Profiteer project: Operating car music U disk project can also earn more than 300,000 dollars a year


Wechat founder Zhang Xiaolong disclosed wechat daily active users nearly 1.1 billion, such a huge flow of short video practitioners will certainly not let go of this “meat”, smart friends have long been in the wechat YouTube for gold to make money.

Today, I would like to share with you how to use the wechat YouTube to operate the car music U disk project to make money

The fact that the program has been around forever, and it’s dead on the street, still doesn’t affect the money. You see those in the operation of this project is not always in operation, not to make money long ago not to play, but each platform drainage routine are different.

1. Advantages of Music number

Music has a lower content bar and doesn’t require a real person to be on camera, and

The music number has obvious advantages: a wide audience, a wide source of material, so the video content production efficiency is high, the rapid rise of fans. Just make good use of the latest music hits and you can easily get hundreds of fans in a day.

2. Content


(1) Music MV mixed cut

Can be via hot music fan

Love title copy film and television mixed cut content form. Due to more peers, the content of the video may crash

(2) Directly to the nightclub, KTV and other places to shoot the video of the disco, this content is completely original.

(3) Hot news music for the occasion

Material of Music

Video music material can be in QQ music

, micro blog,


Such as the platform to collect the current hot music, no time to browse the list songs, encountered good music to download.

The copy of the video can be selected from the hot reviews of the music, or refer to the peers, imitate and learn more, and then combine their own ideas to innovate.

3. Cash out

The music number is changed in a simple way

Single rough, as long as the video on the hit is also very easy to bring a large number of accurate fans. The following methods are specifically summarized:

1, directly sell car music U disk

Directly sell car music U disk this method is the most common, by selling the hot music stored in the U disk to make money, low cost and high profit!

Insert under the YouTube

Public number article link, guide users have the need of users to click. In the chart below, we can see that the reading volume is 97,000, all the bubble net income is accurate traffic, are in need, even if the conversion of 10%, a USB disk earn 30 dollars, nearly 10,000 people also earn nearly 300,000 dollars at least. Peer group basis

The book says 99


The cost of express delivery and USB disk can earn at least 70. You can try different pricing to see that the price sells best. Can be based on different memory, the number of different music set different prices.

In a treasure wholesale a batch of U disk back, someone needs to copy the music to U disk sent on the line.

U disk price is not expensive cheap just a few dollars.

2, guide the attention of the public number

You can guide and add wechat and pay attention to the public number in the conversion page, 97,000 reading has 10,000 attention you can sell the public number to earn 10,000, not counting the flow of the main and later sell products to cash. Public accounts can copy and paste entertainment gossip articles to share,

There will never be a shortage of melon eaters in China.

3. Related products

Add wechat and pay attention to the public number, later can sell some related products, such as: loudspeakers, audio, headphones, music boxes, customized lyrics bookmarks and other products can be selected.

4. Collect members

After selling the U disk in the launch of member services, after all, you later

It will also be updated constantly. People who want it will have it. You can launch a membership service. For example, annual membership charges 99, lifetime membership charges 299. Upload the weekly music updates to an online disk and let them download it themselves.

5. Take in students

And a lot of people who do short videos are doing that. no

What cost? Take the time to record the textbook and help the apprentices solve the problem.

In fact, there is no so-called good project, mainly depends on the operation of the project how to play, now most of the project names on the market have been shared, people watching have been watching, people looking for projects have been looking for projects. The most important thing in a project is execution. You

Copy the model of others, familiar with the innovation.

Profiteer project: Operating car music U disk project can also earn more than 300,000 dollars a year


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