Share a no drainage, their own brainless operation can make money, 10000 a month, it is recommended to make money!


Today, I will share with you a way to make money without drainage and without brain operation.

Detailed operation steps are as follows:

Step 1

Go to major e-commerce platforms to find low-price goods that can be ordered. The lower the price, the better. The lower the price, the higher the profit.

Then ask the business to send what express, try to choose the business delivery

Select a complete collection of express, and then use the book to write down.

Step 2

Take the type of express you have collected, go down the line to find the corresponding express warehouse (not express station) responsible person or Courier, and then say to him: hello, boss (the smoke is not too bad, we want to small packaging ourselves), come to your side today

There’s mainly something I’d like to discuss with you. Then pause and wait for the response from the other side. The other side will basically ask about something, and then tell the other side that you have a lot of small goods, a large amount, almost thousands of orders every day, to send.

And then I asked him directly how much was the rebate for each receipt. We got 80 cents.

It should be different in every region, don’t beat around the bush, be direct. When I was doing this, I talked about 7 for me and 1 for him. The reason I gave him was that there were a lot of people who sent me the mail, and every commodity had a cost, which was about 5-6 cents, or I could show him a commodity with more than 60 cents earned through the bubble network.

You see, this is the kind of goods that cost more than sixty cents each. I get a few cents and you get ten cents. Almost 99 percent of them will say yes, and don’t ask me why I’m so sure, because I’ve already done all of them.

Follow the general pattern above, and get all the delivery types in your book. I used them

I ran it in two days.

Step three: Start a profiteering model


1. Find products lower than their own points to place orders, multi-number operation, relatives and friends are used. Don’t use software to order, do it yourself manually, it’s safer. Because this is business as usual, not illegal.

2, the use of recycling low-cost goods model, their own calculation

Calculate the proportion, the whole network recovery. How to do that? For example, go to a second-hand fish trading platform to search for recycling, and see how others operate.

3, training fees, their own pricing, others do not want to find express warehouse or Courier talk, you let him send the goods to you, you pay for recycling.

Above 2,3 points, suggestions

Decide how many orders to collect, such as 100 bills.

Of course, there are two details. First of all, there is a capital cushion on this route, because the return point of express is settled on the last day of the month. If you operate, you have a cushion. That’s not true if you just use the recycling and training model, but it’s suggested

Or to operate for a period of time, familiar with the process and various details, closer to give you back the relationship, increase the degree of trust. Then there is the handling of the goods, these goods are recommended to keep

Sell blind box


All right, that’s enough meat for you people

Share a no drainage, their own brainless operation can make money, 10000  a month, it is recommended to make money!


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