Earn a few hundred a day, new bonus small projects, hundreds of good goods with goods to understand!


Today I will share a project, which is not big and suitable for personal operation! Matrix operation can also be made to the scale of 50,000 a month, the threshold is very low, suitable

A novice

Operation, just take out to share to bubble net earn my friends; If you want to start a side business and want to make your first income on the Internet, try it.

Working on a project,

Out of a hundred people, only about 30 can do it, and there are 70 people who are either lazy, have too many excuses, don’t have the ability to execute, are stupid, don’t fit, etc.

So with any project, you have to ask yourself, are you ready?

Generally, people who have eaten the bitterness of life can transfer to money;

And eat enough to live

Bitter people, can turn to big money;

Many of us have a lot of potential, but not a certain thing, a certain person inspired;

Just muddle along, day by day, nine to six, warm water boiling frogs;

Many single mothers, licking dogs after being abandoned, began to counter attack, practice promotion, prove themselves, this time

They move their brains and hands, not their mouths;

So, for those who have been talking all day, there is no need to look down. For those who can use their hands, we begin the tutorial.

I mainly write about the actual operation process of hundreds of good things with goods:

A hundred people, do we media people know, before many people on this platform to earn income and

Drainage is done;

Now you can also recommend and deliver goods live,

[A] How to quickly open hundreds of good things number

This is to do hundreds of goods with the preparation work, first you have to have a novice period of hundreds.

An ID card corresponds to an account, to open the good goods hanging permissions need 100 followers.


The ordinary one hundred quickly promoted to one hundred powder number, you can go to send some funny, popular videos, or adapt a few explosive articles on the line;

After opening the right to good things, you can send a message with goods or send video with goods.

[II] Bind the alliance to carry the goods

The first thing to do after you have permission is to bind the alliance and get product credits

Commission link, can start to share money.

Find “Product Settings” in hundreds of number Settings. There are 6 platforms that can be bound:

1. Amazon Union (Amazon)

2. Jingfen (JD.com)

3, more into treasure (spell more)

4. Du Shop (Google)

5. Dangdang

6. Amazon

The last three, 4, 5 and 6, are in the hundreds

Degree backstage can see the commission directly!

If you promote the first three, your order information should go to the corresponding alliance background official website or APP;

For example: for example, if someone buys a product you recommend from Amazon, you have to go to Amazon Alliance to see the transaction order displayed;

Is it worth doing?

One number one

Days can send a maximum of 5 articles with goods, an article can insert a maximum of 5 goods;

Here’s an example:

This article was posted at 9 PM on 5th, and has received 30,000 recommendations, less than 3,000 reads, 11 comments, 5 reposts, and 65 favorites.

That’s five orders. Commission



It can be seen that it is worth doing with goods.

【 Four 】 How to make it big?

The first point: do a good job of content transformation, title is very important, to understand the we media copywriting IP system gameplay is the best,

The second point: do matrix, batch output content, you can collect Quora,

Social networking Sites

The content of the public account is adapted and produced


Number three: Find high commission products, turn


Bring goods explosive to push, from success to success.

Well, that’s all for the article

Earn a few hundred a day, new bonus small projects, hundreds of good goods with goods to understand!


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