With the public number operation knowledge paid CPS distribution project can also enter more than ten thousand a month


Often people add wechat ask what good money project can do? In fact, there is a very simple principle to find a project, is to look at the advertisement. Long-term observation of an advertisement if it has been put in, or has been promoted, the project is basically profitable. Of course what brand promotion is an exception, they spend money on advertising is for

Planning at a later stage

For example, when we saw Google bidding, we won the keyword “Bian this brother pig farming technology”. These two companies have been advertising for a long time. As far as I have observed for at least 3 months, this project must be profitable.

Another example: after paying attention to some public number, will give push link. these

The link is actually a paid course for people who need to pay attention to the public account, such as the art of speaking about emotional intelligence management. You click in, will see it advertorial, will guide you to buy inside the course. And these courses are not expensive, like 69


, 99,


Most of them are less than 100 and the price is also

It’s very tempting.

After fans buy courses, the promoters (that is, the public account owners) will get a good share, the highest can reach 95%, basically within 50%-95%, the commission is very high. This is the knowledge paid cps distribution project, do well in the monthly income of tens of thousands can still do.


The amount

Do the network to earn the most important project is to promote, do this kind of project is the same, the early drainage is a very hard thing, or to invest money, it may be effective. Here is a way to cheat

River closure

According to the industry keywords, users’ search habits to set the name of the public account, the description of the public account to add keywords,

Then use a lot of numbers to do a rectangle of traffic. And you’ll find that all the traffic that comes out of the search is accurate. People who are interested in knowledge paid courses are people with a strong thirst for knowledge. Their passion, their favorite keyword, is accurate interception targets.

For example, for women: emotional intelligence, weight loss, weight loss, will

Talk, etc. Only the words that users search for the most are likely to appear in it. Therefore, the drop-down box contains huge search potential. No one searches for these terms for no reason. What they search for is a very precise knowledge paying group.

And recently, I’ve noticed that the most searched drop-down words are made directly by people

Became the name of the public account. As long as the point goes in, the most limited head display is his public number. To tell the truth, the effect of rubbing traffic through keywords is very significant.

I looked at the articles they pushed, and the reading volume was in the thousands. But one article was read 72,000 times. The course costs 99



Even if you realized 100%, your income would be more than 70,000.

And because of the right choice of words, traffic increases naturally every day. Search is accurate fans, even if you do not place an order at that time, through the form of advertorials promotion, will greatly improve the chance of placing an order.

The project is to search for high-traffic drop-down words,

Make the name of the public number, every day by natural search of high ranking interception. Then through the bubble network to earn advertorials push, encourage users to place orders, get a high commission share.

So how do you find a high-share distribution platform? There are many platforms like this, such as micro treasure, new list, listen to book treasure, etc., can be found.

Remember to give priority to the explosion of the platform when choosing courses, and then look for the courses with the highest commission. If both conditions are met, it must be a course with a high conversion rate.

With the public number operation knowledge paid CPS distribution project can also enter more than ten thousand a month


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