Fast rising powder cashing project, social network YouTube, monthly income increase 10000


Why do it

Social networking Sites



Social networking Sites

YouTube compared to other short video platforms can be more directly violent realization.

We’re only going to do one of these.

Sell the number directly.

Like doing

Social networking Sites

Sell account to cash (sell directly according to the number of fans

Social networking Sites

No.), 10,000 powder from sale, 10,000 powder 1000-120



Can make 10 signs a month, that is, the monthly income of more than ten thousand ~.


Social networking Sites

Fan price depends on the verticality of the field, the general price of pan powder is about 0.1)

There is no exaggeration in the project model and the revenue manager, and the amount of money each person earns depends not on the project itself but on their execution.


Considering the cost and time in the early stage, as a sideline, you can only do one or two projects in the early stage, and you can make results within a month. Now you are considering expanding the business

Social networking Sites

The project.

There are no restrictions in the early stage of the project:

One, one, one.

A mobile phone can do it.

100% of people are satisfied.

It’s not very early

Need to raise the number, normal operation is ok.

But remember not to leave contact information at the signature, do not do any drainage behavior.

This is a video Dashuai made earlier.

This video is the first one that my new account has not adopted. It has 12,000 likes and 13W views.

One video got nearly 5,000 followers,

That’s the equivalent of making $500 for my 20 minutes of video



Here is the operation method of this project:

We directly do star mixed cut, because the star has its own fan flow, and the material is enough, as long as you send out the work is OK, the star’s fans will give you points

A like and a follow.

Source of materials:

Directly in


Search for videos about celebrities and make 3-4 clips to make sure your video is original, and bring current music and copywriting.


The downloaded video has a watermark, you can download a watermark app, Dashuai himself

Use the watermark treasure, every day to watch video can get free bubble net earn download times, can also directly open vip, 29 dollars a month is not expensive. A video from finding the material to make in the post

Social networking Sites

, 20 minutes, can be completely batch operation.

As for the release of the video, it is better to be late

It will be released at 7-8 o ‘clock, when the office workers finish their meals after work, and the short video will be uploaded.

Posting 1 short video a day is enough, not to make up the number, the video should not be enough quality, but also passable.

One month to make a 10,000-powder one

Social networking Sites

The account is not difficult either.

If you want to approve later

Operation of quantity

Social networking Sites

The project.

Pay attention to 1 machine 1 number, multiple numbers do not connect under wifi at the same time, you can go to apply for a traffic card, the monthly rent is only a dozen dollars, 20G-30G traffic per month is sufficient.

The phone can go directly to the iPhone 6S.

The price of the iPhone 6 on is 500


Right and left.

Social networking Sites


The price of June is between 6 and 8


Buy a number address directly Google search on the line.

Purchased by

Social networking Sites

Early account should be appropriate to keep a few days, it is best not to send a video, because the purchase of the account and their registered account difference is quite big.

The new number will be ready to send video after 3-5 days.

Fast rising powder cashing project, social network YouTube, monthly income increase 10000


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