You can make money teaching people how to pick up women. PUA money making technique has made you over ten thousand a month


Today I would like to share with you a small and lucrative industry, PUA money making!

First, a quick explanation of what is a pua?

pua means to induce others to interact with you by packaging yourself with systematic learning, and to deceive others by brainwashing them and deceiving them of their feelings.

PUA originated in the United States (after this world

Ji Chu passed from South Korea to China), literally, is a pick-up artist, from a simple pick-up to the whole communication process, developed to mainly involve: pick-up (first acquaintance), attraction (interaction), establishing contact, upgrading the relationship, until intimate contact and determination of the relationship.

But actually PUA is a kind of passing

After systematic learning, practice and continuous self-improvement of emotional intelligence packaging themselves, some foreign criminal gangs use the so-called learning English or foreign partner facade mentality, to induce others to communicate with them, through the brainwashing of others to deceive others feelings.

Basically, it’s just a little flirtatious technique. Let’s just

Just to mention some key words index about picking up girls, because there are more and more single young people in our country, many people will be searching on the Internet how to tease a sister, how to find a girlfriend, how to chat and so on related words.

Through the wechat index we can see that the industry keywords are very many, just lift sister this a word every day

There are more than 200,000 people searching, so it’s a huge market that we, as ordinary people, can use to teach young single men how to hold a conversation, how to talk to each other, right? How to find girls!

How to do that?

A while back I was in Kuaishou and

Social networking Sites

On all found some chat screenshots, after taking

I followed the lead and eventually found that he was selling chat software, using that chat software to teach you how to chat with girls!

A software sold for 299, many single dogs see this software is so good, in order to capture the goddess’s heart, so they spend money to buy this software, and buy this software is also free

Some relevant e-books, as well as various chat success stories and so on.

If we want to work on this niche project, we can use short videos like


, fast hand,

Social networking Sites

Make a lot of these related accounts, as for those chat screenshots, you can use two wechat conversations, you can also do chat similar pictures

Can be very simple.

Or you can just move the quick stuff to



Social networking Sites

It is also possible to carry each other by pumping and inserting. We can also post a large number of articles or videos on wechat or Google about how to flirt with women. Through these key words, there will be a large wave of traffic every day.

There’s no problem making money late.

If you want to be fully automated, you can also register a public number, the public number to leave a micro shop selling software related link, the flow of your fans from the apartment to the private traffic, the public number every day update about some related articles, in the long run will be transformed.

We can draw a parallel. This is just one small example. We can also make a course on how to pick up women.

If you can’t make a course, find some books about relationships, or go to a website and buy a course on learning, and then wash the course and make it your own

The better you pack your own, the more successful you’ll be. In short, a lot of cash methods about picking up girls depends on how you play!

In the end, whether this project makes money or not depends on your execution ability. Come on, friends in front of the screen!

You can make money teaching people how to pick up women. PUA money making technique has made you over ten thousand a month


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