No show, no clips, $5,000 a month TikTok copy project!


Last year,


Rob short video traffic, encourage real people to create, limit text and text numbers, and drive such creators away.

Now the strategy of live broadcast is basically stable, and open graphic mode, intend to rob

Social networking Sites

And Quora traffic, photo album play, is the recent


The tuyere.

Today we’re going to talk about that.


Without further ado, just look at the case.

First look at the form of the work:

Such a work of 13W praise, the content is actually atlas mode.

It is a piece that slides left and right like a photo album.

Does it feel like it

Social networking Sites

A combined version of Quora?

Look again at the content:

Title: 24 Habits That Will Change Your Stock Market.

Down here is 123

45678, no problem Quora style.

There’s a lot of this stuff going on.

Another look at the interaction:

Some people like it, some people bookmark it, some people want the full version.

When someone asks a question and someone needs the product, that means it can be diverted.

This may be a new opportunity for other projects.

Then look at the operation:

722 works,

18.7 million fans.

Read the release rule, the average day at least 5, counting up to three or four months.

All works are carried in the format:

Such as:

Benefited from 49 movies

30 Details That Make You Beautiful

50 Things You Must Accomplish in 4 Years of College

12 Core Things to Cultivate before you turn 30

Ability to

Just paste and copy the whole thing.

Now look at the realizations:

Grade examination, examination, postgraduate examination, examination compilation, textual research.

All virtual resource projects related to self-discipline are connected.

Daily works can be linked on the commodity window, matching the book list number, with the item number.

Special advertising, private apprentice teaching, account value potential

It’s all about the future.

The whole project is simple, just learn how to paste and copy.

How do we replicate this project?

Pair them with others, and number them in batches.

Where does the copy come from:

Quora, Weibo, Jian Shu,

Social networking Sites

Four major platforms, search keywords.

You search for whatever business you want.

Like losing weight,

Like making money, like reading books

Find good content and copy it directly.

How to do it:

Find a blank picture, or a book list template, and paste the text onto it.

This step can use PPT, you can PS, you can beauty picture show, you can wake up, there are many ways.

You can do at least five projects in an hour a day

Materials can be uploaded in batches.

How to cash out:

Benchmarking peer can do:

Virtual resource community

Book list and other products with goods

Students are accepted for project teaching

Start trading in bulk

Diversion to the private domain to do business


The method is simple, there are no secrets, just stick to it.


Is that one of your works blows up, all of them

There will be a ripple effect.

For those of you who don’t want to edit, who don’t want to show your face, consider this mode.

No show, no clips, $5,000 a month TikTok copy project!


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