

Shaking Dad Niobi, I brush one of the above video during the day, at night when I brush again pushed me several similar views

Frequency, one of the videos caught my attention. I think I’m one of the quality guys (I feel damn good about myself), and then I’m drawn to the end of the video, and then to the studio.

What’s going on in the studio?

The studio is talking about emotional problems, and all kinds of strange blind date cases… And then just

Is the blind box activity, and the older the above play the same, but a line, one is online, online play is very simple, brush a shake coin, and then the private message in the broadcast room generation draw contact information, and then private message you…

Specific I did not look down, the popularity of the broadcast room is not high, probably the lack of above matchmaking dress.


There are a lot of subsequent gameplay, leaving some room for imagination…

Empty – handed white Wolf new project! Get two cartons and start making money


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