TikTok minority Blue Ocean virtual project, can be batch matrix operation!


The world is big and strange.

Recently, I found a very interesting project on TikTok, as shown below:

This account is through

Main cp virtual lovers, talk, play games, wake up coax to sleep, men and women de boudoir

Cash out.

Through the public number of the service you will find that the price is not low, chat for half an hour



The money.

What is the demand for this type of service?

Through the wechat index to see, the demand is also a lot, the word virtual boyfriend in the wechat index has more than 4 million, virtual girlfriend has 420,000 , female virtue has 40,000 , coax to sleep and play games with the related demand

This also shows that modern people have emotional appeal

It’s a big one.

How do you do it?

First of all, we have to prepare a public account to connect with our services.


It is convenient to show our services to customers, so that users can choose.

Or direct drainage to wechat, users add to tell him your service category.

But a person operating Ken bubble net will not be able to do

Service, this time you don’t need to serve the customer, someone wants to buy service, directly in

A treasure or an Second hand goods trading platform

Docking their services.

The services you prepare are also selected from third party platforms.

The third party service report to the customer, you can make the difference after the transaction.

But the client still needs you to be right

Yes, this type of people are easy to consume again, after the customer clinks a deal to make a good note, so that the second tracking or answer questions.


TikTok releases a short video diversion

At present, I see the promotion of TikTok, is very easy to operate, but also relatively simple, is to use two wechat dialogue.

The content of the dialogue can be seen below

Line operation, and then to buy their own words to imitate the operation.

The content is solved, the follow-up only needs to publish a large number of works every day, it is best to synchronize the operation of multiple accounts, as for the diversion mode, personal signature background diagram, comment area can be operated.

So to do this project, the main thing is drainage, after the flow, you knot

And third-party merchants can earn the difference.

TikTok minority Blue Ocean virtual project, can be batch matrix operation!


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