The game raffle project, three hundred out of the value of thousands of props, you on your line


Now is the information age, any bad information can make money.

You just know that the information is not valuable or not valuable, or even if the information is not valuable, but you can convince him that the information is valuable, then you can make money.

Nowadays people are so stressed that they go home every day and just want to lie down and rest

Or maybe play a game.

In 2020, the daily life of King of Glory will reach 100 million, and the daily life of Eating Chicken will also reach 50 million. It can be said that such flow is quite huge.

It is more than a lot of life knowledge software.

And where there’s traffic, that means there’s money to be made

There are many ways, too many people make a lot of money from games.

The monetisation of the game is also very much!

Of course, the way we talk about today is not to make money, accompany to play this kind is more common, because these many need a little threshold, or people sweet, or superior technology, most people may not have these


This is just a game, and you can do it.

This project is a game raffle.

We all know that there are some virtual items in the game with high value, such as the king’s glory crystal, which can be exchanged for Wu Zetian. Many people have a certain obsession with this thing


But want to draw is not so easy, every draw a prize is spent


To be 100% sure of withdrawal, you need about two thousand dollars.

How can you get this hero for a small amount of money? That’s when a lot of people started looking for the program.

All the winners are happy

First, let’s look at the sales volume in a treasure. The monthly sales volume is 2w and 1w , which can be said that the sales volume is quite terrible.

The price is not too expensive, only 75


I can draw it for you.

We’re looking at the reviews, and they’re pretty good, so I’ll give you three or four hundred bucks.

So how do they do it

? How do we do it if we want to do it?

The shop is to master a variety of skills, a variety of explosive ways, can let you get hundreds of glory crystal, and are praised.

How are we going to do this kind of business? No skill, no explosion rate, how to operate.

In fact, this project can be said to make use of Ping

The rules of the station, very clever.

First of all, we prepare a Amazon shop, or Pinduoduo shop, or Second hand goods trading platform shop.

It is best to Amazon shop, so because the customer thinks you have a deposit, so the degree of trust will be much higher.

Then the steps we need to do after a customer comes are as follows;

1. Tell the client that I

Whether it’s internal rules, whether it’s skill explosion rate, whether it’s mystical metaphysics. Anyway, we can guarantee you a refund if you don’t draw. Because it only costs 75



2. Do not deliver the goods after the customer places the order. Tell the customer that the goods will be delivered to you after the completion of the order

Three days’ time.

3, the first day let the customer charge 200 dollars, and then we on the number to draw, no skills, direct draw is, draw on the delivery, draw not even.

4, the first day if not drawn, then let the customer charge 300 on the second day


Pumping, same thing, pumping on the number, pumping on the delivery,

If you can’t, you can smoke the third day.

5, the second day if still did not draw, then the third day let the customer charge 500 to draw, under normal circumstances, here basically began to have sunk costs, and because you also said in advance, the lottery needs three days.

So most people will choose to continue smoking, if not smoking straight back

Style will do. Still the same, draw the direct delivery, under normal circumstances, one thousand dollars to two thousand dollars of things, will give you a good review.

If you didn’t draw it, you didn’t draw it. Just give me a refund.

6, said here do not know you understand not, someone said they did not draw a thousand dollars did not draw

Won’t you get bad reviews?

In fact, this is not the reason for the shipment, in Amazon as long as the bubble net to earn you do not ship, they can not give you a bad review, equivalent to no this single, that is, we see the reason is good.

Because the delivery is sure to draw, are good reviews, did not draw simply do not deliver

There is no bad review.

And these lottery operators earn the probability of money, anyway, it is on the number to spend a money, also spend a few minutes, draw to earn fees, draw less than a refund, anyway, there is no loss.

So know the principle, I believe that as long as there is a Amazon shop friends should know how to operate it.

Can be

Can someone say that King of Glory now the store has so many, now to do certainly no one, in fact, the brain need not be so dead.

As long as it’s a game, it needs to make money, and as long as the game makers want to make money, there’s going to be a lottery.

King of Glory is competing, so we’ll just move on to another game, hand

It’s the same thing.

End games mobile games can operate, at the beginning of the swipe order, do some data flow, someone came behind, see you are all good, soon the shop up.

No risk, no bad reviews, just the right use of the platform’s rules.

The game raffle project, three hundred out of the value of thousands of props, you on your line


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